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  • Name: Tatyana Abramova ( Abramova Tatyana )
  • Date of birth: 5 February 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Tyumen
  • Height: 156
  • Activities: actress, singer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married Yuri Belyaev

    Tatiana Abramova: biography

    Tatiana Abramova is a Russian actress, singer and TV presenter, who became famous thanks to TV series «Always say «Always», «All this sudden» and «Ivan Podushkin. Gentleman detective».

    Tatiana was born in Tyumen, but soon the parents and daughter moved into the oil capital of Russia, Nizhnevartovsk. There passed the early childhood girls, but after 10 years she returned to her native Tyumen, where he graduated from high school.

    Apart from the General subjects Tanya is heavily involved in children’s music school. She loved singing and dreamed to become a famous singer, which will be shown on TV. This dream she realized at the age of 16 when he took part in the popular TV show «Morning star», and then released their debut album «the Letter».

    On account of Abramova and several prestigious vocal competitions, including «Yalta-Moscow-transit», where the girl managed to win a number of awards, including radio station «Europe Plus» and even of the diva Alla Pugacheva.

    After school Tatiana went to enter the Moscow University, but on the way we stopped in St. Petersburg, fell in love with this city and stayed there. However, the first attempt to Institute she did not submit, and the first time Abramova worked as a makeup artist in theatre and was a presenter of entertainment programs.

    In the end, purposeful girl succeeded and became a student of Saint-Petersburg humanitarian University of trade unions, and after graduation played on the stage of Saint-Petersburg theatre «Saturday». Now it is a lot of concerts as a singer of soulful songs and is regularly removed in cinema.


    When Tatiana Abramova worked as a makeup artist, she noticed one of the assistants of the Director of historical paintings «the Hunt» and invited a girl to the set. Aspiring actress had a memorable experience working with such stars as Alisa Freundlich and Alexander Lazarev-younger.

    Much later, after graduating from the theatre Institute, she starred in crime Comedy film «Rostov-Papa», the melodrama «Life goes on», a mystical Comedy «the adventures of the magician», an unusual fairy tale «the Mystery of Swan lake», detective, «gentlemen of the sea star».

    A breakthrough in his career and the great success came to Tatiana Abramova with the release on television screens melodrama «always say «Always». The popularity of this life history was so great that the writers and Directors decided to make a sequel, and not one. In the end, fans had the opportunity to observe the development of the plot of a favorite for nine seasons.

    After this success, Abramova was offered leading roles in the historical-biographical film «Stalin’s Wife», an ironic detective «Ivan Podushkin. Gentleman detective», the Comedy «All this sudden» romance «Beloved for hire» and the melodrama «My mother is the snow maiden.»

    In addition, the actress appeared in the Russian-Chinese action movie «the Last secret of the Master», criminal drama «the Craftsmen», a mystical novel «the Alchemist. Elixir Faust.» The last to date out social drama «with us», and now she works on the Comedy «All ages» and suspense series «Expropriator».

    Personal life

    The first husband of Tatyana Abramova, whose name is Sergey Kulishenko was a photographer and a cameraman. They were married for big love, the family had two sons – Ivan and Alexander. But later, the relationship of Tatiana and Sergey stalled, and they decided to leave.

    In the spring of 2014, the actress married her colleague Yuri Belyaev, who is older than her 27 years. Interestingly, they could have met much earlier, as it was filmed in some projects, but in different scenes. Therefore, by 2013, their life paths do not intersect. And when that happened, Yuri and Tatyana immediately realized that it was looking for each other.


    • 1994 — the Hunt
    • 2002 — the Mystery of Swan lake
    • 2003-2012 — always say «Always»
    • 2003 — Kid in the milk
    • 2004 — Ivanov and Rabinovich
    • 2006 — The Wife Of Stalin
    • 2006 — Ivan Podushkin. Gentleman detective
    • 2007 — All of a sudden
    • 2007 — Favourite-for-hire
    • 2015 — the Alchemist. Elixir Faust


    Tatyana Abramova

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