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  • Name: Tatyana Arno ( Tatiana Sheshukova )
  • Date of birth: 7 November 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 167
  • Activity: TV presenter, journalist
  • Marital status: married

    Tatiana Arno: biography

    TV presenter Tatiana Arno (real name Sheshukova) was born on 7 November 1981 in Moscow. Tatiana has a sister Julia, who is ten years older than her. But if Yulia has always listened to his mom and tried all to go to it, Tanya was more of a daddy’s girl. Father tried to raise her strong and athletic girl, so that in adult life it is easy to solve any problems and with dignity out of difficult situations.

    Tetyana Arno
    Tatiana Arno | success Stories

    After school Tatiana Arno entered the Moscow state University of linguistics, Department of German language and successfully finished it. On TV she was still a student.


    Television career Tatiana Arno began in the third year. She looked through the newspaper and saw an ad about the upcoming casting for the leading of the project «Events». The life of celebrities, social events – a topic that has always interested, so Tatiana decided to participate in the selection. She came in a modest outfit, with casual hair and very worried about their appearance. But the jury selected her and three other girls. Each tried his hand as a leading trial edition of the program of NTV. And soon Arno has become the leading constant «Billboard».

    The next big project in her career was the «Draw». Leading came to the casting where she was required to dance and tell a funny story. This selection was much more difficult than for «Posters,» but Tatiana managed. In the project «the Drawing» it was a co-host Valdis Pelsh, Tatiana changed her name to mother’s maiden name – Arno. Arno and Pelsh sounds better than Sheshukova and Pelsh – so decided to Tatiana. The show «Drawing» quickly became popular and was among the top entertainment programs. Unfortunately, the project was suspended due to numerous complaints.

    Tatyana Arno and Valdis Pelsh
    Tatyana Arno and Valdis Pelsh | Popular Vkontakte

    During the break, Tatiana Arno participated in the project «the Great race», «star», starred in the series «Russian Amazons» and sat at the helm with Leonid Yakubovich in the program «the First squadron». It was in her career and other «Big city» on the channel STS and the «news» on the channel «Rain». On «Rain» Arno came to work in the entertainment project, and soon she already had news and talk with Studio guests.

    Tatiana Arno friends had offered to move to Germany, but she says she loves Russia, but in another country quickly get bored at home.

    Personal life

    Tatyana Arno has made no secret of his personal life. For some time she was met by Vyacheslav Chichvarin, who worked as a translator Madonna during her visit to Moscow. In one interview, the singer admitted that she and Glory are equally independent characters, so they often quarreled, although this did not prevent the relationship.

    Tatiana Arno and Amiran Lagvilava
    Tatiana Arno and Amiran Lagvilava | Things-Dryukov

    In 2005 Vyacheslav gave Tatiana ring – friends talk about the imminent wedding, but instead, Arnault started Dating Amiran Lagvilava. Their relationship lasted several years and then was in a new relationship with businessman Alexander Mamut — is also fleeting.

    With her future husband, a St. Petersburg journalist and musician Kirill Ivanov, Arnaud met in the «Big city» of STS. 2011 they met together and soon decided to get married. The journalists wrote that the holiday was closed, the couple does not advertise.

    Tatiana Arno and Kirill Ivanov

    Tatiana Arno runs a charity helping elderly people and patients with oncological diseases. She is active, loves to travel, skydive, go Windsurfing, skiing. Tatiana loves retromobiles and even participated in the rally in 2009.


    Tetyana Arno

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