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  • Name: Tatyana Agafonova ( Tatiyana Agafonov )
  • Date of birth: 8 October 1963.
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter, producer, Chairman of the kolkhoz
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatiana Agafonova: biography

    Tatyana Agafonova is a Soviet and Russian actress, has won the recognition of the audience after the first picture, «offered for singles» and then appeared in such popular films as «Interdevochka», «do Not go girls married», «Forgotten melody for flute» and many others.

    Little Tanya was born in Moscow. But when she was just one year old, her parents died suddenly, so the education of girls engaged grandmother. Tatiana lived in the capital with relatives in the paternal line, and summer in the Tver region, where mother was from. As the actress recalls, the whole family adored her and she almost didn’t feel deprived of parental love.

    In high school Agafonov has studied theatre at the club «hammer and Sickle», and after prom decided to become an actress. She filed the paperwork, passed all examinations on «perfectly», but because of the lush body in the reception she refused. Then Tatiana had to go to medical school, but studied only two months. Vasily Petrovich Markov, who scored the course of the School-Studio of MKHAT later believed that plump girl with a strong character and big ambitions reminds him of the famous actress Faina Shevchenko.

    Thus, Tatiana Agafonova in the same year became a student of the coveted drama school, after which for several years has collaborated with the theater-Studio under the direction of Oleg Tabakov. Also in the early 90s, she was the presenter of the informative program «the Pharmacy», which told the audience about medication and new pharmacology. He had high ratings, resulting in the magazine «TV-Park» awarded her the title of «healthiest TV presenter».

    Chairman of the kolkhoz

    But the crisis actor in the 90-ies made itself felt. Agafonov went to get the second education at the faculty of law of the Academy of Economics and law, and in parallel worked. She had to be a legal counsel, to head the creative Association trade even together with friends repairing cars.

    In 1998, Tatiana all of a sudden went to the village of Salatino Likhoslavl district of Tver region, where she was offered the position of Chairman of the collective farm «Forward». The fact that this village – the birthplace of her mother and she spent every summer of his childhood, knew every person that lives there, and I just couldn’t refuse to help people who need a competent leader. To have every reason to take this position, Tatiana graduated from the Tver agricultural Academy, specialty «Management».

    For almost ten years, she perfectly coped with their duties. By the way, in the administration of the farm she earned the nickname «Tanya Hollywood», and ordinary workers are always addressed her respectfully Ivanovna. And then suddenly had a stroke. Doctors advised the actress to leave work, exhausting her nervous system. So Agafonov has returned to Moscow and founded his own production center «Three capitals» and was fully back in the acting profession.


    Debuted in movie Tatiana Agafonova in the melodrama «offered for singles», where she had the opportunity to work with such artists as Natalia Gundareva and Alexander Mikhailov. About Natalia Georgievna actress still remembers very warm, considering it his second teacher after Vasily Markov.

    Then in the filmography of Tatiana appeared in such famous paintings as the tale of «Red, honest, enamored», Comedy, «don’t go, girls, married» romance «Zina-zinulya», the tragicomedy «the main street with an orchestra».

    Tatiana Agafonova always chose these characters with a strong personality. Her heroines are all strong-willed, determined, but always – good-natured, even if their fate is on the inclined track, as is the case with the character of the social drama «Interdevochka», which also starred Elena Yakovleva.

    For 80 years, the actress starred very much. She was involved in children’s movies, such as «Topinamburov», «the Island of rusty General», «Five stolen monks», and in a serious adult film «Forgotten melody for flute», «Petersburg secrets», «fast train».

    But in 90-e years Agafonov nearly ten years interrupted his acting career, although occasionally tried to persuade her to appear in the frame. For example, in rating series «Truckers» she played the investigator in one of the episodes. But a return took place after 2006. From the works of the «new era» of Tatyana Agafonova is to provide the drama of «house of the Sun», fantasy, «While the fern blooms» and the melodrama «to Wait for love». The latter motion picture, which starred this extraordinary actress, today is the crime drama «a Stranger among us».

    Personal life

    Tatyana Agafonova is realized and in the works, and in business and in agriculture. And she managed to work the head, and a simple mechanic. But her personal life was less fortunate: the actress never married and never experience the joys of motherhood. As recognized herself Tatiana, she was unable to meet a man stronger than himself.

    The actress loves to read. Books for it – the main value. When she moved from Moscow to a collective farm in the Tver region, took with him only home library. Another favorite pastime of Tatyana Agafonova is hunting.


    • 1983 — offered for singles
    • 1984 — Red honest love
    • 1985 — do Not go, girls, married
    • 1986 — Zina-Zinulya
    • 1987 — the Forgotten tune for the flute
    • 1989 — Interdevochka
    • 1994 — the Life and extraordinary adventures of private Ivan Chonkin
    • 2012 — While blooming fern
    • 2013 — to Wait for love
    • 2014 — a Stranger among his own


    Yulia Agafonova

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