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photo Tatiana Kosmacheva

  • Name: Tatiana Kosmacheva ( Tatyana Kosmacheva )
  • Date of birth: 13 March 1985.
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Reutov
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatiana Kosmacheva: biography

    Actress of theater and cinema Tatiana Kosmacheva was born 13 March 1985 in the suburban town. The future star was the fourth child in the family and grew up surrounded by two sisters and a brother. The children were so friendly that parents and friends have called them a gang.

    Since childhood Tatiana dreamed to connect his life with a creative profession. As a schoolgirl, the girl visited a music school, lessons of dance and fencing Studio, children’s theatre, and was fond of drawing and ballet.

    Despite a lot of Hobbies, Tatiana managed to devote time to books and finished school with a gold medal. In 15 years Kosmacheva firmly decided that she wanted to become an actress, but my parents were strongly advised to develop a more serious profession. The key word in the family was always with the father, obedient daughter did not dare to disobey, and after school he entered Moscow state University of Economics, statistics and Informatics at the faculty of statistics and econometrics. Even at the Institute Tatiana all the free time gave theatrical studios: lost in the student theater and attended theatre school at MSTU named after Bauman.

    A serious profession she has not mastered, after three years of training, torn between exams and the tour, Tatiana has left Institute and in 2005 he applied to the School-Studio of MKHAT.

    Tatiana Kosmacheva: theatre

    Talent future actress noticed she enrolled in a course under the guidance of people’s artist of Russia Konstantin Raikin. In 2009, she graduated from high school was accepted into the troupe theater. Mayakovsky, and Tatiana got several roles in productions.

    Avid theatre-goers know the girl for the role of Claudia in the performance «Frontier» and the role of Agnes in the film «Not all cat Shrovetide». Also the actress participated in a production of «the Golden key» and dance performance «The Rooms».

    In addition, Tatiana Kosmacheva played on the stage of the Theatrical centre STD «On Passionate», «the City of Serpukhov» and the Chekhov Moscow art theatre.

    Tatiana Kosmacheva movies

    Film debut of Tatiana took place in his student years. Kosmacheva flashed in the films «commercial break» and «Formula zero», but the episodes were so minor that the actress is not even stated in the credits. The girl didn’t fall into despair, again and again coming to the auditions. In 2007, the student was given a small role in the TV series «Law and order», and in 2008 the role of Rita Zaitseva in the series «provincial».

    The first real work of the actress in the movie can be called the role of Julia in the Thriller «Phobos. Club of fear», which was released in 2009. Then she starred in several movies, but the real popularity Tatiana Kosmacheva brought youth mystical series «Closed school». The actress played a high school student Age, purposeful girl from a wealthy family that their efforts were in an elite school. Since then, Tatyana has become a real star: she began to learn on the street, asked for autographs, interviewed, invited on TV and was offered a role in a movie. But four seasons of «the Closed school» the actress can be seen in the comedies «Mom» and «Easy», TV series «Ship», «my Sister, my Love» and other pictures.

    In the spring, the audience saw the short film «The Woods», where she played a major role. Partner in this psychological drama was Daniel watt. According to the scenario of relations of the spouses crack when their son kills a strange girl near their home.

    In September, the screens out the series «And the ball will return,» where the actress plays one of four school friends with a difficult fate. Despite the fact that the series has just started, the audience watching with interest developments and admire Tatyana Kosmacheva.

    Now the star starred in the title role of the series «rock climber». According to the scenario the main character will have to survive the betrayal of your family and friends and undergo a series of disappointments. First, the shooting of the film took place in the Caucasus, and now moved to Moscow.

    Tatiana Kosmacheva: personal life

    As an actress, her personal life is friends and family. However, during the filming of «public school» Tatyana was attributed novels with partners on the series. At first the girl allegedly met with Paul Priluchny, and then saw her paired with Yuri Hurtowym. The actress denied all rumors.

    In 2013, the girl remembered that he’s Italian.

    Tatiana Kosmacheva: filmography

    • Mixed feelings
    • My sister, my Love
    • If you’re not with me
    • Easy to trace
    • School closed 2
    • School closed
    • Serve the Fatherland
    • The pilot of the international airlines
    • Phobos. Fright club
    • The law and order. Department of operative investigations 2

    Tatiana Kosmacheva: photo

    Tetyana Kosmachova

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