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  • Name: Tatyana Shirko ( Tatiana Shirko )
  • Date of birth: 10 December 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Riga
  • Height: 160
  • Activity: Ukrainian singer, participant of show «the Voice»
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatiana Shirko : biography

    Tatiana Shirko was born in December 1992 in a small Ukrainian town of Kostopol. The fate of the girl was settled, because she was born in a family where both parents are musicians. Tanya very early began to sing and to make music, why mom and dad were happy and helped to develop the talent of his daughter. They put Tatiana in a music school, where she excelled in piano. And another girl studying music. With 5 years she participated and won in the Ukrainian vocal competitions.

    When Tatiana Shirko was 12, mom went to Spain, found work in Barcelona. A daughter remained under the tutelage of his father, who helped Tanya to finally decide on the future profession.

    After graduating from secondary school Tatiana went to Kiev, where he graduated from Kyiv Institute of music named by Glier. She studied at the faculty of pop vocal. After graduation, the young singer remained in Kiev. She writes new songs and is an active participant of various festivals and competitions.


    The voice of Tatiana Shirko – 4 octaves. At the age of 17, having behind the many awards the singer has decided to take part in the prestigious international contest «New wave-2010». The young singer went to Jurmala. Here the biography of Tatiana Shirko got a new bright page. The girl was killed by her vocal abilities of so many artists arrived at the festival.

    To the 1st place Tanya lacked only one point. However, the youngest performer of the «New wave» has managed during the first 5 days of the competition to confidently hold the leading position among 17 contestants. Only on the last day of the festival Tatiana Shirko got less points. With 287 five points artist took 2nd place.

    Today Tatiana Shirko recorded a few clips. Some of them can be called hits. This song «Confession of love» (debut music video, which appeared in 2011), as well as «Hello» and «I forgive you».

    2013 becomes a turning point for Tatiana. She first tried his hand as a composer who wrote the music for the song «In heaven». In the same year was recorded a professional video for this song. And next year, from Kiev recorded a new song entitled «Let Go», which planned to act on «Eurovision» 2014. Although these plans did not materialize, but sensual, the song was a success.

    In 2015 Tatiana Shirko started to work on the first album, the name of which is not yet invented.

    Show «The Voice»

    Participation in the 4th season of the show «the Voice» for Tatiana Shirko – another test of its own forces. And, it seems, Ukrainian singer holds good kick. She successfully passed the blind auditions with a rendition of the song «Run To You». It took his team Grigory Leps, Alexander Gradsky has devoted her many kind words and compliments.

    At the stage of «Fights» Tatyana Shirko sang the composition «another snowstorm». Grigory Leps, despite the criticism of colleagues were satisfied with the level of performance.

    Personal life

    In addition to music Tatiana loves sports. She enjoys athletics and dancing. And another girl loves a holiday in Spain, where it happens regularly.

    While all the free time, the singer takes a musical career.


    Tetyana Shirko

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