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  • Name: Tatyana Ovsienko ( Tatyana Ovsienko )
  • Date of birth: 22 October 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 167
  • Activity: singer, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: civil marriage to Alexander Merkulov

    Tatiana Ovsiyenko: biography

    Personality Tatiana Ovsienko is quite ambiguous, it has come a long way from obscurity to fame and recognition. On the fragile shoulders of the actress went all the scandals and the charges associated with the famous group «the Mirage», but the singer had nothing to do with them. All she wanted to perform on stage and one day Wake up famous.

    Ovsienko was born on 22 Oct 1966 in Kiev. Her family, consisting of mother, Anna Markovna, which runs the center, father Nicholas Mikhailovich, trucker, huddled in a small room in the hostel. In 1970, Tanya had a sister, and all the time family Ovsienko began to devote earning money to buy decent housing. Father long absent at home due to his profession, and his mother could not devote much time to his daughter and tried to take her. In four years the girl was down on figure skating, which she has played over the next 6 years. However, when Tatiana went to school, the parents began to notice that the morning session have a negative impact on education — after an early rise and tedious occupation the girl just fell asleep in class. Then Ovsienko took daughter from school sports and figure skating is offered her gymnastics and swimming. The future singer was enamored with the sport and is happy she continued her studies, forgetting about the early awakenings.

    In the child began to show the first musical talents girls: young Ovsienko loved to sing, and she was sent to a music school in piano class. She also sang in the children’s choir «the Sun», which is repeatedly shown on television and was invited to a large children’s concerts. Young talent even went to Moscow, where they performed brilliantly on the television program «Merry notes». Despite such a rich musical life, of becoming a singer Ovsienko not even thought of.

    After school his mother tried to persuade her to go to the teacher, but Tatiana was his own idea. She decided to link their lives with the least important and prestigious profession — the Manager of the hotel that opened wide prospects in the future. A graduate enrolled in the only throughout the Soviet Union the College of hotel management in Kiev. After the distribution she was sent to the hotel «Bratislava», which was a network of «Intourist». There were no signs of a serious turn in the fate of Tatiana, although she narrowly escaped travelling on the infamous cruise ship «Admiral Nakhimov» sank in 1986. But, paradoxically, it is the «Bratislava» Ovsienko gave a lucky ticket to the world of show business.

    Tatiana Ovsiyenko: music

    In 1988 in all corners of the Soviet Union rattled the name of the band «Mirage», which toured all major cities. In Kiev, the musicians stopped in the fortune of the hotel «Bratislava», where he worked as an administrator Ovsienko. The soloist of «Mirage» Natalia Vetlitskaya quickly became friends with Tatiana and even offered her a place in his team, but, unfortunately, only as a costumer. But the future pop star at the time was so impressed from the world of show business that she would even at such a slight approximation to «Mirage». From work she quit her job during the day and went to Moscow following the group. And at the end of 1988 she had already taken the place of the second soloist, replacing went Saltykov. In order to adequately look next to the Irina Saltykova, the singer lost a whopping 18 kg and completely changed her image.

    The next year was for Tatiana one of the most significant. Was released album, «Music has connected us», many songs from which became hits. Ovsienko has received several prestigious awards and became the face of the group. However, there was «the Mirage» and the downside of popularity: the concerts, the band performed under a soundtrack, recorded by singer Margarita Suhankina. In 1990, this story has become public knowledge and all the criticism and accusations rained down on the tat. Unfortunately, the singer could not influence the policy of a producer, but prosecutors this fact a little bothered.

    In 1991, with the support of producer Vladimir Dubovitsky and composer Viktor Chaika, the singer has created a team of «Voyage» and recorded his first album called «Beautiful girl». Despite a lot of negativity in the past, the audience reacted very favorably to the «new» voice of the performer and her solo career. Gradually, she managed to get rid of the bad fame of «Mirage» and to establish them as super-stars of Russia. After 2 years he released another album «the Captain», which pleased the audience a considerable number of hits. The title song of the same name has become a mandatory part of any disco 1993-1994.

    In 1997, she recorded the hit «Ring», which not only enjoyed great popularity among the audience, but also gave her the award «Golden gramophone».

    Tatyana lot of time to charity. She often gives concerts in support of the needy, but the special attention she used soldiers and veterans of the military actions. During his career, the singer spent more than hundreds of such performances: she sang in honor of the Victory in the great Patriotic War and travelled to some of the hottest spots in Russia to his music and creativity to support people who found themselves in this predicament.

    Tatiana Ovsiyenko: personal life

    With her first husband-producer Vladimir Dubovitskii Tatiana met as the administrator of the hotel «Bratislava». A few years later they met again and were married in 1993. Vladimir has done much to promote the career of his wife. In 1999, the couple adopted a seriously ill boy named Igor, but the family had to go through all circles of bureaucratic hell: the Commission has checked their housing, work, demanded countless references. Tatiana found the strength to get through this to the bitter end and in 1999 was able to proudly call yourself a mother. About the adoption, Igor learned only 16 years, and then Ovsienko was very worried as her favorite child accept such news. To the great relief of Tatiana guy in spite of everything continued to call her mother. But the relationship with Vladimir she stopped in 2007, and 7 years later, the singer admitted that their marriage was a fiction. They never loved each other, and even lived in separate rooms.

    Since 2007 the artist is in a civil marriage with businessman Alexander Merkulov, who became a member of the criminal investigation and was accused of organizing the assassination. This story is quite battered nerves Tatiana, with a sinking heart waited for the court decision. In 2014, the court acquitted Alexander, but to have the wedding in love was prevented by the stamp in the passport of her lover. With his ex-wife businessman lived for more than 10 years, but to formalize the divorce does not hurry. In January 2015, Merkulov became a married man.

    September 1, 2015 was a happy day in the life of Tatyana, who became a grandmother thanks to her son Igor, who lives with his family in Miami.

    Tatiana Ovsiyenko: discography

    • Beautiful girl
    • Captain
    • Do not judge…
    • Need to fall in love
    • The pink sea
    • The river of my love
    • I will not say goodbye
    • Time

    Tatiana Ovsiyenko: photo

    Tatiana Ovsiyenko

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