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  • Name: Tatiana Kashirina ( Tatyana Kashirina )
  • Date of birth: 24 January 1991
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Noginsk, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 177
  • Activity: weightlifter, weightlifter, multiple world and European champion,world record holder
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatiana Kashirina: biography

    Today Tatyana Kashirin called the inspiration of the Russian sports and the most powerful woman in the world. In weightlifting it has reached such heights that it is impossible to imagine the podium of major international competitions. Tatiana has many times won the Championships of Europe and the World, moreover, she regularly has their own and other people’s records, setting a new benchmark for stagestar from around the world.

    Kashirina was born in the suburban town of Noginsk, where she had lived the childhood and adolescence, graduated high school and made the first conscious steps on the path to future glory. In principle, the Tanya from an early age was distinguished by his stature among peers. And in 11 years, accidentally hitting a gym, which housed the section of weightlifting, she decided to use physical evidence in practice. It should be noted that the parents were strongly against the selection of sports discipline that made their daughter. But Tatiana did not succumb to the entreaties continued to lift weights.

    Only later, at a time when classmates of the pupa turned into a butterfly, Kashirina have been thinking to break up with the main passion of his life. Especially because she often had to hear the taunts at school. But the coaches were able to maintain a promising weightlifter, to explain what will be her future. Tatiana resisted, continued to train, and already at 18 years of age made his debut at the world championship. And she went there as one of the outsiders, and returned with deservedly won a silver medal and set two world records.


    At almost every tournament, which involved Tatiana Kashirina, she raised more than anyone in history before her. It owns the adults and Junior world records in the clean and jerk and the snatch, and the amount of exercise.

    Since 2009, the year the weight regularly wins at world and European Championships. Maximum achievement – 348 kgs at growth of 177 centimeters and a weight of 102 kg. And the number of beaten previous records, both own and of other athletes is just phenomenal.

    At the Olympic games, which were held in London Tatiana Kashirina again managed to show unprecedented results. And the girl has broken three world records. But, paradoxically, it was not enough to win the main trophy. The Chinese Zhou Lulu lifted a maximum the rod, and the Russian people were content with a silver medal.

    However, the title of the strongest women in the world sports fans have continued to associate it with the name Tatyana Kashirina.

    Personal life

    Tatiana Kashirina, not just as a public person, and the world-famous girl, believes her job is not only to win the next tournament, which is taking part. She made it her goal to promote among the younger generation sports. It refers to a healthy lifestyle in General, but Tatiana would like to draw attention specifically to weightlifting. This discipline, in its view, still remains insufficiently and unfairly unpopular with the mass of the population.

    On the private side of life Kashirina prefers not to extend. At this time the girl is not officially married and has no children. But she is the most warm and friendly relationship with his little sister Diane, which really misses when leaving for a long fees and important event.


    Tatiana Kashirina

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