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  • Name: Tarkan ( Tarkan Husamettin Tevetoglu )
  • Date of birth: 17 October 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Alzey, Germany
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: singer, producer, musician
  • Marital status: not married

    Tarkan: biography

    Tarkan — Turkish singer, producer, and singer-songwriter. He is called the Prince of Turkish pop music.

    Tarkan Tevetoglu was born October 17, 1972 in the family of the Turks, Ali and Our Tevetoglu. The boy was given the name in honor of the hero of the popular Turkish comic book, Tarkan but his middle name. The first name of the star — Husamettin, which is translated as «sharp sword».

    Tarkan parents immigrated to Germany during the economic crisis in Turkey. His grandfather is a hero of the Russo-Turkish war, and my mother’s ancestors were folk singers. The singer grew up in a large family: he has a half sister Nuray and Gulay, brother Adnan from the first marriage of his mother, also a native Khandan sister and brother Hakan. They have always kept the tradition of the Turkish people, and the house they have always sounded Turkish songs. In 1986 the family Tarkan returned home. In 1995 the father of the singer died from a heart attack (he was 49 years old) and mother married for the third time.

    After moving to Turkey, the boy was determined to pursue a career as a singer. Began to study music and then went to Istanbul, where he enrolled in the music Academy. At first it was very difficult, because in the capital, he had no friends, and money, he was not there, so Tarkan began to moonlight as a singer at weddings.

    In 1995 Tevetoglu was drafted into the army, but he took a delay of three years. In 1999, he again received a summons, so after the release of his book «Tarkan» singer did not return to Turkey. He even wanted to deprive the Turkish citizenship. But after the enactment of the 28-day service and pay 16,000 dollars to the relief Fund for victims of the earthquake, Tarkan returned home. Before you go into the army, he gave a concert, the proceeds of which were sent to charity.


    Leap in the career of Tarkan occurred when, during another visit to Germany, he met with the Director of the label «Istanbul Plak» Mehmet Soumoulou. He offered to produce the debut album from aspiring singer. Tarkan, of course, agreed, and in 1992 he released his first album «Yine Sensiz». During the recording of this album, the singer met with composer Ozan Colakoglu, which operates to this day. «Yine Sensiz» brought Tarkan huge success, because the singer has made Western notes in Turkish music.

    In 1994, he released his second album «Aacayipsin». Started working with Sezen Aksu, who wrote two songs for him. In the same year, Tarkan went to the USA to learn English and record songs on it the album in English was released in 2006. Songs Tarkan was a huge success, and therefore in Europe, he released a collection of «Tarkan», which brought him the award «World Music Awards».

    In 2001, he released another album of the singer — «Karma»: it sold 1 million copies in Europe. Appeared the singles «Kuzu-Kuzu» and «Hüp».

    At one of the festivals Tarkan met her future Manager, Michael lang. In the same year in selling out the book «Tarkan: the Anatomy of a Star», but after some time, the court found that the book violates copyright. Tarkan became the official face of the company «Pepsi» and the mascot of the Turkish national team at the football world Cup 2002, which wrote the song «Bir Ölürüz Yolunda» which became the anthem for the fans.

    In 2003 the singer released his mini-album «Dudu» on his own label under the name «Prince of pop». Successful steel and his next album: «Metamorfoz» (2007), «Adımı Kalbine Yaz» (2010), «Ahde Vefa» (2016).

    Personal life

    The personal life of a celebrity is always in the spotlight. Around singer was rumors that he was supposedly gay, but Tarkan strongly rejected this information. Soon the Turkish in one of the magazines has a photo where he is kissing another man: it was later revealed that it was a photoshop.

    For seven years, Tarkan met a girl by the name of bilge Ozturk. Unfortunately, in 2008 the lovers are parted.

    From Tarkan owns a ranch in Istanbul, where he breeds animals and planting trees. Also the singer has an apartment in new York, which costs about $ 5 million.


    • «Yine Sensiz»
    • «Karma»
    • «Metamorfoz»
    • «Dudu»
    • «Come Closer»
    • «Ölürüm Sana»
    • «Acayipsin»
    • «Adımı Kalbine Yaz»



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