Tatiana Gevorgyan

(biography, photo, video) Tatyana of Bagasharovich

photo Tatiana Gevorgyan

  • Name: Tatyana Gevorkyan ( Tatyana Of Bagasharovich )
  • Date of birth: 20 April 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: the Russian TV presenter, journalist, actress
  • Marital status: married

    Tatiana Gevorkyan : biography

    Tatiana Gevorkyan similar to swift and a bright comet, suddenly out of nowhere appeared on the horizon of domestic show-business. For a short time Tanya managed to prove its worth in many areas of life. Where did this «comet»? Where from and where going?

    Tatyana Gevorkyan was born in April 1974 in the capital. Her parents are very bright and creative people. They’ve travelled a lot around the world. The main occupation of the spouses for the rental of Soviet films and selling of rights to broadcasting abroad. Mom Tatiana is Russian, Muscovite. Dad is originally from Sukhumi.

    Tanya Gevorgyan grew up with a very versatile child. She loved to draw and dance. Learned to play the guitar and gathered a huge collection of vintage car models. And another girl became interested in karate and managed to achieve considerable success in the sport, receiving a brown belt.

    Secondary school Tatiana Gevorkyan finished not at home, and in the Indian Delhi.

    But through all my youth girls red thread running main hobby is TV. During his stay in India, Tanya met with MTV. She so liked what he saw that Tatiana was watching, not shutting down. The consequence of this acquaintance was the first in a clumsy attempt to remove and install the clip on one of the hits of the time.

    This lesson is so liked Gevorgyan, that after graduation she decided to obtain Director education. But, unfortunately, at the VGIK needed a higher education diploma. Then Tatiana Gevorkyan entered the correspondence Department of the faculty of film history and returned to Delhi. Here for years, the future TV presenter studied philosophy, logic, and English literature.

    In 2002, Tatiana Gevorgyan received the diploma of the Institute of Cinematography.


    Biography of Tatiana Gevorgyan began rapidly. The girl managed to get the position of press attaché for «Radio Maximum» in 1995. Here Tanya, short-lived, but managed to meet journalistic «kitchen» and establish relations with media representatives.

    Then, after a year of training in Delhi, Gevorgyan returned home with the firm purpose to try his hand as a TV presenter. Soon the chance Tatiana appeared. The debut of the young lead was held on the channel «BIZ-TV» and was more than successful. In the fall of 1998, she already was the led 2 passes, telling about the world of fashion and give advice in the field of external image. It was called the draft «Guide to style» and «Stilissimo».

    A few months later, Tatiana Gevorkyan bumped the hit parade «Russian ten». The journalist was so popular that her as a guest was invited to various popular designs and talk shows.

    The summer of 1999 for Tatiana Gevorgyan was especially enjoyable. After all, she was invited as a presenter to your favorite «MTV». Here Tanya was assigned to conduct two programs – «Higher test» and «PlayStation». Co-host Gevorgyan were Anton Komolov.

    The project, which was a delightful host, changed with kaleidoscopic speed. «DNEVNOY Kapriz», «12 angry viewers» and the evening show «espresso» can be called the most successful. In the last project partner Thani was Ivan Urgant.

    About the successful career of Tatiana Gevorgyan can be judged by its repeated contact with the list of «100 most stylish people of Moscow».

    Since 2001, the journalist tried his hand in the print edition. For 5 years she was able to successfully combine the TV work with the editorship of the entertainment tabloid, «Yes!». Tatiana some time fairly turned the popular column in several magazines.

    The versatility of the girls was even in the same industry. In 2004 started a cinematic biography of Tatiana Gevorgyan. She made her debut in a small role in the film «Words and music». For 5 years, played a more serious role in the melodrama «Bride at any price», on the set of which she met with Paul Will.

    Another facet of the talent of Tanya – his own line of shoes, which is found in Metropolitan boutiques under the brand Tanya Gevorkian.

    Personal life

    The name Thani has received more popularity after it appeared near other more famous name is Ivan Urgant. In these two bright and beautiful young men broke out as bright a novel, which lasts for 3 years. This relationship began during the joint work on television. It is noteworthy that at the time Dating a TV star was not alone. But old attitudes have not prevented Tatiana and Ivan. As later admitted Gevorgyan, Urgant asked her to marry him several times. But Tatiana was afraid that the stamp in the passport will destroy the romance in their relationship.

    Perhaps the stars were formed so that this marriage wasn’t meant to be. The relationship between Tatiana and Ivan over. For a long time the girl was alone.

    But not so long ago the personal life of Tatiana Gevorgyan has changed dramatically. She met her soul mate. Who is the chosen one presenter, is not known. His name is Alexander. The wedding took place in fashionable Moscow club «Sixty». The bride was lovely in an incredibly beautiful dress from Vera Wang.

    At the celebration was «live music», which has ensured the group «Moral code».


    Karina Gevorgyan

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