Tatiana Bulanova

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  • Name: Bulanova Tatiana ( Tatiana Bulanova )
  • Date of birth: 6 March 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Height: 160
  • Activity: Singer, TV presenter, actress, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married to Vladislav Radimov

    Tatyana Bulanova: biography

    Tatiana Bulanova was born on March 6, 1969. Hometown was St. Petersburg (then still Leningrad). The girl’s father, Ivan Petrovich Bulanov was Navy, then commanded the missile part of the submarine, directed the laboratory at the naval Academy. Mother Nina p. Bulanova once worked as a photographer, subsequently devoted himself to the family except for the daughter grew up the son of Valentine.

    As a child, Tanya does not stand out among his peers – he studied at the normal school, was horoshisty. As a first grader, went to school in rhythmic gymnastics. Then the parents gave their daughter to a music school, and the gym had to leave. Music science girl waited reluctantly, she was more interested in modern music. To 15 years older brother taught Tatiana to play the guitar, her idols at the time was Vladimir Kuzmin, Victor Saltykov.

    After receiving the school certificate, the parents of Tatyana Bulanova went to study in Institute of culture librarian. At the same time, she took a job in the library of the naval Academy. She did not like this profession, and as before the girl opened other prospects, she immediately quit school.

    So, in the fall of 1989 Tanya went to the vocal Department of the school-Studio at the St. Petersburg music hall. Just a couple of months she met the Creator of the «Summer garden» by Mykola Tigrinum, who at the time was looking for a soloist for your team. Bulanova soon took the vacant place in the group: so and she began her singing career, for which he had to leave his studies at the music hall.


    Along with the «Summer Garden» Tatiana Bulanova recorded his first song, «Girl», which the team debuted in April 1990.

    With the advent of the 90s the group gained popularity not only in Russia but in other former Soviet republics. The team has won many music competitions, and their song «don’t cry» instantly conquered the hearts of listeners, becoming a hit at the time.

    After the same album the band released the album «Older sister», «Strange meeting», «Treason». Songs «lullaby» (1994) and «Tell me the truth, ataman» (1995) was awarded «song of the year». It was during this period for Tatiana Bulanova stuck the title «crying» singer of the national stage.

    In 1994, the «Summer Garden» was in the lead by quantity of sold cassettes. Being at the peak of popularity, the team began to break up parties left him in the hope of success in his solo career. In 1996 he left the band and Tatiana Bulanova. Soon she provided the audience with his first album of solo performance, «My Russian heart», the most hyped of which was the song «Clear my light.»

    A long period in the repertoire Bulanova was mostly sad soulful «female» songs, but the singer decided to abandon this role. From that moment she began to perform more mischievous and dance songs. In 1997, Tatiana Bulanova received the «Golden gramophone» for the song «My darling.» In 2000 a new CD called «My dream» was on the first lines of all the charts of local radio stations.

    Today the singer has released two dozen albums, the latest of which was «I Love and miss you» (2007) and «Romances» (2010).


    Since the mid-90s Tatyana Bulanova appeared in famous TV programs such as «Field of dreams» and «name that tune». In 2007, the singer paired with Mikhail Shvydkoi participated in the project «Two stars». In 2008, she participated in the show «You’re a superstar», which entered the top five. In the same year, the artist decided to try himself as a TV presenter – on the screens out the author’s program «a Collection of experiences with Tatiana Bulanova», but soon the project was abandoned. Two years later, she became the host of «man is Not the case».

    In 2011, the singer won the show «Dancing with the stars.» Since may 2012, Bulanova began to lead the reality show on channel one called «Between us girls». In October-December 2013, the artist became a mentor of the choir in the program «Battle of choirs». In 2014 the singer as contestants took part in the project «hair’s-Breadth».


    Film career, the artist began with a performance of the songs. Her voice sounded behind the scenes in such popular at the time of serial films as «Gangster Petersburg» and «Streets of broken lamps». In these series the singer had to play his first small role. In addition, she participated in the second and third parts of the «Old songs about the main thing» and also starred in the TV series «Daddy’s girls», where she played the role of herself.

    A full debut Tatyana Bulanova film was in 2008, when she starred in the lead role melodrama «Love is».

    Personal life

    The first time Tatiana Bulanova married in the years of cooperation with the staff of the «Summer Garden». Then her lover was the head of the group Nikolay Tagrin. With the musician, the singer lived for 13 years. In 1993 she gave her husband a son, a boy named Alexander. The first marriage to the singer was not maintained.

    In 2005 Tatiana Bulanova married. Her husband was a football player and a former member of the Russian national team Vladislav Radimov. The actress is six years older than her husband, but this did not prevent them to create a happy family. In 2007 the couple had a son Nikita.


    • «25 carnations»
    • «Treason»
    • «Romances»
    • «Return ticket»
    • «A woman’s heart»
    • «It’s a game»
    • «White cherry»
    • «Strange meeting»
    • «Flock»
    • «My dream»


    • «Carefully, a modernist style! 2»
    • «Gangster Petersburg. Film 1. Baron»
    • «Streets of the broken lanterns»
    • «Love is»
    • «Old songs about the main — PS»
    • «Daddy’s girls»


    Tatiana Bulanova

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