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  • Name: Tatyana Golikova ( Tatiyana Golikova )
  • Date of birth: 9 February 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Mytishchi, Moscow oblast
  • Activities: statesman, economist, Chairman of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Tatyana Golikova: biography

    Tatyana Alekseyevna Golikova — Russian highly qualified economist, implements his talents as statesman and politician. Today she holds the post of Chairman of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation, and was previously Minister of health and social development and first Deputy Finance Minister.

    Tatyana Golikova in childhood
    Tatyana Golikova in childhood | Diary pcnariman

    Tatiana Golikova was born in Mytishchi, Moscow region. She comes from a working class family: mother Lyubov was a commodity in the store, and father Alexey worked at the plant. The first few years of life the girl lived in his native town with his grandmother and cousin. The children were forced to work in the garden and on the farm, as my grandmother was often ill and had difficulty walking. However, the elderly woman managed to instill discipline grandchildren.

    Tatyana Golikova
    Tatyana Golikova

    School Tatyana Golikova left in the village of Forest Town, where at that time her family lived. She studied very well, was an activist of the Komsomol organization and the Komsomol school. Together with the matriculation Tatiana was awarded a silver medal, and she went to enter the Moscow Institute of national economy named after G. V. Plekhanov, who graduated in 1987, received a General University diploma in «labour Economics».

    Tatyana Golikova
    Tatyana Golikova Political | Russia

    After many years at the St. Petersburg state engineering and economic University Tatiana Golikova will protect candidate’s dissertation, and later the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of economic Sciences. I must say that the themes of both works were directly related to the professional activities of women.

    After graduation, the economy of the young specialist received a distribution in the payroll division of the scientific research Institute of labor, where he started work as a Junior researcher.

    The Ministry of Finance

    In 1990 Tatyana Golikova went to work in the Ministry of Finance of the RSFSR. Her Department was engaged in one of the most responsible Affairs – has developed the country’s budget. Golikova has completely devoted himself to work on which was delayed until late at night. She often substituted the head of Department has quickly developed as a specialist and managed to achieve significant career growth.

    Tatyana Golikova
    Tatyana Golikova | Famous people

    In 1995 Tatiana was head of consolidated budget Department of the Ministry of Finance, and three years later, at the age of 32 years, he became head of budget policy Department. Gradually, the talent of Tatiana Golikova lead her to the position of Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia. This appointment was lobbied personally by Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov and Tatyana was the right hand of Alexey Kudrin until 2007.

    Tatyana Golikova
    Tatyana Golikova | Moskovsky Komsomolets

    The main function Golikova, the Ministry of Finance of Russia was the elaboration of the draft Federal budget. In addition, she oversaw the financing of such sectors as science, the state apparatus, the social sphere and security, and also engaged in inter-budget relations, which would dedicate my thesis. By the way, Golikova supported the adoption of the law on replacement of natural privileges with monetary compensation, which has caused a huge public outcry, and even resulted in a series of mass protests.

    Tatyana Golikova
    Tatyana Golikova | NewsRoom

    It is noteworthy that most colleagues Tatyana Golikova praised her fantastic health, for which she received the nickname «Trudovaya». There were rumors that the Deputy Minister all the figures of the Federal budget memorized. Indeed, the woman has absolutely amazing visual memory that helped her in the preparation and monitoring of the budget process. Not to mention the fact that such talent is the admiration and respect of employees.

    The Minister of health

    So how to move up the career ladder in the Ministry of Finance in the near future was not possible, Tatyana Golikova has agreed to lead the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation government Viktor Zubkov. Its predecessor was Mikhail Zurabov. By the way, the proposal for the appointment of the new Minister was received personally by President Vladimir Putin.

    Tatyana Golikova
    Tatyana Golikova | accounts chamber of the Russian Federation

    During his tenure in office Tatyana Golikova held a pension reform, based on the combination of a base and insurance part of pension and replacing the unified social tax to insurance contributions. In addition, a law was passed about a new system for the settlement of prices of drugs, which makes additional demands on the pharmaceutical industry. At the initiative of Tatyana Golikova was founded by the national blood service, developed a programme for the prevention of life-threatening diseases and decided to create a first-aid posts along main highways and trails.


    When the President of Russia has again become Vladimir Putin, he issued a decree on the division of the Ministry of health and social development into two separate components. Headed the new structure is the first Deputy, Tatyana Golikova: Maxim Topilin took charge of the Ministry of labour and social protection and Veronika Skvortsova became in charge of the Ministry of health.

    Tatyana Golikova and Vladimir Putin
    Tatyana Golikova and Vladimir Putin | Law and order

    Tatyana Alekseevna was appointed to the position of assistant to the President of the Russian Federation and engaged in the issues of raising the level of socio-economic development of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. She also led the commissions on Affairs of veterans and people with disabilities. On September 20, 2013 the State Duma on the recommendation of Vladimir Putin supported the candidacy of Tatyana Golikova, by an overwhelming majority and was appointed the Chairman of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation. Since then, she’s working hard on this responsible position.

    Personal life

    Tatyana Golikova has been married twice. With her first husband, she lived for about five years, but now won’t talk much about those days, so public about her husband Golikova unknown almost nothing. According to Tatyana Alekseevny, they parted, as they had radically different views on life.

    Tatiana Golikova and Viktor Khristenko
    Tatiana Golikova and Viktor Khristenko | CompromatWiki

    In 2003 Tatyana Golikova married again. Her new lover was the Deputy Chairman of Russian Government Viktor Khristenko, with whom the woman was familiar for many years, and met during the year. By the way, the couple not only got married in the registry office, but were married in the Orthodox Church.

    Tatiana Golikova and Viktor Khristenko
    Tatiana Golikova and Viktor Khristenko | CompromatWiki

    Currently Khristenko head of the Board of the Eurasian economic Commission, but the husband and wife decided not to raise the house talking about work and politics, not to turn family life into the meeting. Own children Tatyana Alekseevna no, but it is in a very good relationship with three children, Viktor Khristenko, who were born in his first marriage student.

    Tatiana Golikova and Viktor Khristenko
    Tatiana Golikova and Viktor Khristenko | news Voronezh

    Tatiana Golikova and Viktor Khristenko live in own private residence in elite settlement «fantasy Island». This village is located in the Tatarovskaya floodplain in the territory prirodno-historical Park «Moskvoretsky». The Chairman of the accounts chamber of the house loves to cook, especially soups, although she adheres to the separate food and regularly post. By the way, Tatiana was deeply religious man. Not only is she goes to a Church service, but also promotes Orthodox culture to the masses. To do this, Golikova and her husband founded the charity Fund of revival Staritsky piously-the Uspensky monastery and participated in the restoration of this building, for which he received a special Church award.


    Tatyana Golikova

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