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  • Name: Tatyana Cherdyntseva ( Tatiana Cherdyntseva )
  • Date of birth: 16 June 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatiana Cherdyntseva: biography

    Tatiana Cherdyntseva — young Belarusian theater and film actress, known to audiences for his roles in such television series as «I blinded him», «Death to spies. Shock wave», «fortune Cookie» and «the Red Queen».

    Tanya was born and raised in the capital of Belarus Minsk. From an early age she was active and restless child. So the daughter learned to control my energy and to distribute their forces, the parents loaded the baby and her sister Anastasia huge number of various circles, sections and studios.

    The girl studied at a music school, piano class, and worked with a vocal coach, studied fencing and horse riding, visited a section of acrobatics, art schools and studios of dance. And all this at the same time! And with 7 years Cherdyntseva began to get acquainted even with the theatrical activity, as it is recorded in the children’s Studio at the National Academic Bolshoi theatre.

    After grade 9 Tatiana Cherdyntseva entered the acting Department of the Kiev state College of arts, and later graduated from even Belarusian state Academy of arts, having received, thus, higher acting education. During his studies, the young actress repeatedly involved in local professional productions and in 2008 she even became a laureate at the festival «Berezina ramp» for best actress.

    In 2009 graduated the actress has joined the permanent troupe of the Belarusian Republican young spectator Theatre, and a year later began collaborating with independent theatre «Theatre ark» and «Chamber drama theatre». In 2013 she was waiting for another award Erbil international theatre festival in Iraq for the main role in the play «More than rain».


    In the movie, Tatiana Cherdyntseva first appeared in 2011, and starred in several famous projects, for example, «Return of Mukhtar», «waiting for love», «Hunting for Gauleiter», «side of the moon». But mostly she appeared on screen for a short time, although he managed to intrigue the viewer and in a few short minutes.

    Popularity was brought to her next year when she takes part in a large number of series and movies both Belarusian and Russian production. But now the actress get the role of the main characters, and it copes with them perfectly. Melodrama «I am blinded» and «the Heart is not stone» forcing the viewers and experts to pay attention aspiring actress, and military-historical drama «Death to spies: Shock wave» and especially adventure movie «traces of the apostles» finally convince the public that Tatiana will be a big success in the future.

    Subsequent events have confirmed this idea. Almost all the films with the participation of Tatyana Cherdyntseva her performance was flawless, and such films as the melodrama «Parfumare» the Comedy «From 8 March, men!», drama «My dear enemy» and romantic series «fortune Cookies» are a success among fans of Russian cinema.

    In March 2016 on the Russian screens comes a new biopic Elena Semenova, «the Red Queen» about the life of the famous Soviet model Regina Zbarskaya. This multiserial film Tatiana played a circus artist Ales. Also Cherdyntseva currently working on a new project of William de vital «red Dog» children’s tale «the Incredible adventures of Arbuzik and Bebeshka». A total filmography 26-year-old actress has almost 60 films and television series.

    Personal life

    Tatiana Cherdyntseva-spectacular young girl, and there are surely many contenders for her heart. But about their romantic relationship, the actress categorically does not say. In almost every interview, she stops journalists in mid-sentence, as soon as they try to ask a question with regard to private aspects of the life of Tatiana.

    According to information from social networks, official site, Tatiana Cherdyntseva not married, but she clearly does not believe that the actress prevents a full and happy family life, because he knows examples of strong marriages where one or both are engaged in the theatre or cinema.


    • 2012 — the Heart is not stone
    • 2012 — I blinded him
    • 2012 — Death to spies: Shock wave
    • 2012 — Traces Of The Apostles
    • 2013 — Parfumere
    • 2013 — of all the gin joints
    • 2014 — Doctor
    • 2015 — the Red Queen
    • 2015 — Weighty feeling
    • 2016 — a fortune Cookie


    Tetyana Cherdyntseva

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