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  • Name: Tatyana Shamanina ( Tatyana Shamanina )
  • Date of birth: 18 October 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhnevartovsk, Russia
  • Activity: singer, musician, vocalist of «Guru Groove Foundation»
  • Marital status: married

    Tatiana Shamanina: biography

    Tatiana Shamanina, who before her marriage bore the name Burnysheva, is a Russian singer and vocalist of the English group «Guru Groove Foundation». In fall 2016, she became a member of the popular TV show «the Voice.»

    Tatiana Shamanina in his youth
    Tatiana Shamanina in his youth | Facebook

    Tatiana Shamanina was born October 18, in the Siberian city of Nizhnevartovsk, in the family of civil engineers, Valeria and Valentina Borisevich. In childhood Tania plunged into the art of dance and I had never even thought about a career in music. A teenager Shamanina danced even on a professional level, but in 16 years in one of the competitions she was asked to sing and it turned out that Tatiana Shamanina has a good voice.

    Kamanina Tatiana
    Kamanina Tatiana | Facebook

    The girl began to take part in many music festivals, which often came out the winner. Somewhere, Tatiana, of course, dreamed of the big stage, but her father asked the daughter to learn traditional profession. Shamanina becomes a student of the pedagogical University, which receives dual higher education: teacher of history and English.

    Tatiana Shamanina
    Tatiana Shamanina | Facebook

    But while continuing her studies in Nizhnevartovsk, Tatiana Shamanina is sent to the capital and entered the pop-jazz school. She managed to please the examiners and successfully pass all the entrance tests, though we didn’t know musical notation. By the way, in the same school two years behind studied Russian singer Polina Gagarina.


    The first team, which was made by Tatiana Shamanina, was instrumental group «Supersonic», which lasted about one and a half years. After that, Tatiana met with the producer Maxim Fadeev, and sang backing vocals in the group «Silver», which even took part in Eurovision in 2007.

    Also in the life of Tatyana Shamanina maiden group «Party». In this team she was the lead singer, the other girls just danced and sang along, but after two years of touring, the singer decided to stop participating in commercial show business and founded with her husband Greg by Shamanism your project.

    First time they performed at a festival in 2009, where he presented a number of original songs and had great success. Gradually, a group of new people joined and formed the English team of «Guru Groove Foundation». Two years later, the world saw their debut album «Call Me Up», is composed both from a lyrical and philosophical songs. The biggest hit of the first album was the song «Moscow». Also demand «Golden Love», «My Baby» and the title song «Call Me Up».

    The second album «One Hour», which was released in 2014 was slightly different in style, becoming more indie-rock. Although Tatiana Shamanina and the musicians believe that adhere to the genre of electro-pop. In the second album, the greatest fame was the song «Jump Into My Arms», «Strong Enough» and «Ghost». And in 2016 the new album of the band, the mini-album «Over You», which contained only four tracks. Stylistically, the «Guru Groove Foundation» made it a bit similar to the debut disc.

    In addition, Tatiana Shamanina has collaborated with the studios. Her music sounds in the romantic Comedy «the hook» social drama «novel with cocaine», the TV series «Great expectations». By the way, Tatyana has appeared once in the film – in the Comedy «the placebo Effect», having worked as a film actress.

    TV show

    Having such a great experience, Tatiana Shamanina decided to compete with other singers with popular TV show «the Voice» and went on casting of the fifth season of the show. In the blind auditions, she performed a remake of the song Eva Pol’na «Not love» and managed to draw the attention of the judicial staff for his talent. The singer turned just three of the jury members, with the exception of Dima Bilan.

    Of the three mentors — Grigory Leps, Leonid Agutin Polina Gagarina Tatyana Shamanina have chosen the only representative of womankind, as it believes that Gagarina she speaks the same musical language and it will be fun to create a joint product. In case of victory in the show Shamanina promised to shave my head bald. By the way, to support Tatiana on the casting came TV presenter Yana Churikova, with which they have long been friends.

    Personal life

    With my husband Egor by Shamanism Tatiana got acquainted, when studied in the Moscow jazz College. He did a couple of years older, but he was always class girls and just watched. As says the man, he fell in love at first sight, but did not dare to confess to Tatiana’s feelings.

    Tatiana Shamanina and her husband Yegor
    Tatiana Shamanina and her husband Yegor | Facebook

    Four years have passed, the singer has finished school, and meet her future husband Tatiana Shamanina still not started. Only later, their mutual friend brought the couple together, and since they are not breaking up either at home or at work, as Egor also plays in the band «Guru Groove Foundation». After some time they got married, Tatyana took a surname of the husband, under which she is known throughout the country. In 2014 the couple became parents for the first time: the light appeared a little girl who received from spouses Shamaning unusual name Siyana.

    Tatiana Shamanina with her husband Greg and daughter Senoi
    Tatiana Shamanina with her husband Greg and daughter Senai | Facebook

    Tatiana Shamanina loves peaceful holiday, especially in nature, and does not like to be in large companies, where you can’t focus. She has a house in the Vladimir region, and there’s a woman spends vacation with her husband, daughter and parents. Recent years Shamanina with her husband promoting a healthy lifestyle: they abandoned meat products, do not smoke or drink alcohol.

    Tatiana Shamanina often appear in unusual images
    Tatiana Shamanina often appear in unusual images | Facebook

    It is also worth noting that Tatiana Shamanina loves to change hairstyles. She even said that if I wasn’t a musician, would become a stylist, since it is her second passion after music. At all his concerts, the singer appears in unusual images with fantastic hairstyles, makeup and extravagant costumes.


    • 2011 — Call Me Up
    • 2014 — One Hour
    • 2016 — Over You


    • 2011 — the placebo Effect


    Tatiana Shamanin

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