Tatiana Chernigovskaya

(biography, photo, video) Tatyana Chernigovskaya

photo-Tatiana Chernigovskaya

  • Name: Tatiana Chernigovskaya ( Tatyana Chernigovskaya )
  • Date of birth: 7 February 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: Russian scientist in the field of neuroscience and psycholinguistics, Honored scientist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Tatiana Chernigovskaya : biography

    «In order to understand how the world works, it is necessary to know how the brain». Sure Tatyana Chernigovskaya, a world-renowned scientist, Professor of the Department of linguistics of the philological faculty of St. Petersburg state University.

    Tatiana Chernigovskaya was born in February 1947 in St. Petersburg in an intellectual family where both parents are scientists. A constant example of service to science, which showed mom and dad, as well as training in the only Soviet school, where all teaching was in English, defined the future of his daughter.

    After school, Tatiana Chernigovskaya enrolled in the local University (SPGU), by the faculty of English Philology. Here the student studied at the Department of «Experimental phonetics». Says Tatiana, she never planned or predicted their future. Very often acted impulsively, which is called – the call of the soul. Therefore, receiving a liberal education, Chernihiv went into biology. By the end of the 90s he worked at the Institute of evolutionary physiology and biochemistry.


    In 1977, Tatiana Chernigovskaya defended his PhD thesis and in 1993-his doctoral. Her topic is: «the Evolution of language and cognitive function: physiological and neurolinguistic aspects.» Tatyana is a doctor in two Sciences –biological and linguistic. She has the title of Professor.

    The subject of study Professor Chernihiv extremely subtle and complex. In short, it is the human brain. But if slightly wider, it is psycho — and neurolinguistics. Tatyana believes that her subject is pretty much impossible and deeply studied without mutual enrichment in various fields of science. If the brain probe only in medical terms, from understanding the subject of study will be many interesting aspects. Therefore, in order to deeply investigate, according to Leonid Armour of the hero of «love Formula», this «dark» thing as a head, we need not only biology, but also linguistics, psychology, biology, medicine, chemistry and neuroscience.

    In 2000, on the initiative and insistence of Tatiana Chernigovskaya at the Department of General linguistics of St. Petersburg state University opened the first in the country specialization called «Psycholinguistics». Under this program, began to prepare the first Russian masters.

    Scientific biography of Tatiana Chernigovskaya is a close and fruitful cooperation with a number of institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and universities of Europe and America. Tatyana – state scholarship of the President of Russia and a Fulbright scholar (program of international exchanges). And she is the head of «St. Petersburg school of psycholinguistics».

    The subjects studied by Professor Tatyana Chernigovskaya, extremely difficult. This is the origin of language, its development and pathology, the theory of evolution and artificial intelligence. On this interesting topic she has written more than 250 scientific papers. They are published both in Russian and foreign editions.

    Repeatedly Tatyana Vladimirovna was invited and continue to invite as a lecturer in major universities in the US and Europe. To see and hear the outstanding scientist of the audience after the channel «Culture» series. Especially the rating was the cycles called «Starry sky thinking» and «Show the mirror to nature».

    In January 2010 the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, which Professor Tatiana Chernigovskaya awarded the title «Honored scientist of the Russian Federation».

    In April 2016 a wide range of audiences have a great opportunity to hear interesting arguments Tatyana Vladimirovna in the popular program of Vladimir Pozner. The subject device of our brain. How does it function? Will it ever be explained by science? As the interaction of the brain and personality? What is the advantage of the brain over the computer?

    Personal life

    Tatiana V. Chernigovskaya loves to relax in the woods or on the ocean. Here she gets into the environment, where she was most comfortable with. And she likes to observe the behavior of your pet – a cat of breed «British». According to the owner, this creature understands her without words. They have a telepathic link.

    Tatiana Chernigovskaya with a smile pleads to some extent a snob and an aesthete. She can read books only in paper, not electronic version. She likes to hold hands, to feel under his fingers the texture of the pages and «breathe» unique «bookish» flavor.

    Private life of Tatiana Chernihiv is, all of the above, listening to classical music and visiting the theatre. Source of pleasure the Professor believes simple human pleasures such as good food and good wine. And yet the woman is convinced that her home time is the last of the nineteenth century.


    Tatiana Chernigovskaya

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