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  • Name: Tatyana Akimova ( Tatyana Akimova )
  • Date of birth: 26 October 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: village of Novyye Lapsary, Cheboksary, Russia
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: Russian biathlete
  • Marital status: married

    Tatiana Akimova: biography

    Tatiana Semenova, known to fans of biathlon as Akimov was born in a small town Novyye Lapsary, which is part of the city of Cheboksary.

    Tatyana Akimova
    In the childhood was fond of skiing Sports.ru

    The girl is no different from their peers: good in school, loved to read, to meet friends. And fond of sports. For myself, chose skiing. Was on them in early childhood. But pretty soon the sport took first place in her life. He devoted all his spare time without a trace.

    Tatiana Akimova with pleasure and admiration, watched the progress of Russian and foreign athletes. When they won at the Olympics – happy with them, and most of all wanted to be in their place.

    Tatyana Akimova
    Dreamed about winning | Sports.ru

    When Akimova proposed to biathlon, she went from one sport to another, which had the same childhood favorite skiing plus shooting. The perseverance and dedication of the athletes, complemented by great diligence, and soon gave excellent results.


    Behind the Chuvash women DYUSSH of a name of A. Tikhonov in native Cheboksary. Here and started a sports biography of Tatiana Akimova. Her personal trainer for more than ten years is Anatoly Akimov (recently became a father-in-law athletes). He has invested in promising the girl a lot of strength and hope. Sometimes, even equipment and ammunition bought with his own funds.

    Tatyana Akimova
    Personal trainer Tanya, her father — in-law | Www.biathlonworld.com.ua

    The first athlete was part of the Junior and youth national team of Russia. But it was soon put in charge of the reserve team of the country. In 2011, Tanya has performed at the world Championship among juniors in the European Championships.

    The first significant victory she had achieved in 2011, when she became the silver medalist of the Championship of Russia on summer biathlon. This success allowed her to take part in the world Championship on summer biathlon. Here the miracle did not happen, and athlete of the Chuvash Republic failed to win medals.

    Tatyana Akimova
    Prize of the International biathlon Union in the category «newcomer of the year» | AIF

    But in 2013, Tatiana Akimova managed to show up at the Winter Universiade in the Italian Trentino. She became the winner of relay race and the prize-winner in individual races.

    Unfortunately, 2014 has not brought the breakthrough athlete: she took part in the world Championship on summer biathlon, which was held in Tyumen, but was unsuccessful. The athlete took 23rd place in the sprint and in the pursuit of only 25.

    Tatyana Akimova
    Athlete of the Chuvash Republic | viathlonworld.com.ua

    But at the end of 2014 she was able to show their best side on the «Izhevsk rifle». She managed to mobilize all forces to take 3rd place in the individual race and 5th in the sprint.

    These victories helped Tatyana Akimova to get into the Russian team at the world Cup, but due to the lack of IBU qualifying points, it was unable to compete. So the girl was sent to the IBU cups.

    The 2015 athlete from Cheboksary debuted on the world Cup in Ostersund. In sprint races it started at number 100. Unfortunately, Tanya was waiting for a defeat in his debut race, it took only 83 place and crossed the finish line last.

    Tatyana Akimova
    Photos women | Vesti.ru

    The long-awaited breakthrough and triumph came to the national in 2016. And it is doubly pleasant because it is not expected to even Tatyana.

    It seemed such a resounding success did not promise anything. In Canmore, the girl has come to finish only 23rd. In Presque-Isle – 19th. Much better she made in the March world Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, finishing in 12th place.

    Tatyana Akimova
    The unexpected victory in New Location | Rsport.ru

    The unexpected victory was waiting Akimov in the Czech Republic. Here on December 16 at the world Cup in the city a New Place Tania scored her first and major victory in the sprint.

    Biathlete of the Russian team, commenting on his victory, happy to share that today she did just fine. For the first time in his career 26-year-old athlete managed to enter the top ten, beating rival Dorothea wierer. This victory was very important for Russian team.

    Personal life

    Chuvash beauty married. Her husband became Vyacheslav Akimov, the son of the coach. Vyacheslav – the champion of Europe 2011 champion. New sports family appeared in June 2015.

    Tatiana Akimova with her husband
    My husband Vyacheslav | Www.sports.ru

    Private life of Tatiana Akimova has developed happily. In a family where the spouses are engaged in one thing, greatness. In free from sports time Tanya goes with her husband on beloved them fishing. But it also has its Hobbies are reading fiction and studying English.

    And the girl is studying at the Polytechnic Institute, where they will receive specialty Manager.


    Tatyana Akimova

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