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  • Name: Tatiana Kyrylyuk ( Tatyana Kirilyuk )
  • Date of birth: 21 March 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Rivne, Ukraine
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: TV presenter, writer, contestant on «Dom-2»
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatiana Kirilyuk: biography

    Former member of the scandalous show «Dom-2» Tatiana Kirilyuk now known to his fans not only as a long-lived project, but also as a singer and writer. Before arriving on the perimeter of television «construction» of a romantic relationship the girl worked at the Ukrainian TV channels, and recently published books Tatiana Kyrylyuk. Tanya was born in the city of Rivne, which is located in Western Ukraine. However, according to some sources, she calls herself a native Muscovite.

    Tetiana Kyryliuk
    Photo of Tatiana | Dom-2 TV

    In any case, after graduating from high school in the biography of Tatiana Kirilyuk appears universities of the capital of Ukraine: she studied at the faculty of Economics and management at Kyiv national economic University named after Vadym Hetman. In parallel with the main studies she worked as a fashion model. Candid photos of Tatiana Kirilyuk even appeared in the famous men’s magazines.

    Tetiana Kyryliuk
    Even before the project «Dom-2» Tatiana was a recognizable face | news, seven days a week

    In addition, she has evolved in different directions and went through many courses and workshops, training for stylist, make-up artist to high school broadcasters. It obtained a profession in the last of these Kirilyuk decided to choose her path. She has successfully passed the casting of the Ukrainian channel «M1» and began to lead such entertainment shows as «Chips.Chicks. Doughboy», «Guten Morgen», «Billboard Chart Show» and «Shameless». In their show Tatiana Kirilyuk uncensored talk about sex, modern music and show business.

    Tetiana Kyryliuk
    TV Presenter Dom 2

    As a media person she was flamboyant and uninhibited, without restraint discussed with the audience on the interesting topic. In addition, she starred in the music video pop singer and host of the travel program «heads and Tails. On the edge of the world» If Sergi. Kirilyuk appeared in his video for the song «the Greedy man-beef.» She also successfully proved itself as a leading corporate events, private parties and large-scale events.

    TV show

    In the famous reality show «Dom-2» red-haired beauty appeared in early 2013 and stayed there for almost 700 days. She first came to Andrew Sokolowski, who was alone, but the next day announced that his temperament isn’t right for her. For some time the girl tried unsuccessfully to build relationships with many guys, including unusual guy Wenceslas Vengrzhanovsky.

    Tetiana kyryliuk in
    Tatiana in the show «Dom-2» has been almost two years | Unofficial fan site

    Later, she managed to make a pair, and not just one. For two years she was together with Alexander Busicom, Nikolay Dolzhansky, Joseph Mungole, Bogdan Lencucha, Ilya Grigorenko, Evgeny Yoke. Several times in the draft rose talks about the fact that Kirilyuk married. At least twice the wedding was really on the horizon. But before the celebration of the New 2014 year she officially declared that leaves the project to be implemented outside the perimeter.

    Personal life

    Outside TV cameras the personal life of Tatiana Kirilyuk no less interesting, although the names of their fans, the girl publishes. It is known that before the appearance of the «House-2» had four long novel, mostly perennial. Great value for Tatiana has her godmother, writer Lyudmila Milevskaya, which is the older sister of her mother. This woman was actively discussed by all the boys his beloved goddaughter and give her useful advice.

    Lyudmila Milevskaya Tatyana Kirilyuk
    With the cross Lyudmyla Milevsky | Movie-news

    Now the influence of Ludmilla Milevsky on the former participant of the TV show is that she was able to motivate Kirilyuk itself to take up writing and publishing two books in the genre of ironic detective ladies. Tatyana spends on yoga, study of human psychology and extensive travels. Since she is fluent in English, no difficulties in foreign voyages she feels.

    Books Tetani Kirilyuk
    Book writer detectives T. Kirilyuk

    Recently there have been many reviews of Tatiana Kirilyuk about Olga Buzova, one of the first participants of the popular show «Dom-2». Tatiana negatively commented on the published book of Olga «Price of happiness», although, by her own admission, did not read the book and not planning to do it. And after big gap between the footballer Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova Kirilyuk in the «Live» host told Boris Korchevnikov their opinion about the situation in this family.


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    Photo By Tatyana Kirilyuk

    Tetiana Kyryliuk

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