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  • Name: Tatyana Shmeleva ( Nikita Krutov )
  • Date of birth: 28 June 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: model, actress, singer, contestant on «the Bachelor»
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatiana Shmeleva: biography

    Tatiana Shmeleva – Russian model, dancer and actress. Best known as a member of the 4th season of the Dating show «the Bachelor» on TNT, as well as people positioning themselves as androgynous. Tatiana was born 28 June 1994 in Nizhny Novgorod. When she was only 5 years old, her parents decided to divorce, and the family became incomplete. This event has greatly affected young Tanya: she stayed at the education of the mother, who could not give her daughter the necessary amount of attention, so the child will feel unwanted and abandoned.

    Not to dwell on their problems, Tatiana Shmeleva engrossed in the sports signed up to the pool and in swimming reached quite good results, and with time become a candidate master of sports. A disturbing thought Tanya was poured onto the paper, placing them in spiritual poems. In older childhood experiences along with the dreaded event, which will be discussed in the section «Personal life», influenced the Outlook of the girl.

    The fact that she began to feel the androgyne, that is, a man endowed with characteristics of both sexes. This concept has nothing to do with transgender or sexual orientation at all. Subculture of androgyny is an idea about the appearance of asexual, so to speak, of man-unisex.

    Tatiana Shmeleva took a male pseudonym Nikita Krutov and began performing as a fashion model. In front of the cameras, it often appears as androgynous, although sometimes participates in photo shoots and in a purely female face. As a woman she dances on the stage of night clubs, and can afford to be quite Frank and even provocative dancing. By the way, the nickname «Nikita Krutov» didn’t just appear. The name was taken from the movie «Nikita» with Anne parillaud in the title role, as this action is one of the favorite films Shmeleva. But Krutov is the male version of the surname of one of her friends Tatiana.

    The last time the girl tries himself as a film actress. In the summer of 2016, the screens should go short Comedy «Resort. A provincial history of the Ho» in which one of the roles went to Tatyana. In addition, she starred in a large number of short clips in the image of Nikita Krutov and took to the catwalk, all in the same way boy-girl.

    TV show

    In March 2016 on the TNT channel started showing the fourth season of the TV show «the Bachelor,» in which Shmeleva Tatyana has become one of the most controversial contestants of the show. In front of cameras girl did one sensational statement after another and stirred up not only the main character of the project, the singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov, but all of the viewers. Most of the bachelor shocked recognition of the existence of Nikita Krutov, mens alter ego Tatiana.

    During the rose ceremony where the bachelor has handed over a flower any participants, no one expected to see among the candidates who have passed the first stage, shocking Tatiana Shmelev. However, one of the red roses that it gets, as in a personal conversation Tanya and Alex found a similarity in musical preferences and Vorobyev liked the motivation of girls to try again to believe in the sincerity of men’s words and feelings.

    Thus, the androgyne Shmeleva Tatyana passed to the next stage of the project and together with other girls to go to Thailand, where she will continue her struggle for the heart of the eligible bachelor.

    Personal life

    When Tanya was only 14 years old, in addition to her children’s psychological trauma of parents ‘ divorce, was added a new trouble. She was raped, then the girl has completely lost faith in men as partners you can trust. She found the male principle within herself, becoming Nikita Krutov, and started Dating different girls.

    Tatiana Shmeleva is fond of poetry and literature, even writing poetry. She also loves modern, colorful dances and enjoys choreography.


    Shmeleva Tatyana

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