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  • Name: Tatyana Doronina ( Tatyana Doronina )
  • Date of birth: 12 September 1933
  • Age: 83 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress, theatre Director
  • Marital status: divorced

    Tatiana Doronina: biography

    Girls of the Soviet Union wanted to be like her, men adored her, and the fans were patiently waiting at the entrance to the theater. She tried not to draw attention to himself, to be as quietly as possible. People’s artist of USSR Tatyana Doronina represents a whole epoch.

    She was born 12 Sep 1933 in Leningrad. Parents Tatyana was far from a creative environment — working people of the Yaroslavl region, with old believer roots. In Leningrad, they moved shortly before the birth of her daughter. Doronina family lived in a communal apartment, lived in poverty. But father and mother never swore, called each other exclusively. Tatyana admired the fact that her mother, a very beautiful woman, was looking for my dad in three wars. Father returned crippled after the Second world war, but this did not prevent them to live with her mother for almost 60 years. Parents have tried to give Tatiana and her sister to higher education.

    In Leningrad, Tatiana went to school here, was engaged in a circle of Amateur. Dresses for performances mom sewed gauze. The girl was not only beautiful but also artistic. One day, not after school, Doronin flew to Moscow to enter the Moscow art theater and killed the Board with his talent. It almost enrolled in College, but it turned out that the applicant has no certificate of graduation. Tatiana returned home to finish my studies, and after graduation came back to the capital.

    Tatiana Doronina was admitted to the Shchukin and Schepkin school, GITIS and the Moscow art theatre-received in all, but consciously chose the school-Studio of MKHAT. Doronina studied together with Oleg Basilashvili and Evgeny Evstigneev.


    After graduating from the theatre Institute Doronina he worked at the Leningrad «Lenkom», and in 1959 she invited him to BDT. The actress brilliantly played the Hope Monakhova in the play «barbarians» and soon became prima ballerina of the theatre. Her best roles on the stage of the theater the audience still remember: Sophia in «Woe from wit», Lushka in «virgin soil upturned» Volodin «My older sister».

    Seven years Tatiana Doronina has worked in the theatre, but in 1966 he moved to Moscow. The performance times tried to persuade her to return, but the actress has already worked in the Moscow art Theater. Then there was Mayakovsky Theater. Tatiana Doronin later headed the Moscow art theatre, becoming its permanent Director and artistic Director at the same time.

    Her heroine is strong, smart, and sometimes devious woman. But each of them she played a bright, truthful, nerve.


    His first film role, Tatyana Doronin had played in the 50s, and then was a long break. She has appeared on television in 1967 in the movie «big sister». Next year, viewers saw the actress in the film «Three poplars at Plyushchikha.» Two years in a row the magazine «Soviet screen» recognized Doronin best actress of the year.

    She was not often, but audiences adored her. In the 60’s, the screens out the film «once again about love» with the participation of Tatyana Doronina. The last time she acted in films in 1987.

    Personal life

    Doronin has been married five times. Her first husband Oleg Basilashvili. They met in College. In 1955 he played the Komsomol a wedding without the white dress and wedding rings. Their marriage lasted nearly eight years, and then collapsed.

    Second husband Doronina – theater critic Anatoly Yufit. He was an older actress for eight years, but fell in love with as a boy, as soon as I saw her on stage. She was beautiful, that he is a man with glasses. Relationship with Yufit made a crack as soon as Doronin was fascinated by the playwright Edward Radzinsky. Their marriage with Radzinsky was short-lived – about three years, but they managed to keep a cordial relationship after the divorce.

    In Theater Mayakovsky Tatyana Doronina met actor Boris by Himicheva. In 1973 they legalized relationships. The wedding was modest, but with rings. Honeymoon the couple spent on the Riga coast. As recalled Boris Khimichev, Doronina, the theater was all life. Children she didn’t spent a lot of time on the rehearsals and tour. Gradually, the relationship faded.

    The fifth husband of actress became an employee of the Central Board counterpart Robert Dahnenko. Doronin met by chance, the gardening Association. The actress wooed the cottage, and Robert was the head of the society. They lived together for almost 10 years. The man adored his wife, he lived for her, but the actress did not see or did not want to see. Her only passion was the theatre. For this reason, I hope they will decided not to have children. Robert, Tonchenko she, too, broke up.

    In his diary, the actress wrote that her personal life was always happy. She could be a classy lady, but she lacked the time to do it. She says that all her men were beautiful, smart and talented. All of them she loved.


    • «Soldiers»
    • «Stepmom»
    • «Drops»
    • «Valentin and Valentina»
    • Rabochiy poselok
    • «Elder sister»
    • «Once again about love»
    • «Horizon»
    • «Roll call»
    • «Bright light»


    Tatyana Doronina

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