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(biography, photo, video) Tatiana Medicina

photo Tatiana Cherkasova

  • Name: Tatyana Cherkasova ( Tatiana Medicina )
  • Date of birth: 18 July 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Kuibyshev
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Tatiana Cherkasova: biography

    The talented actress Tatyana Cherkasova was born in a hot city of Samara on 18 July 1973. Childhood the future actress was filled with many activities, all of which she excelled. The girl studied singing, dancing and studied French. No less attention was paid to Tatiana sports, doing swimming and ice skating.

    After Tanya graduated from high school, he was faced with the question of the future of education. The answer was clear as anything but an acting career Cherkasova and not dreaming. The first two years, the future actress studied at the Institute of culture in his native city, where he received the Director’s specialty. Then the second time ambitious girl entered GITIS and moved to Moscow. Here she continued to study acting and directing Department under the direction of Leonid Hatzfira.

    Tatiana Cherkasova: theatre

    In 1996, the actress is about to graduate and immediately gets the role in the Theater. Chekhov — Button musical «Toy run» by Leonid Trushkina. Over time, Cherkasova gets in the Moscow Chamber theatre, where plays in many fine performances: Armand in «the Cabal of hypocrites», the Kid in «the ransom of red Chief», Irina in «Three sisters», Regina in «Ghost», Katherine in «the Storm» and others. Working in this team, Tatiana proved that she is an actress of wide range, able to play tragic roles, and kids.

    Tatiana Cherkasova movies

    The film took in the actress’s life much more niche than the theatre. Cherkasova’s film career began in the same 1996. The film «life Line» was the debut in the actress’s life, where her partner was himself Vincent Perez. The following year was not less significant event — the main role in the film «the Truce» by the Italian Director Francesco Rosi.

    From 1998 to 2006 Tatiana Cherkasova starred in such films as «two steps from heaven,» «the Ranger of the nuclear zone», «danger», «Turkish March», «Repentant sinners», «Detectives-1», «godson», etc

    Tatiana is wonderful embodied on the screen the image of Albina in the movie «SMEs», Luba in the TV series «Lawyer», Valentina, «House on the Lake» and Nina in the TV series «Monogamous». The highest recognition of talent Cherkasova was the award for best actress at the festival «Amur autumn 2011». The actress received for her work in the film «House on the sidelines». In the same year Tatiana gets a prize at the Sixth International film Festival of family and children’s films «In the family» and on the Sixth Russian film festival «the Lipetsk choice».

    The last image of Tatiana Cherkasova – Katya Suvorov in the film «Please believe me», which was released in 2015. The actress plays a surgeon, who in a strange way finds himself in prison.

    Tatiana Cherkasova: personal life

    His personal life Tatiana Cherkasova prefers to keep in the shadows. With her husband Dmitry Cherkasov she started Dating in 1998 after the shooting of his graduation film «two steps from heaven». In the future, artsite starred in two films the wife — «Dealers» and «Red water».

    Tatiana Cherkasova: filmography

    • The right to love
    • Monogamous
    • How to get to the library?
    • The house on the Roadside
    • House on the Lake
    • SMERSH
    • Lawyer
    • Turkish March
    • The truce
    • Life line

    Tatiana Cherkasova: photo

    Tetyana Cherkasova

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