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  • Name: Tatyana Aksyuta ( Tatyana Aksyuta )
  • Date of birth: 12 March 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 161
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actress
  • Marital status: married to Yuri Aksyuta

    Tatyana Aksyuta : biography

    The actress is known to domestic audiences, it seems, only one film in which she starred in the title role. But this movie became a cult classic and remains a favorite to this day.

    Tatyana Golubyatnikova, better known to us as Tatyana Aksyuta, born in March 1957 in Moscow. During her youth the profession of an actor was something from the realm of divine Providence. The artists seemed like gods. Of course, all girls dreamt of becoming Actresses. I dreamed about it and Golubyatnikova. But, unlike millions of their peers, Tatiana managed to achieve the seemingly impossible. It is the first attempt I entered the GITIS and was accepted into the Studio of Vladimir Kuzmin.

    In 1979 Tatyana Aksyuta received a diploma and start climbing the career ladder. In fact, the name Aksyuta appeared during this student period, as she married her classmate Yuri Aksyuta.


    To star Tatyana Aksyuta has become already during his studies. She made her debut in the film «Before the exam», in which she played a character named Elena. This role has not brought the young artist instant fame, but became a kind of career stepping stone and gave the necessary first experience.

    Immediately after graduation the Aksyuta was asked to star in the film «the Long days, short weeks». But not this movie, and the next called «You can not dream» turned out to be the star project, which instantly turned to this unknown young artist into a real star. The name of the picture was prophetic: Tatyana Aksyuta such a great glory indeed not even dreamed of.

    The artist adopted the role of main character Katya in 1980. Already then it became clear that romance with a simple story can turn into a real movie hit. Because on the set there were such recognized stars of the Soviet cinema, as Tatiana Peltzer, Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin, Elena Solovey, Irina Miroshnichenko, albert Filozov and Leonid Filatov.

    Together with Nikita Mikhailovsky Tatyana Aksyuta has created incredibly romantic and tragic at the same time Duo. The developments in this tragedy about the modern Romeo and Juliet was watched by all country. In 1981, when romance has just released, it was watched by a record number of viewers – more than 26 million. Later, the painting was seen in Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia and even in America.

    Sadly, many of the actors starring in this film, life has been tragic. Nikita Mikhailovsky died of cancer at the age of 27. Elena Mayorova, which got the role of a roommate, Zoe, died in strange circumstances, allegedly committed suicide.

    Went wrong idea and Tatyana Aksyuta. After «You can not dream», she starred in a few films. In the early 1980’s, the artist played the role of the second plan in the movies «Soul» and «Tropinone».

    Noticeable and warmly welcomed by the audience was the picture-tale «There on unknown paths». But the level of the hit reached only one film – «Fairytale of wandering». Here Tatyana Aksyuta starred with the legendary Andrei Mironov. Two episodes of «snapped» all the excess and leave only one in. However, this picture was a huge success.

    Unfortunately, the Directors in whose memory ran blockbuster films «You can not dream», saw Tatyana Aksyuta only one role – the young teenage girls, touching and fragile heroine. But such a role was not so much. So in the end of the 1980s, she rarely appeared on the screen. Since the mid-1980s to the late 1990s Muscovite starred in only 5 movies.


    Theatrical biography of Tatyana Aksyuta started after the young actress «lit up» on the screen in his debut film «Before the exam». The actress took the troupe of the Russian academic youth theatre. First Aksyuta played minor characters, but then offer her the role of «patrapali».

    When the glory after stellar melodrama «You can not dream» subsided, and the new prominent roles Tatyana has not offered, she focused on working in the theatre. Tatyana Vladimirovna considers herself a theatrical actress, working in film as just a casual episode in his creative life.

    In the theater of Tatyana Aksyuta worked until 2002. She played dozens of roles, many of them home. Unlike cinema, in the theatre the actress managed to go beyond the image of «little girl»: the range of her theatrical images is very wide.

    In our days, Tatyana Aksyuta is no longer removed and does not come on the scene. She focused on teaching and preparing young actors, the creative House in Sokolniki.

    Personal life

    As mentioned above, married Tatyana Aksyuta went as a student. Yuri Aksyuta and he was a classmate of Tatyana, but chose a job at the radio station «Europe plus». In 1990, he worked here as a DJ, but after 2 years have been the program Director of the popular radio stations.

    Personal life of Tatyana Aksyuta has developed happily. Married to Yuri she was born the only daughter Polina. She finished the French school and enrolled in the Sorbonne. But then he returned home and enrolled in the Metropolitan Literary Institute.

    Not so long ago, Yuri and Tatyana Aksyuta celebrated their silver wedding anniversary.


    • «Before the exam»
    • «Long days, short weeks»
    • «You never dreamed of…»
    • «Tropinina»
    • «Soul»
    • «There, on unknown paths…»
    • «Fairy tale of wanderings»
    • «Before parting»
    • «The day of death better than the day of birth»
    • «Dream with the continuation»


    Tetyana Aksyuta

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