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  • Name: Tatyana Kotova ( Tatyana Kotova )
  • Date of birth: 3 September 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Sholokhovskiy, Russia
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: singer, actress, model, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatyana Kotova: a biography

    Tatiana Kotova was born on September 3, 1985 in Rostov region. Her childhood was spent in a small village Sholokhov. Parents lived prosperously, the daughter is not spoiled, Tanya found herself a fun.

    Talent for creativity manifested itself in her from an early age. She participated in every event and concert. Even then, the girl dreamed about the big stage. Her biggest hobby was singing and dancing. Tatiana would spend hours standing in front of the mirror, pretending to be a singer or belly dancer. Costumes for their improvised performances, she came up with she found in the closets of old clothes, reshaping it, re-sewed them. Friends Tatiana Kotova say that it would have been a good designer, but she dreamed about the other.

    In 1998 in her native village was held a beauty contest. Tanya has applied for participation in it. The jury appreciated the merits of artistry, plastic and vocal abilities of the girls – she took first place. The beauty contest was the first but not the last in her life.

    Tatyana Kotova: the business model

    After school Tatyana Kotova went to University. Her profession, crisis Manager, has nothing to do with creativity. In his student years she also found time for recitals and Amateur fashion shows.

    Tatiana lived in a hostel far away from my parent’s house. Not enough money, so she worked in the fitness club, teaching Oriental dance. On one of the shows it was noticed by the representatives of the modeling Agency, it was further training in the basics of the profession and to participate in the next beauty contest she was in the top five.

    In 2006, the cats got just two titles – «Ms. of Rostov» and «Miss Russia». More than half of the audience voted for the don beauties. And then there was the contest «Miss World» and «Miss universe», fans, and recognition. But the Russian beauty was looking for other possibilities to realize their creative potential. The opportunity she had in 2008.

    Tatyana Kotova: «VIA Gra»

    About the casting, which is carried out by the producers of «VIA gra», Tanya found out by chance: the chance she could not miss. Bright, artistic, graceful girl like Konstantin Meladze. March 17, 2008 Tatiana Kotova became the third lead singer of the band.

    For two years works in «VIA GRE» she had many admirers and his fan club. The singer has starred in several popular movies: «I’m not afraid», «Antigas» and others.

    Her decision to leave the team came as a surprise to many. It happened at the end of March 2010. She Kotova says outgrown the format of a women’s trio, have ceased to evolve creatively. But journalists said that the cause of her death – the conflict with the participating groups.

    Tatyana Kotova: solo career

    In September 2010, the singer began a solo career. She picked up the repertoire, was engaged in stage a, the preparation and production of concerts. Her first solo work was the song «He is», written by Irina Dubtsova. Using the year premiere of the song «Red red.»

    In 2012 Tatiana Kotova recorded a third solo song, «the games of night». The Internet version of video for this song has been controversial due to the erotic scenes. For television broadcast edited the clip again. This song hit the TOP 10 on MTV. In the same year, Tanya has pleased fans with a new song «only the beginning».

    The latest work of the stars was the song «Violet» (2013), «Unfaithful» (2015).

    Now the singer has toured extensively, working on his first album and contemplating the concept of their live show. She wants to represent it in a fundamentally new format for the Russian audience, combining several dance and musical genres in one program.

    Tatyana Kotova: personal life

    Morning exercise, fitness, dance, work – at this rate, Tatyana Kotova lives permanently. About my personal life, the singer tells jokes that periodically falls in love, but marriage is not in a hurry.

    Kotova values in males charm, sincerity, humor and spontaneous acts. She says that the usual bouquet of flowers she is nicer than a Bentley. The singer dreams of the big house, her beloved husband, children and a tree that they will plant in their own garden. For Tatiana Kotova the project, so guessing she is not taken. Meantime, time for Boyfriends, she doesn’t have.

    Tatyana Kotova: photo

    Tetyana Kotova

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