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  • Name: Tatyana Lyannik ( Tatyana Lyannik )
  • Date of birth: 24 November 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatiana Lyannik: biography

    Red-haired beauty and clever girl Olga, the wife of an Intern Lobanov – be actress Tatyana Lyannik loved by millions of viewers. But fans of the talented actress know that she has a solid filmography and many other talented players.

    Tatiana Lyannik probably Muscovite. (Exact information about the place of her birth was not found). She was born in November 1980 in a military family. All children’s and youthful years she spent in the garrisons, often moving from one point of the vast country to another.

    Tatiana Lyannik in childhood
    Tatiana Lyannik in childhood | VK

    Petite girl dreamed about the ballet, but because of all the moving this dream was not destined to be realized. But Tatiana is dancing and constantly keeps himself in excellent physical shape. But even as a child she was good hearing what prompted the parents to take her daughter to the music school. Tanya I’d love to attend piano lessons and developed vocals. The resulting success made us think seriously about a career in music.

    Tatiana Lyannik easily entered the famous Gnesin music school and in 2000 received her degree as a conductor of the choir. But this was not enough for her. Maybe, in the years of study in gnesinka Tanya thought about an acting career. All the data she had available. Therefore, having received the diploma of musical education, the girl immediately went to GITIS. Received on the first attempt. Lyannik enrolled in a course for talented mentor Vladimir Andreev. In 2004 she became a certified actress.


    A cinematic biography of Tatiana Lyannik starts episodic roles in serials. Debuted a young actress in the film «Airport» in 2005. Then there were the projects «Medical mystery», «Kulagin and partners» and another few where she «practiced» and looked to the meters.

    Simultaneously with the appearance on the set developed a career in theatre Lyannik. Tatiana went on stage musical theatre on Basmannaya. Soon she was invited in Theatre of Nations, where she played Rose in «the Novel with no remarks» Guest «Berlioz».

    Tatiana Lyannik in the theater
    Tatiana Lyannik in the theater | VK

    Movie roles offered by Directors Tatiana Lyannik, and projects popular. «Engagement ring», «Hour Volkova», «Marusya», «the wood-Grouse» has brought the artist recognition. But the real fame came crashing down on her, of course, with the release of the series the best-selling «Interns».

    In red-haired green-eyed wife Lobanov, the audience fell in love at first sight. The actress has appeared in the 1st season in the 7-series. With each new release of Olga on the screen it became clear that it is an integral part of the project. This stellar role brought Tatiana Lyannik incredible popularity.

    Tetyana Lyannik in
    Tatiana Lyannik in the «Intern» | rermnews.ru

    And yet – the main role in next project. In the melodrama «Now?», released in 2012, Lyannik got the key image. Another starring role was played in the TV series «the Man-bait» in 2013.

    In recent years, a cinematic biography of Tatiana Lyannik continues to evolve. Bright actress has appeared in the TV series «Jesuitically», «Private detective Tatiana Ivanova» and «House by the river».

    Personal life

    How does the personal life of Tatiana Lyannik – the secret behind seven seals. Liberated and outspoken on the screen, in real life the actress is laconic and mysterious. We only know that red-haired petite beauty is not married yet. But in the dense «jungle» of the Internet to find any mention of the novels of Tatiana impossible. Although everything else, except for relationships with the opposite sex, the actress tells us very willingly.

    Tetyana Lyannik
    Tatiana Lyannik | VK

    His main hobby Lyannik calls job. She admits that she is crazy about his profession and happy I made the right choice. In addition to filming and exit on the theater stage Tanya loves music, singing, dancing and horse riding. And she’s good on skates.

    The actress has long drives a car, riding on which also brings her pleasure. But in 2012, Tatiana Lyannik there was an unfortunate traffic accident. When the artist returned from Vnukovo airport in the Moscow Aprelevka, in her Hyundai was hit by a truck. Fortunately, neither Tatiana nor her mother, who was at that time in the car, was not injured.


    • «Airport»
    • «Medical mystery»
    • «House upside down»
    • «Engagement ring»
    • «The man in me»
    • «Just married»
    • «Wake up together?»
    • «Interns»
    • «Phantom»
    • «The judge»


    Tetyana Lyannik

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