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  • Name: Tatiana Navka ( Tatyana Navka )
  • Date of birth: 13 April 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: figure skater, Honored master of sports of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Dmitry Peskov

    Tatiana Navka: biography

    The name of this talented skater in the world, which is not surprising. After all, an athlete since childhood showed tenacity and great work ethic to achieve the goal. Tatyana Tarasova speaks to the high quality of the grooves, noting that she managed not to lose the love for their profession. Like all persons of show-business, personal life Tatiana Navka always under the eye of the public.

    Tetyana Navka
    Double world champion | Svopi.ru

    The distinguished athlete Tatiana Navka nationality Ukrainian. She was born in April 1975 in Dnipropetrovsk. The girl’s parents, Raisa A. and Alexander, despite his «unsportsmanlike» occupations in his youth were related to sports, therefore, strongly encouraged this passion of his daughter. First, little Tanya learned to roller skate, and then moved on to skates.

    Tatiana Navka in childhood
    The future star of the ice dancing | Funny24

    Sports she loved since childhood, watching his idol Alexander Zhulin, constantly went to his workout and asked for autographs. Thanks to the parents who in tough times was able to buy Tatiana professional skates when she was five years replaced them already familiar to her videos. From this moment the life of Tatiana Navka has acquired a specific meaning.

    The skates and the ice began to occupy a significant part time girl. At age 12 she became a champion of Ukraine among juniors. At the age of 13, mother Raisa A. at the insistence of the coaches caught her daughter in a dance class on the ice. A year later, the young athlete went to train in Russia. There and started a sports biography of Tatiana Navka.


    On the big ice Tatiana out of 1991 in the USSR team.

    With his partner Samvel Gezalyan they are defending the honor of team of the Soviet Union. A pair of coach Natalia Dubova, transported skaters to practice in the United States. It is noteworthy that in the future the Post will get the citizenship of this country. As a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union Navka and Gyozalyan represent Belarus national team, finishing in 11th place at the XVII Olympic winter games. In the same 1994 year, they were fifth at the world Championships, and a year later at the European Championships, took fourth place.

    Tatiana Navka and Samvel Gyozalyan
    With the first partner Samvel Gezalyan | Unofficial forum skater

    In 1996, this pair broke up and on ice Tatyana Navka began to speak with Nikolai Morozov. The Duo lasted two years. Representing Belarus, they became winners of the Karl schäfer Memorial (annual open tournament, which was held in Vienna from 1974 to 2008) and participated in the Olympic games in the Japanese city of Nagano.

    Since 1998, the figure skater is part of Russian national team: at this time she has a new partner Roman Kostomarov, who was picked up by Tatiana himself Zhulin. At first he tried to ride her in a pair myself, but a small difference in height is just 5 inches – made duet unattractive. And controversy the couple had very often. So Zhulin was offered a place in duet Kostomarov. He agreed and, leaving Anna Semenovich, which is then rolled, and began training with Navka.

    Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov
    With partner Roman Kostomarov | Woman.ru

    Soon creative duet of Navka-Kostomarov under the guidance of coach Alexander Zhulin and have achieved wonderful results. In 2003 the couple broke in the first place of the championship of Russia, and the European Championship podium places. It was a great success.

    «Ice Queen» is the title of Tatiana Navka was deserved. There is something to be proud of: in her piggy Bank large number of gold, bronze and silver medals. For his biography skater three times became the champion of Russia, twice champion of Europe and the world, but the Olympic games in Turin brought Kostomarov and Navka international recognition.

    Before the Olympic games 2006 in Turin Roman Kostomarov and Tatiana Navka came the undisputed favorites: since 2004 they have not lost everywhere he took the «gold». Skaters focused on free program with the dance «Carmen», which was put by the choreographer Tatiana Druchinina.

    At the Olympics Navka and Kostomarov showed the so-called «outstanding rent». Judicial evaluation was 101,37 points, below the record pair (113,17), but it was enough for Olympic gold. Captured Newspapers wrote: «Tears of joy flowed from Carmen’s face«.

    According to ballet-dancer Maya Plisetskaya on ice Tatyana Navka has created a compelling passionate way Carmen. Alexander Zhulin highlighted the risk appetite, artistry and «phenomenal intuitions» skater.

    Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov
    The pair continued to perform after his sports career | Zimbio

    After the victory at the Olympics Navka and Kostomarov decided to end his career. However, the pair survived and continues to perform in professional shows with demonstration rooms.

    In 2010, the screens out a documentary film dedicated to the 35th anniversary Tatiana Navka and her life.

    TV show

    In addition to skating enjoys dancing. Completion of sports career skater coincided with the organized on the First channel of Ilya Averbuch ice show, which was held every year thereafter. Tatiana Navka became a symbol of these projects, only once conceding the season. The year 2006 was memorable for the viewers of the show «Stars on ice», which in pair with Marat Basharov consummate athlete took 1st place.

    Tatiana Navka and Marat Basharov
    Passion on the ice turned into real life | LiveInternet

    Since 2007, launched a new show «Ice age», held annually thereafter. That season, Tatiana worked with actor Ville Haapasalo, the pair managed to take 2nd place. The same line was the skater in the next season and Vadim Kolganova, known for the films «Tatyana’s day», «Paras» and «Delta». In September 2008 she took part in the competition «Dance contest»: her partner was the dancer Alexander Litvinenko. The pair took second place.

