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  • Name: Tatyana Vedeneeva ( Tatiana Vedeneeva )
  • Date of birth: 10 July 1953
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: host, actress, journalist
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Tatyana Vedeneyeva: biography

    Tatiana Vedeneeva Veniaminovna was born on 10 July 1953 in the city of Stalingrad. During the years of his life Tatiana managed to try himself as a TV presenter, actress and journalist. She’s no stranger to the word «work» as Vedeneeva used to working hard, which led her to success.

    Since childhood the girl showed his strong character and perseverance. And it is thanks to these qualities she became a famous personality. Her parents were sure that the daughter will be a teacher or a doctor, but after a girl at the age of fourteen became interested in the theater group, she could not one to dissuade from entering the theater Institute.

    In 1972, against the wishes of the parents Vedeneeva left to enter the Moscow GITIS. The girl surprised the jury with the choice of repertoire – it was a fairy tale «the Ugly duckling». Despite the lack of seriousness suggested by Tatiana repertoire, the Commission ruled in her favor. Later she remembered the audience as the host of a children’s fairy transfer.

    Tatyana Vedeneyeva: movies

    Tatiana was easy to get parts even in the student years of his life. In 1973, the first year she starred in the first film «Much ADO about nothing». The film starred students of her Institute.

    During the second year Vedeneeva starred in the TV series «police Sergeant» and the drama «Hello doctor.» And already in the third year she got the role in the film «

  • Hello, I your aunt!». The role of chaperone-millionaire did Tatiana popular. Through shooting while training, the actress was able to provide herself already in his student years. Filmography Vedeneyeva has over a dozen movies, but she decided not to focus exclusively on the cinema and trying different areas.

    Tatiana Vedeneeva theater

    After graduating from the Moscow theatre Institute Vedeneeva worked in Mayakovsky theater. To her efforts were not in vain, she was advised to register in Moscow, since at that time it was very important. But even for a career girl would not give up his principles and go for a sham marriage. She believed that marriage should be based only on mutual love and understanding. Subsequently, Tatiana was left without a residence permit and without a job.

    Vedeneeva is back on the scene in 2009, starting to work in the troupe of the theater «School of modern play». There, the artist took part in several productions, including performances of «Russian jam», «the lonely Waltz» and «the Last Aztec».

    Tatiana Vedeneeva TV

    When Tatyana Vedeneyeva said that on television conducting competition speakers, she immediately decided that must try their strength. The girl went on the lessons of the masters, after which he was hired. Of course they didn’t trust her to lead from day program, and for a year she worked only in the night shows, which took a lot of effort and were not given any popularity. Besides, Vedeneeva led the program, which aired exclusively on the far East.

    After some time, leading to daytime transmission. The girl immediately noticed the Directors of other shows, and started to invite her to work. Soon Tatiana was the host of «the

  • Good night, kids!». The mid-eighties was the peak of the popularity of the journalist. Of its transmission on TV was loved by both children and adults. The television has made it clear that envy is an integral part of the profession of journalist. This truth, the girl realized after a trip to France. When she arrived home, I began to notice sidelong glances of his colleagues. Tatiana even discussed at the meeting with the Minister. But the Minister took the side Vedeneyeva, and TV presenter again, and again sent abroad on a business trip.

    In 1993, the TV host was fired. As Tatyana, she left voluntarily. Leading went to England for medical tests, as well as in the queue to the doctor had a lot of visitors, Vedeneeva called work and asked for a week vacation, what I heard: if you do not return on time, you can pick up things. And this is after 15 years of excellent work on television. The soul of settled resentment, and when she decided that she will quit and will not wait for forced layoffs.

    Vedeneeva husband and I decided to open the business. They started producing eco-friendly products. Their firm was called «Trust». In parallel she was teaching children’s plays and co-starred in the film «Merry bus». Then on the screens it didn’t appear any more.

    From 1992 until 1999, the couple lived in France. After returning home Vedeneeva to his surprise found his name first in the list of the most popular see the TV screen. She realized that will long remain in the memory of many children and adults.

    In 2000, the woman decided to resume his television career. Vedeneeva became the leading Yulia Menshovoj in «Beside you», which went on the channel RTR. Then for a time worked on the channel «Home», where she hosted her own show called «Tatyana’s day» and also show «a Matter of taste». A few months on the channel «Russia-1» has left the program «Formula of love» with her.

    In the autumn of 2013 Tatiana Vedeneeva works on the «First channel» leading program «In our time».

    Tatyana Vedeneyeva: personal life

    My life Vedeneeva first associated with the artist. To this marriage was born son Dmitry. But when her husband began to lean on alcohol, their marriage was terminated.

    In the early nineties, Tatiana led the transfer of «Good morning», where she had a chat with businessman

  • See Begalova. At that time she was married, and her husband was in a relationship. Life brought them together twice at various events, and then began the romance of the couple. After some time they got married. In 2009, the couple divorced.

    Tatyana Vedeneyeva: filmography

    • Much ADO about nothing
    • Police Sergeant
    • Hello doctor
    • That we do not pass
    • Hello, I your aunt!
    • Siberia
    • Fantasy (ballet)
    • The soul train
    • Start from the beginning
    • Little Queen and other
    • First after God

    Tatyana Vedeneyeva: photo

    Tatiana Vedeneeva

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