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  • Name: Tatyana Tarasova ( Tatiana Tarasova )
  • Date of birth: 13 February 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: figure skating coach, Merited coach of the USSR
  • Marital status: Widow

    Tatiana Tarasova: biography

    Tatiana Tarasova was born February 13, 1947 in Moscow. Family athletes rejoiced daughter, pinning great hopes on it. Anatoly Vladimirovich, the world famous coach hockey, from early childhood began to teach Tatiana to stay confident on the ice. Talented girl and she loved ice and would be willing to attend classes. Mom fully supported the eagerness of his family to achieve high results. Tatiana with her sister were forced daily to perform a variety of exercises and physical activity.

    The efforts of the parents was not lost in vain, over time, training has become a hobby, and after in the hobby. Skating to the very first attempts brought Tarasova fame and popularity. In 1964 she won the world Universiade, speaking in tandem with Georgy Proskurin. But to develop as a member of the ice submission failed. Shortly after winning Tarasov got injured and had to leave the favorite sport. But to give up skating entirely it did not happen. Barely recovered from injuries, Tatiana decided that I should become a coach. Not exchanged for beginners, Tarasov decided to teach experienced skaters.

    The zeal of the athletes were met with criticism from the public and in the home. The girl’s father did not believe that she instigated the matter. But continuous education and learning and also dedication helped her to achieve the goal. In 25 years the athlete was awarded the title of Honored coach of Russia. The group, which she coached, successfully took the first places at competitions and Olympiads. After 3 years Tatiana Tarasova was awarded the title » Honored coach of the USSR. In those days she became the youngest coach with such a high rank.

    After a long time of coaching Tatiana Anatoly Tarasov recognized the daughter of a colleague, and believed that it fully justifies the well-known name. In restrained and strict families, such decisions were considered the highest praise.

    The shock and achievement in life Tatyana believes the day when her training came such famous skaters like Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev. The sportsmen came to the young and risky coach for new opportunities. They were sure that Tarasova will help them uncover even more potential. After undergoing the difficulties of mutual misunderstanding and the result was much better than expected. Celebrity couple just flying over the ice under the great music.

    Tatiana Tarasova: skating

    In the first group, which had to train with Tatiana Anatolievna, we were not the only beginners, but already well-known athletes. Tatiana showed himself as a strict and demanding coach, which does not allow for absences and does not give concessions. This approach allowed the aspiring teacher of figure skating in the first years to show their best side. Pupils Tarasova showed good results. Both experienced skaters and novices, Irina Moiseeva and Andrei Minenkov felt the rhythm of the background music and moved confidently on the ice.

    A big role in the work of Tatiana played the tips of her father. Anatoly gave good advice and demanded from her daughter careful analysis of each of the imaginary figures. But follow exactly his advice was not always. Creative impulses did not want to enroll on paper, to the rescue of honored coach came a phenomenal memory and a good imagination.

    Despite the tough and demanding Tatiana treated his students with love and motherly warmth. She never gave up on coaching players, even if they are not shining future great athletes. Each of the band members can boast of a special relationship, Tarasov was able to figure out exactly the features of character and picked out the courses for each student individually. During performances and Competitions she did not allow their pupils to live in a hotel, if you had the opportunity to provide their own house or apartment. Most birthday Tatiana Anatolievna was celebrated in the bosom of a large family of skaters.

    Tatiana Tarasova has twice attempted to resign the coaching position. But every time, grateful and hungry for new knowledge, the pupils persuaded a favorite teacher to go back and continue the work. Not able to rely on numerous requests, she returned back to the world of figure skating.

    Together with Elena Tchaikovsky Tarasov developed the concept of the show and created the famous ice theater «All stars», which pleases the audience smart ideas on the ice. The theatre became famous for its arena staged classical ballets, which skillfully converted into a skaters. Unfortunately, to date, the ice theater «All stars» already exists.

    Tatiana Tarasova is not going to stop his coaching activities, preparing new Champions. Strong and determined athlete coached skaters on two continents. The business year of the coach is divided into two seasons: one is in the U.S., the second — in Moscow. In addition to local athletes in her group became responsible for the foreign.

    Tatiana Tarasova: personal life

    With her first husband, T. A. lived very long. After 2 years of family life, the couple decided that the relationship has got to stop. The divorce went quietly and peacefully. At the moment, Honored coach maintains warm relations with her first husband.

    Second choice Tatyana athlete Vasily Khomenkov died tragically in 1976. ‘Neither the family nor the coach don’t talk about the details of the short married life. Out of respect for Maria Petrovna national sports journalists try not to touch the sensitive issue in an interview.

    The third time, Tatiana was married to the great pianist Vladimir Krainev. The athlete loved the talented husband and could spend hours talking about his achievements. Tarasova’s husband worked and lived in Hanover, where he had a large number of students. More than thirty years of happy marriage brought only happiness and joy. But, unfortunately, the children, the couple never had.

    29 APR 2011 Vladimir Krainev died after suffered a severe illness. Tatiana long time mourned for the dead husband, but work and students did not let her fully immerse themselves in mourning.

    Tatiana Tarasova: awards

    • The order «For merits before Fatherland»
    • The Order Of Friendship Of Peoples
    • Honored Coach Of Russia
    • Honored trainer of the USSR
    • Honored Art Worker Of The Russian Federation
    • Master of sports of USSR of international class

    Tatiana Tarasova: photo

    Tetyana Tarasova

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