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  • Name: Tatyana Pelttser ( Tatyana Pelttser )
  • Date of birth: 6 June 1904
  • Age: 88 years
  • Date of death: 16 Jul 1992
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Tatyana pelttser: biography

    People’s artist of USSR, laureate of the Stalin prize Tatiana Peltzer was born on 6 Jun 1904 in Moscow. Her paternal ancestors – the Germans maternal Jewish grandfather was the chief Rabbi of Kiev. The beginning of the great Patriotic war in the family spoke exclusively in German.

    Tatiana was born in the family of the famous Director and actor, who before the October revolution made a few films and played in theaters. For girls it has always been not just a father, a teacher, a mentor, a role model. Dad taught Tatiana Peltzer alive to see the world, experience life unexpectedly. Looking at dad, the girl mastered the craft of acting. His first role she played in his productions, and in nine years has received the first fee for the role in the play «the noble nest».

    Professionally acting, she studied the lack of education hindered her career. Tatiana changed a lot of theaters. Recognition came to her late – in almost 50 years.


    Tatyana pelttser made her debut as a professional actress in 1920. It was the Mobile theater of the red Army in Yeysk. Soon in the workbook Actresses appeared of record with the farm theater.

    After a few years, Peltzer returned to the capital. In Moscow, she met with the German Communist Hans Tableros, in 1927, married him, and three years later moved with her husband to Germany. In Berlin, the German Director offered the actress a role in the play «Inga». It was her only role in Germany, because in 1931, Tatiana returned to the USSR and entered the theatre MGSPS (now the Mossovet Theater). Actress without education, enlisted in the auxiliary composition. Relations with the leadership of MGSPS, she did not work: after four years, Tatiana Peltzer was fired for professional incompetence.

    In 1936, disappointed Tatiana moved to Yaroslavl, where he worked for two years in an old drama theatre in Russia. Then he returned to Moscow and settled in the newly opened Theater of miniatures. The stage Tatiana Peltzer gave seven years. She played the role of domestic maids a-milking, room attendant assistance, the super. The actress laughed at his characters and at the same time loved them. She found it difficult to make a career in the Theater of miniatures, from Peltzer had their own fans.

    In 1947, Tatiana has been working at the Moscow academic theatre of satire. He became her second home, the theatre of life. The actress played enthusiastically, but the popularity came to her after the role in Loceri «Wedding with dowry». In 1953, this play is filmed and shown in cinemas across the country. The audience appreciated the talent of the Peltzer – she woke up famous.

    The dawn of a career as an actress came in the 70-ies. During this period, Tatiana Peltzer was a lot of roles in the theatre: Praskovia in a «spinster», Marcellina in «the Marriage of Figaro» aunt Tonya «Rise and Shine!» and many others. Her character was close and understandable to the audience, she played easily and very critical — was given this game to Tatyana Ivanovna with great difficulty. Her partners on stage knew that she was lost, once the partner departs from the text and begins to improvise.

    In 1972, Tatiana Peltzer was awarded the title of people’s artist of the USSR. It was the first time in 48-year history of the Moscow academic theatre of satire. Largely helped actress mark Zakharov. He put in the theater for five performances – all of Peltzer was the main role.

    With the transition of Mark Zakharov at the Lenkom, the actress started to have problems. In 1977, after 30 years on stage of the Moscow academic theater of satire, she resigned from the scandal and went to Lenk. Many colleagues considered her crazy, because to start all over again at the respectable age of not everyone could. In order Tatyana pelttser played the old woman in the play «Three girls in blue», Clara Zetkin in the production of «Blue horses», Nadezhda Krupskaya in the «Dictatorship of conscience.» Her last role in the play «Memorial prayer».


    Film debut of Tatiana Ivanovna was an episode in the Comedy «Wedding» in 1943. He worked in the drama «It protects the Homeland.» The first big role she received in the 1945 drama «Ordinary people.» Unfortunately, the picture collecting dust on the shelves for a long 11 years, and Peltzer played subtle episodes all the time.

    Success has brought her role in the Comedy «Ivan perepelytsya» and «Soldier Ivan Brovkin», shot in 1955. Tatiana is so brilliantly played a village woman that she dubbed the «mother of Russian soldier».

    In the film «Ivan Brovkin on virgin land» Eudoxia’s role the writers wrote for her. Tatyana pelttser a lot of filming, so she’s not forgotten. She played mom in «Morozko» and «tiger girl», Granny in «Quarantine», «You can not dream», cleaners, teachers, nurses. Her character was often overshadowed by the main characters of the movies.

    Personal life

    Married actress was just once – the German Hans Tablero. They lived together for 4 years and broke up, because to live away from the USSR, Tatiana could not. Former spouses life stayed friends. Children they had. Hans married a second time, but arriving in Moscow, we went on a visit to Peltzer. Son Hans is not time staying in the apartment of Tatiana Ivanovna.

    Family actress was her father. The last years of his life he lived in her – a young wife kicked the husband out the door. In 1959 dear to Tatiana Peltzer man did not. She was very upset by this stroke of fate.

    The actress was in the form even in old age. She every morning doing exercises, nicely dressed and combed his hair. In the 85 years she ran a lot, smoked a lot, drank a lot of coffee. To listen to the recommendations of physicians Tatyana Ivanovna did not want to.

    On the screen she was rustic a big goof, but in real life, pedantic and fussy. The actress never ate in the dining room, even on the road is preparing itself. Working with her was hard because she’s repressed temperament and strength.


    In the last years of her life Tatyana Ivanovna began to be forgotten – Alzheimer’s disease progressed. She was treated in a psychiatric hospital. In 92-m Peltzer was again admitted to hospital with nervous stress. There she managed to break her hip: 88 years for a person this change is a disaster.

    July 16, 1992 to her, as usual, came the housekeeper Anna. Treated bedsores, changed the bed and gave Tatiana Ivanovna, her favorite cigarette is Marlboro. The actress gladly smoked it all. After 3 hours, the nurse informed the doctor of the clinic Peltzer died. She was buried at the Vvedenskoye cemetery, beside his mother and father.


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    Tetyana Peltzer

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