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  • Name: Tatiana Samoilova ( Tatyana Samoylova )
  • Date of birth: 4 may 1934
  • Age: 80 years
  • Date of death: may 4, 2014
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: Soviet actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Tatyana Samoilov : biography

    «In the eyes of this Russian goddess can drown». So when something said about Tatiana Samoylova of the famous Pablo Picasso. This wonderful Soviet actress was the only female compatriots, whose palm print was left on the Boulevard de La Croisette in Cannes.

    Tatiana Samoilova was born in may 1934 in Leningrad in a family of intellectuals. Her mother Zinaida Levin worked as an engineer. And dad – great Soviet actor Yevgeny Samoilov – served in the theater. But 3 years after her birth, the family moved to the capital.

    Tatiana Samoylova has grown behind the scenes. Since childhood, she «leaked» a theatrical atmosphere. Even then, she knew that would not be by anyone other than artist. Although the girl had all the chances to become a beautiful ballerina. She successfully graduated from the ballet Studio, and she Maya Plisetskaya young Samoilov was invited to continue to study in ballet school at the Bolshoi theater. But Tatiana was focused only on acting.


    In 1953 Samoilov took the Shchukin theatre. And after 2 years she made her debut on the screen. Kuznetsova played Masha in the film «the Mexican,» based on the short story by Jack London.

    The star role of Veronica in the melodrama the cranes are Flying – went to a young actress immediately after graduation. Probably, except Tatiana Samoilova there is no domestic actress, which are so very lucky – become a legend after almost the first played the role. Picture of Michael kalatozova not just entered the Golden Fund of Russian cinema, and today it is considered to be the best picture of the war.

    Few people know that this role was given to Tatiana Evgenievna very difficult. During filming, she fell ill with tuberculosis. Panting, holding on the injections, she still came to the set almost six months, almost seven days a week. Had to work from early morning until midnight.

    The success of the film was deafening. Although at the top it was criticized in the nines. Character Samoilova that cheated on her boyfriend who went to the front with his friend, Soviet morality was rejected. Especially eagerly began to criticize the film after it «branded» Nikita Khrushchev.

    But a year after the release of the painting «the cranes are Flying» becomes a hit at the Cannes film festival. In 1958, the film received the «Palme d’or», and Tatiana Samoilova prize «Orange tree» and the diploma for best actress.

    Cannes was struck by the young actress. But the unprecedented luxury and unprecedented attention knocked out Samoylova from the track. She quickly settled and talked on equal terms with colleagues.

    After the phenomenal success of the picture for Tatiana E. came an unexpected lull. For 4 years she starred in two pictures. But it is not forgotten abroad. In 1961, the actress was invited to the role in the film «Alba Regia», which was filmed by Romanian Director Mihai Semesh. She played scout.

    Then again a break until 1964. And again about Samoilova remembered in the West. Giuseppe de Santis is a famous Italian Director invited Soviet actress to play though and not main, but very vivid role in the military drama «They went East». The heroine Samoilova even somewhat overshadowed by Sophia Loren, which got the Central image.

    For this work the actress, whose game has recognized a genius in the West, received a substantial fee. She came home on «Opel» and with a great wardrobe, why the attitude seems to be even more spoiled. She envied about her gossiping, she disliked officials «from culture».

    And only in 1967 Tatiana Samoilova again got the star role. Her Anna Karenina is brilliant. Drama, produced by Alexander Zarkhi, was a huge success, perhaps, was not inferior to the success of «War and peace» Fyodor Bondarchuk.

    After «Anna Karenina» actress was expecting a flurry of offers from Directors. But alas. Ahead were years of oblivion. Samoilov only occasionally invited to a small role. Perhaps the biography of Tatiana Samoilova would have been quite different if the artist agreed to the proposals of Hollywood producers.

    The actress disappeared from the screens somewhere in the mid-1970s. Only in the late 1990s, she appeared in the film «24 hours». 4 years later appeared in the episodes «the Moscow Saga» and «Saint-Germain». The last film with the participation of Samoilova – «Nirvana» – was released in 2008. In the youth drama Tatiana Evgenievna got a small role.

    About the legendary artist were all sorts of rumors. Talked about alcoholism, mental illness, bulimia. But my family, who knew Tatyana Samoylova, called her home a «disease» – severe loneliness.


    Tatiana Samoilova became may 4, 2014. She died the day of his 80th birthday. The ambulance brought the actress to the Botkin hospital with ischemia. By evening, her condition worsened dramatically. At 23.30 Tatiana Evgenievna died.

    Buried great actress in the Novodevichy cemetery.

    Personal life

    First husband of Tatiana Samoilova was Vasily Lanovoy. The actors were married when they were still students. The wedding took place in a period when Kuznetsova starred in «the Mexican», his first film.

    We can say that separated them work. Lanovoi was constantly busy on the set. After 6 years of this «novel on his feet,» as it was called Samoylova, the couple broke up. The last straw in their relationship was clandestine abortions. Tatiana was then at the peak of popularity, it wanted to act. And my husband even though he opposed abortion, but he was never there.

    This failed marriage Samoylova was a very painful. She had rejected the proposal many fans who would not let her pass.

    Private life of Tatiana Samoilova has changed in 1959. She married writer Valery Osipov. In Paris, where the premiere of the Soviet-French film «Louis Garros looking for a friend», Samoilova came together with Osipov. Later, the actress admitted that it was her greatest love. The man loved a beautiful wife, filling her with telegrams with declarations of love in the days of separation. But after 10 years the marriage ended. Samoilova was 33, and she longed for a child. But to have him from Osipova could not.

    To fulfill the dream managed third husband, film Director Eduard Moshkovich. To this Union was born the only son Dmitry. But when he was 2 years old, the marriage fell apart. In Moshkovich, according to Samoilova, was consumer attitude. He wanted the wife ran the household and provided for the family. But love when it was not.

    When I grew up Dmitry, he studied medicine and immigrated to the United States. There he started a family and stayed.


    • «The Mexican»
    • «The cranes are flying»
    • «The unsent letter»
    • «Leon Garros looking for a friend»
    • «Alba»
    • «Anna Karenina»
    • «Long road to short day»
    • «No return»
    • «Moscow Saga»
    • Nirvana


    Yulia Samoylova

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