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  • Name: Tatyana Mitkova ( Tatyana Mitkova )
  • Date of birth: 13 September 1955.
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian television journalist
  • Marital status: married

    Tatiana Mitkova: biography

    Tatyana rostislavovna Mitkova – one of the most famous media people of the 1990s. It was called the standard of journalism and the star of NTV the old structure. After a considerable hiatus in 2011, Mitkov back to the screens.

    Tatiana Mitkova was born in the capital in September 1955. She grew up in a family of the participant of the great Patriotic war, and then an employee of the foreign intelligence KGB. Mother Tatiana was an employee of the Soviet Embassy in Switzerland. After the birth of her daughter she decided to focus on the family.

    Tatiana Mitkova
    Tatiana Mitkova | Vadw.JRT

    Rumor has it that the name of a famous TV presenter was transformed from a «Mitkov». To change it supposedly solved the grandfather of Tatiana, a nobleman by birth, fearing exile to Siberia. In another version of Mitkov she changed her name to euphony.

    Tatiana graduated from one of the capital’s most prestigious schools with profound studying of English language. In adolescence, the future singer was fond of dancing and singing. She went ice skating and learned to stand on skates. The success of girls in music, parents could hope that her daughter will go to the Conservatory. But Mitkova decided differently. In 1973, after receiving a high school diploma, Tatiana went to the Moscow state University. 2 years she studied at the school for the training of journalists, and then entered on the appropriate Department by selecting evening classes.


    In College years, during the educational practice, a young journalist came to Ostankino. Television biography of Tatiana Mitkova began from the position of assistant editor. Soon she was appointed a special correspondent. She was involved in the TV projects «the international panorama» and «120 minutes.»

    Strict censorship that existed in those years did not allow free interpretations of domestic and international politics. But Mitkova was not very accommodating and not once have I allowed myself to «departure from the General line». So in the light of the Falklands conflict in the information report prepared by the team of Tatiana Mitkova, sounded a note of approval of the policy of the US and the UK, whereas it was necessary to stick exclusively to the «sugdinskiy» point of view.

    Tatiana Mitkova
    Tatiana Mitkova | Uznayvse.ru

    Another «scolded» the young journalist received a pass on the air information call for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The last straw that broke the patience of the leadership of «Ostankino», was the refusal of Tatiana Mitkova, at that time the leading «TSN», to publish the official version of the January events in Lithuania. The journalist left the channel. According to one source, she was fired, others left by writing a statement.

    According to some reports, after leaving the «Ostankino» Mitkov collaborated with broadcaster, Germany – aRD. But soon she came back and started the news program «Vremya» and «Novosti». The most famous story of that period the story of Tatiana Rostislavovna of an alleged secret cooperation of the KGB and the highest ecclesiastics of the Orthodox Church. In a dispute with the presenter then volunteered to join the talented, but Mitkov avoided the discussion.

    In 1993, Tatyana Mitkova appeared on NTV. She soon became the face of the program «Today.» But in 2001, in the team channel was split. The journalist was on the side of the minority by not supporting the channel’s Director Yevgeny Kiselyov. After leaving Kiselev Mitkova returned on NTV and took his place.

    In 2011, Mitkov back to the screens as the host of «the Tonight. The results of the». However, she remained on the post of head of information broadcasting. Tatiana rostislavovna led the program until 2014.

    Tatiana Mitkova
    Tatiana Mitkova | Forbes.ru

    In the same year Mitkova pointedly refused medals, which she as a thank you wanted to give the government of Lithuania to commemorate the events of 1991, when a journalist had the courage to refuse the publication of the official position of the Russian authorities about the events in Vilnius. Tatiana Mitkova explained the disagreement with the position Given Grybauskaite, eliminating from premium list Dmitry Kiselyov, who fell under the EU sanctions.

    In Mitkova has many awards, including «TEFI» and the order «For merits before Fatherland». Many colleagues today Tatiana respect for professionalism and talent, but there are those who believe that the journalist broke down and went to cooperate with the authorities.

    Personal life

    A known media personality has twice been married. But she, like a true daughter of the scout who can keep his mouth shut. Personal life Tatyana Mitkova securely hidden behind an impenetrable wall. It is known that her first husband was fellow journalist Vsevolod Solovyov. To this marriage was born the only son Mitkova, Dmitri. He never followed her mother’s footsteps and is fond of car racing and photography.

    Tatiana Mitkova grandson
    Tatiana Mitkova grandson | ed.Gee

    About the second wife Tatyana Mitkova information. They say he is engaged in the exchange of financial transactions. But that’s all I know about him.

    In his spare time a well-known media person who likes to relax in the suburbs and listening to music. She completely refused from alcohol and cigarettes. The only extreme exercise, which affords Mitkov is the rapid driving a white Mercedes.


    Tatiana Mitkova

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