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  • Name: Tatiana Rybinets ( Tatyana Rybinets )
  • Date of birth: 25 December 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Sergiev Posad, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatiana Rybinets: biography

    Tatiana Rybinets — Russian theater and film actress, known to wide circles of the audience for the film «In sport only girls», «Carnival coming» and TV series «the chop.»

    Tatiana was born in the suburban town of Sergiev Posad. In childhood years the girl worked hard and ballroom dancing, and attended a musical school. When Tanya reached adolescence, her parents began to do their own business, so, according to the actress, she lived in a rather wealthy family.

    Creative, laid extracurricular activities, led to the idea Rybinets to enroll in drama school. She applied to multiple schools and finally from the first attempt became a student of Russian state Institute of cinematography. There she studied with people’s artist of Russia Igor Yasulovich.

    After graduation Tatiana Rabines joined the troupe of the Russian academic youth theater. Her debut there was the play «Cinderella» and was quite dramatic. The fact that during the dress rehearsal of the aspiring actress fell the metal part of the scenery, and the first time in her life play Tatiana played with a concussion.

    It should be noted that Rybinets, starting to work independently, decided not to ask for financial help to the family. Sometimes its finances were insufficient to pay for basic needs. Several times she had even to sell flowers that she gave visitors to the theater for a good performance.

    In his first the theatre Tatiana served until 2008 when she moved to the stage of the Moscow youth theatre, which involved so far.


    The debut for Tatiana Rybinets was the episode in the melodrama «Vanechka». She then appeared in the family drama «My autumn Blues», the Comedy «little creatures», detective, «True lies» and kinonovell «Zone of turbulence». Bright manicurists role of Shurochka went to the actress in the romantic Comedy «Love and other nonsense», which brought her first fame.

    Later in the historical-biographical Saga of «bugs» Tatiana was played by the daughter of Marshal of the Soviet Union, in a detective «the Case investigator Nikitin» has turned into a quiet employee of the newspaper, and in the mystical Thriller «My eyes» and is able to convey on the screen the image of a girl without a certain residence.

    Also from the filmography Rybinets it is worth noting Comedy film about a private detective «Mum detective», the psychological drama «Heart’s boomerang» and a Comedy of the absurd, «How I became Russian». In the Comedy musical «Carnival in our» Tatiana again the main role, but by coincidence her voice was replaced by the voice of another actress. Need to mention an unusual remake of the American Comedy «In a jazz only girls» where the main role was played by the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. In the Russian version the action takes place on the eve of the Sochi winter Olympics, now called by analogy with the original «In sports only girls».

    The last of the projects of the actress on the TV screen comes the Comedy series chop spanning two years shows. And now Tatiana Rybinets starred in the psychological Thriller «Revenge».

    Personal life

    Tatiana Rybinets – smart, confident, self-sufficient person and a very interesting interviewee, as evidenced by her numerous interviews. She has her own opinion on many aspects of theatrical, domestic, and political life. But their romantic relationship young actress prefers not to extend. We only know that she is not married and has no children.

    She communicates with visitors social networks are ready to support interesting conversation, to answer a lot of questions, and even play among fans of so-called «signo» — her signature addressed to the direct person.


    • 2008 — My autumn Blues
    • 2008 Innocent
    • 2010 — Love and other nonsense
    • 2011 — Heart’s boomerang
    • 2012 — Case investigator Nikitin
    • 2013 — Mom detective
    • 2014 — Movie about Alekseev
    • 2014 — Carnival in our
    • 2014 — In sports only girls
    • 2015-2016 — chop


    Tatiana Rybinets

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