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(biography, photo, video) Tatiana Kolganova-Skvira

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  • Name: Kolganova Tatiana ( Tatiana Kolganova-Skvira )
  • Date of birth: 7 April 1972.
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Balti, Moldova
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Tatyana Kolganova: biography

    Tatiana Kolganova — Russian theater and film actress who became famous after the release of the series «Black crow». She was born in Moldova, a small town of Balti. Her father Anatoly Matveevich was a sailor, and later worked as an engineer. Mother Lydia Veniaminovna worked in the field of trade. Tanya has an older sister Helen.

    The interest in the acting field came to Kolganova in early childhood and unusual way. One day, looking with the family some kind of romance, the girl began to cry from what’s happening on the screen. When it started to calm down and explain that the actors do not suffer for real, Tatyana was indignant and decided to become an actress to prove that all the subjects in the movie, emotions are natural. She began attending the theatre in the city House of officers, and after graduation at the school from which he graduated with a silver medal, went to St. Petersburg and applied for all the acting faculties that were in the city.

    Although the examinations, she failed because of the provincial dialect, she managed to become a student of the Leningrad state Institute of culture named Krupskaya, where Tatiana came to the Department of directing, the course of Valery I. Plotkin. Later, she entered the St. Petersburg Academy of theatre arts on the acting Department and studied in parallel in two universities.

    After receiving diplomas, Kolganova for a season is arranged in the theatrical centre «the Comedians» and then leaves for Prague, where two years of radio «Liberty» leads program «Movie on Czech TV.» She also worked on educational program about the film «Prologi» on Czech television, becoming the first Russian TV presenter in the Czech Republic.

    Back in Russia, Tatyana joined «Small drama theatre» in Saint Petersburg.


    Film debut Tatyana Kolganova happened in his student years and was in the role of Angela in the melodrama Yuli Karasik «bad weather Days». Then, while staying in the Czech Republic, the actress starred in an unusual film «Happy End», the script for which was written by the Director Vadim skvirsky. There the actress portrays three characters — Tatlin, Sylvia and Mary. The film was a success with viewers, won prizes at international film festivals, including the St. Petersburg festival «Pure dreams», the actress received the award for the best role.

    In 2001, Kolganova agreed to return home from the Czech Republic and to participate in the filming of the mystical series «Black crow», the script is written on motives of several novels of Dmitry Heather. The multi-pattern several times was shown by Russian TV and each time it caused the interest of the public.

    Tatyana Kolganova says that his consent to the shooting gave immediately, and then more than two months of waiting for invitations in the Studio. Desperate and already believe that the role went to someone else, Tatiana went to the beauty salon and shaved off the long hair that grew at the request of the Director. And the next day after going to the hairdresser called her. In the role of Tatiana Zakharyevskoy actress approached creatively and changed the subtext in the relationship of the heroine with her daughter. If the book Tatiana truly hates their own child, Kolganova showed this point, so that zacharzewska wants to, but physically can’t be around little Newtoy.

    Like Kolganova and over the detective Tatiana Ustinova «Divorce and maiden name». To this writer, the actress feels respect, as her books calm when she is under stress or depression.

    Also starred Tatiana and alternative cinema, and one of these works, the low-budget Russian horror film with elements of black Comedy «Shopping tour», at the film festival «Window to Europe» was awarded a special jury prize as best actress. Koganova created the image of the victim of the whole country of cannibals who hunt her and her son.

    In January 2016 to start a new project involving a popular actress. Detective series «Klim», which is the domestic version of the popular British series Thriller «Luther» coming on the First channel, and Tatiana Kaganova plays the role of Elena Krylova.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Tatyana Kolganova and her husband, Director Vadim skvirsky to be like. Tatiana believes that good wives can be difficult, especially when both have a creative profession, therefore, to discuss relations in the press is risky. But she is sure that a person is not from the world of cinema, she would not be interested because there would be nothing to talk about.

    Vadim and Tatiana not only plays together in a Small drama theater», and went on the same course at the Leningrad Institute of culture.


    • 2001-2003 — Black Raven
    • 2003 — lines of fate
    • 2005 — Divorce and mother’s maiden name
    • 2010 — a Private affair of captain Rumin
    • 2011 — the Foundry
    • 2011 — Seven miles to the skies
    • 2011 — Chief
    • 2012 — Shopping tour
    • 2015 — someone else’s nest
    • 2015 — Klim


    Yulia Kolganova

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