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  • Name: Tatiana Orlova ( Orlova Tatyana )
  • Date of birth: 1 July 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Sverdlovsk
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatyana Orlova : biography

    Unconventional appearance, the original low tone of voice, not «women’s» clothing style and comedic talent this actress is distinguished from all others. Tatiana Orlova was never Flirty «muslin miss». Men’s shirts and a spacious jackets, unchanged pants, and short «boyish» haircut – this extravagant image of this artist. But this her love the audience. Tatyana Alexandrovna is often compared with Faina Ranevskaya, which also had an extraordinary extravagant appearance and demeanor.

    Tatiana Orlova was born in Sverdlovsk in the summer of 1956. According to some reports, she was raised in a single-parent family. Father had passed away, and Tanya was left under the care of my mother and aunt. It favorite aunt had a decisive influence on the fate of the niece. She served in one of the theaters of the capital and would often take Tatiana with him. The girl grew up backstage and soon realized that without the magic of the stage she will be interested in this life.

    Aunt strongly supported and assured my niece that she not only hand-written beauties. Because you need to play different roles. Tatiana Orlova believed in themselves and immediately after the school leaving examination went to arrive in the capital GITIS. She enrolled at the first attempt.


    Difficult creative biography of Tatiana Orlova began immediately after graduation in 1977. The job she found pretty quickly: the actress was accepted into the troupe of the theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky. Here she encountered the first difficulties on the path of service to the Melpomene. The Director of «Mayakovka» Andrei Goncharov took a dislike to a young artist, he just was not able to open. Tatiana for a long time were content with minor roles.

    Especially difficult were the «dashing 90-e». A young artist, like many of her colleagues, it was interrupted by small jobs on skits and various activities. But the strange thing is: it was the 90s and brought Tatyana Orlova significant role in the movie and the first awareness. In the melodrama «music Lessons», «Life-woman» and «I Remember the smell of lilacs» artist got vivid images, although belong to the secondary.

    But the main thing for Tatiana Alexandrovna remained a theater. It was here that she came regularly, what can not be said about the film.

    To return to the screens Tatiana Orlova could only in the early 2000s. Basically, he was offered the role of serial, but it was a tape, which played the stars of Russian cinema such as Armen Jigarkhanyan, Marina Yakovleva, Roman Madyanov and Fyodor Bondarchuk.

    In 2002, Orlov appeared in the melodrama «Three against all», and in 2005 starred in a 4-part Comedy film «unexpected joy». Then there was «the Parisians» and «Heat».

    In 2007, viewers saw the actress in the image of a brutal secretaries in «Daddy’s daughters». This Comedy sitcom brought Tatiana Orlova real popularity. Directors became aware of a unique comedic talent and originality of this colorful actress and began to offer her new striking role.

    «Voronin», «Cream», «220 volts of love», «Give young people!» these comedic projects are able to benefit from the emergence of Tatiana Orlova.

    Among the most recent works of the actress of the Comedy «the Understudy», «the Island of luck» and «Rzhevskij against Napoleon.» Graced the filmography of Tatiana Alexandrovna projects «Think like a woman» and «swallow’s nest».

    In recent years Tatiana Orlova surprised and pleased their fans. It has demonstrated that it can play in different roles, not just in the Comedy genre. Typical images of the deep, that she is «on the shoulder». The proof can be seen pictures.» V. G», «Magical love» and an adventure film with fantasy elements «Belovodye. The mystery of the lost country.» The last tape was released in 2016. Orlov appeared here in one of the main roles.

    Personal life

    The actress with pleasure tells about old and new roles, projects that were removed or removed now. Open and outgoing, she withdraws immediately when someone tries to invade her personal space.

    Private life of Tatiana Orlova tightly closed from the outside. The artist lives in an ordinary five-story building on the outskirts of the capital. Savvy journalists took a picture of the actress when she returned home with a young woman. The stranger turned out to be Tatiana’s friend. Its name is Tatiana and she has the surname Potapov. It’s probably just a friend or a relative Orlova, but the media started talking about gay Actresses.

    Tatyana Orlova these rumours ignored and not commented. Therefore, it is difficult to judge the reliability of information. Anyway, this is purely a private matter of the artist, whose career in recent years is rapidly moving up.


    • Three against all
    • «Unexpected joy»
    • «The Parisians»
    • «Heat»
    • «Daddy’s girls»
    • «Cream»
    • «One for all»
    • «220 volts of love»
    • «Give young people!»
    • «Belovodye. The mystery of the lost country»


    Tetyana Orlova

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