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  • Name: Tatyana Gavrilova ( Gavrilova Tatiana )
  • Date of birth: 5 may 1939
  • Age: 61 years
  • Date of death: 15 Oct 2000
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: was married

    Tatiana Gavrilova: biography

    Actress of Soviet cinema Tatiana Gavrilova was born in Moscow in 1939, during the may day holidays. Her family did not leave the capital during the great Patriotic War. After the ten-year girl was admitted in medical College, from which he graduated with honors and began his career in a public hospital as a nurse.

    Tetyana Gavrilova
    Tatyana Gavrilova

    But after a while she sensed that there was some dissatisfaction with such a life and decided to enter the film Institute.

    The first success

    To the surprise of the girl she easily passed on competition on a course to masters of the Soviet cinema of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova. Her classmates become future stars of the screen: N. Gvozdikova, E. Zharikov, Though. Bolotova, N. Gubenko. Prokhorenko. To star the young actress started early, with the first courses. The Directors could not pass by such an attractive artist: blonde with regular features and point figure always was decoration of the film. Her first works were romantic Comedy «Young love» drama of war «In the hour».

    Tetyana Gavrilova
    Tatyana Gavrilova

    Master course Director Sergei Gerasimov also invited his student in the film «People and animals», offering the girl a role of the bitchy heroine. The film was shot together with European colleagues on a fairly dramatic story. Tatiana Gavrilova played in the film, but after that, the Director never asked her to his movie. According to Gerasimov, they actress did not get along on set. For all the creative biography of Tatiana she never crossed on the same site with his teacher.

    Happy 60th

    But lack of work, the actress was not. After a few movies she was noticed by the young and already gained fame after the famous film «carnival night» Eldar Ryazanov. He began to invite the young actress in his movies. One by one appear of the film «Let complaint book» and «Beware of the car», where Tatiana Gavrilova has played a very quarrelsome characters: angry waitress and Inna Samotsvetov, the wife of the hero of Andrei Mironov. In parallel with work in the film industry, the actress went to serve in the MTC, which was played in several performances.

    Tatyana Gavrilova in movie
    Tatyana Gavrilova in the film «Let complaint book» | Movie-Theater

    Another peak of this period was her role as katerinice-Sonecki in the movie «Katerina Ismailova,» directed by Mikhail Shapiro. This was an experimental adaptation of the eponymous Opera by Dmitri Shostakovich to Galina Vishnevskaya in the title role. It is known that his famous opus the composer wrote it with the expectation Opera singer Vishneve, as it not only had a phenomenal voice data, but also dramatic abilities. The movie Shapiro was released no less talented than a theatrical production.

    Tatyana Gavrilova in movie
    Tatyana Gavrilova in the film «midshipmen, forward!» | Movie-Theater

    On the screen with Tatiana Anatolievna was fixed pretty monotonous role: she from the start began to offer the role of negative characters. But that didn’t upset the actress, she eagerly plunged into the work. The only positive role of Tatyana Gavrilova’s career in films was her character’s altruistic rosemary in the film «All for you». The film has collected a whole galaxy of famous actors of the era. Together with Tatyana Gavrilova on the screen you can see Tatyana pelttser, Leonid Kuravlev, Olga Aroseva, Boris Ivanov, Leonid Kharitonov, Rina Green and others.

    Sunset career

    Gradually, starting in the ‘ 70s, the glory and the relevance of Tatyana Gavrilova was fading away. One of the memorable works of the actress of this period was her role in the film «Kalina Krasnaya» Vasily Shukshin. The image of the representatives of the criminal world, Lucien is one of the brightest in the performance of graduates Gerasimov.

    Tatyana Gavrilova in movie
    Tatyana Gavrilova in the film «Kalina Krasnaya» | Movie-Theater

    Actress Gavrilova continued to appear until 1993. His last major work was the role in the TV movie «the visit of the ladies», in the drama Ryazanov «the Last melody for flute» and in his Comedy «the promised Heaven».

    Personal life

    In his personal life Tatyana Gavrilova has not occurred any special shocks. She married the Moscow avant-garde artist of the Belarusian origin of Edward Kurochkin. The husband was older actress for the year, and unlike her, survived all the horrors of the guerrilla of Belarus.

    Tatiana Gavrilova with her husband
    Tatiana Gavrilova with her husband, Eduard Kurochkin

    The artist in his time was a famous dissident, and for the outrageous picture of Marx and Lenin he even sent for a period of from Moscow to Ufa, where he worked for several years. Despite the fact that the couple never had children, they always seemed happy. Their harmonious peaceful Union lasted until the end of the life of the spouses.

    Recent years

    Like many other artists of the Soviet cinema since the collapse of the USSR the little actress appeared on the screen. But in the late 90-ies she was awarded the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation. Her last shooting occurred in one of the program cycle Leonid Filatov about forgotten celebrities. Live Tatiana Gavrilova told about the inglorious end of the Soviet actress Isolde Izvitskaya, who died in obscurity, in poverty, literally in the hands of Tatyana Gavrilova.

    A Monument To Tatyana Gavrilova
    Grave of Tatyana Gavrilova | Russian actors

    After the program three months later, on 61 year of life, she is Tatiana. The cause of death was heart failure, which led to cardiac arrest. Her husband Eduard Kurochkin experienced actress for 14 years. He continued all the years that remained to paint and assemble exhibitions around the world. One of his most famous works of the last period is the portrait of the king of Jordan together with his wife, which is now kept in a private Royal collection.

    Filmography Of Tatyana Gavrilova:

    • Young love (1961)
    • In the hour (1961)
    • Men and beasts (1962)
    • The last bread (1963)
    • All for You (1964)
    • Give me a complaints book (1965)
    • Katerina Izmailova (1966)
    • Beregis avtomobilya (1966)
    • The lesson of literature (1968)
    • Yesterday, today and forever (1969)
    • No word about football (1973)
    • Kalina Krasnaya (1973)
    • Petrovka, 38 (1980)
    • Who is knocking at the door to me (1982)
    • To destroy (1983)
    • Dead souls (1984)
    • The Kreutzer Sonata (1987)
    • Forgotten tune for the flute (1987)
    • Gardemariny, vpered! (1988)
    • The visit of the ladies (1989)
    • Promised heaven (1991)
    • The black box (1993)


    Tetyana Gavrilova

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