    Tatiana Navka and Ville Haapasalo
    With actor Ville Haapasalo | Tribuna

    Tatiana Navka is a woman of bright and talented. In various projects she is invited regularly. It is noteworthy that not only where it is necessary to demonstrate sportsmanship. In 2008, she appeared in the rating of vocal show «Two stars». In duet with Mikhail Boyarsky she sang a famous song «And the snows,» which was performed by Maya Kristalinskaya and Zhanna Aguzarova.

    To see again Tatiana Navka on television that viewers in 2010. The popular TV show «Ice and fire» again helped up Tatiana Navka in the first place. This helped her partner Alexei Vorobyov. This pair throughout the season, pleased the audience with bright rooms, beautiful dancing and acting.

    Alexei Vorobyov & Tatiana Navka in the show
    With Alexey Vorobyov in the show «Ice age» | woman’s day

    In the next season of «Ice age» in 2016 fans of the famous figure skater once again saw my favorite. This time Tatiana Navka took to the ice with actor Andrew Borkowski. In this bright pair was drawn particular attention.

    One issue was dedicated world cinema. Room about the Holocaust, which showed Navka and burkovsky, controversial and ambiguous assessment. The fact that Ilya Averbukh, a mentor couple, stopped at a very risky decision: skaters took to the ice in the costumes, stylized under the striped uniforms of prisoners of concentration camps of times of the great Patriotic war. Stripes in the form of six-pointed star suggests that the audience of the prisoners-Jews.

    A dance to the song «Beautiful That Way» from legendary Italian film «Life is beautiful» Roberto Benigni was found blameless. Jury put a pair of high scores for the skill and artistry. But the discussion in social networks, what happened next was like an explosion. Many have decided that the Holocaust is a mockery of the memory of killed Jews-prisoners.

    But not all came to such thoughts. For example, the Director Karen Shakhnazarov critics said that if the Holocaust books are written, films made, the «why this topic cannot be comprehended in this form».

    Personal life

    Personal life Tatiana Navka and her professional growth has long been associated with the name of Alexander Zhulin. This well-known skater girl was in love with for a long time. She liked it when he arrived together with his wife Maya Usova in Dnepropetrovsk. Young Tanya with a friend every day to come to the rink and asked the handsome autograph. Soon she had collected dozens of them.

    It seems that fate itself brought them together. In Moscow, where he came to study Ukrainian athlete, she managed to get close to Zhulin. Currently, his marriage to Usova was bursting at the seams.

    Soon 18-year-old Navka went to the training camp in France. Secretly she wanted to meet there by Alexander. And they really met. As it turned out, the girl hasn liked full-figured. The couple began to live together.

    Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin
    With her first husband, Alexander Zhulin | Woman.ru

    But to register their relationship, they decided only five years. It happened in one of notary’s offices of America in the winter of 2000. And in may they had a daughter Sasha. 2 weeks after her birth, the athlete returned to the rink.

    The skater continued to take an active part in various sport shows. The project «the Glacial period. Better» brought her closer with actor Marat Basharov. In the fall of 2009, the pair took to the ice. Bright duet from the first ester is becoming a favorite program and wins the competition. But not only the room on the ice attracted the attention of fans of the show. In social networks and the media talking about the ensuing romance between the two stars.

    Spice to these rumors given that the two heroes were not free. Lovelace Basharov was married to Elizabeth Krutsko. And the skater was married to Alexander Zhulin. However, already then there were rumors that both families suffer.

    Tatiana Navka and Marat Basharov
    With Marat Basharov relationships that didn’t last long | akado

    In 2010 it became known that a couple of skaters finally parted. Rumors about the upcoming marriage Basharova and skill sets again excited the show business. But was there a romance between Tatiana and Marat is unknown. They denied his existence. Perhaps two stars are not cunning, because the wedding that everyone thought was only a question of time never happened.

    For other sources the pair spent some time together. But Marat was too amorous, and Tatiana is tired of rumors and gossip, which brought her well-wishers. In addition, they say that Basharov demanded that future halves to move from Orthodoxy to Islam, to which she agreed. And blonde beauty allegedly did not like the mother of Marat, which always wanted him married a Tatar woman, affectionate and submissive that will take care of the family hearth, and not to rotate in show business. As if there was not, but under the crown of this pair did not.

    Later, there is information about the novel titled sportswoman with the singer Alexei Vorobyov. They both took part in the TV show «Ice and fire». The media discussed that the relationship with the project has migrated in real life. With age, Tatiana Navka, Alexey older than 13 years. Soon Alexey Vorobyov found a new passion in the face of Oksana Akinshina. Neither the artist NOR the skater did not comment on these assumptions.

    Tatiana Navka and Alexei Vorobyov
    The media discussed the affair with Alexei Vorobiev | volshoyvopros

    In 2010, skater struck up a romance with the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. They met at the birthday party of a mutual friend. As admitted by the athlete, Sands nursed her long and patiently, until she realized that in love.

    For a long time, the couple hid their relationship, which was associated with marital status Peskov. Four years after the start of the relationship Tatiana Navka gave birth to daughter Hope. This event took place on 21 August 2014.

    Wedding Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov
    The wedding grooves and sand | Echo of Moscow

    Note that children Tatiana Navka has never stopped her in the decree for a long time. As a strong and talented athlete, loving all of his life, she can’t exist without ice-skating and training.

    August 1, 2015 in Sochi the wedding took place Peskov and skill sets. Husband of Tatyana Navka and the skater — the people are very different, but maybe that is why the new marriage will be more durable than all the previous ones.

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