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  • Name: Tatyana Bogacheva ( Tatyana Bogacheva )
  • Date of birth: 17 February 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Sevastopol
  • Activity: singer, soloist of group «Yin-Yang»
  • Marital status: married Artem Ivanov

    Tatiana Bogacheva: biography

    Tatiana Bogacheva – old. She was born in Sevastopol in February 1985. The parents immediately noticed that her daughter grows artistically and musically-gifted girl. So took 5-year-old Tanya in children’s Opera Studio, where experienced teachers gave her a voice, taught the basics of singing, acting and pantomime.

    A couple of years Tatiana Bogacheva has taken an active part in various vocal singing contests and festivals. In her house are kept more than a dozen awards and prizes.

    Karina Bogacheva
    Tatiana Bogacheva | Fashionbank

    Long his vocal studies in his native Simferopol helped the girl easily entered the Kiev Academy of culture and art. Tanya chose the specialty «pop vocal».

    But in Ukraine Bogaczewo known not only as a singer but also as a brilliant model. She was one of the model agencies of Kiev and appeared in commercials and posters. Perhaps Tatiana with her beautiful appearance could make a good modeling career. But she wanted to sing.


    The opportunity she received in 2007. It was in this year launched the creative biography of Tatiana Bogacheva. She successfully passed the qualifying rounds of the 7th season of the popular TV show «star Factory» and got on the project, which gave the singer a start in life.

    The producer of the project Konstantin Meladze created from two talented contestants, Tatiana Bogacheva, Artem Ivanov and the duet, calling it «Yin-Yang». Soon the Duo grew to a Quartet: to the guys joined Parshuta Yulia and Sergey Ashikhmin.

    The first song is «Yin-Yang» is called «Little, little». It premiered at the final concert of the 7th season of the TV show and immediately drew attention to the new team.

    Then there were a lot of great new songs, but the best one is considered to be the song «Whatever.» It instantly became a hit. After the video the song was posted on YouTube and has garnered over 14 million views.

    Personal life

    When Tatiana got on «Factory of stars», it was a young man. But almost closed the life of the project, where all participants become one family, dictated its rule. Tanya met Artem Ivanov, who immediately arose sympathy. First, the guy looks like. He reminded her of David Beckham, which was the standard of male beauty as a young Tatiana. Then, get to know closer, Bogacheva noted excellent education and rare intelligence guy.

    Roman appeared was bright, though not unproblematic. Organizers of the show and managers of the team do not really like that between two members of the «Yin-Yang» appeared feelings. But the special interference of his love for boys is not met.

    Tatiana Bogacheva, Artem Ivanov with
    Tatiana Bogacheva, Artem Ivanov with | viznes-vkontakte.ru

    The novel is not passed, and after the show. Personal life Tatyana Bogacheva and her lover for several years flows in one direction. First, the couple rented a house and lived in a civil marriage. But in may 2016 Ivanov and Bogachev has become a real «cell of society». They had a charming girl, whom they decided to name the unusual name of Mirra.

    Discography (songs «Yin-Yang»)

    • «Little by little»
    • «Save me»
    • «On the counter»
    • «If you knew»
    • «Karma»
    • «Kamikaze»
    • «Do not care»
    • «Saturday»
    • «Dawn»


    Karina Bogacheva

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