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  • Name: Tanya Tereshina ( Tatiana Tereshina )
  • Date of birth: 3 may 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Budapest, Hungary
  • Activities: Russian singer and model
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Slava Nikitin

    Tanya Tereshina biography

    Tatiana Tereshina (the stage name Tanya Tereshina) was born in may 1979 in Budapest, in the family of a Russian military. Service of the father assumed the constant moving. The family lived for some time in Poland and Ukraine.

    In 1992 Teresina moved to Smolensk, where he stayed for a long time. There Tatyana has graduated from secondary school. In addition to the school, Tanya attended a musical, ballet and art circles. The girl sang well and became a soloist in the ensemble.

    In 1996, the girl entered the Smolensk Institute of arts, by the faculty of painting.

    Tanya Tereshina: group ‘Hi-Fi’

    After moving to Moscow, Tatyana was accepted to the model Agency «Modus Vivendis». Soon she became the main model of the Point and Fashion. While working at these agencies, Tereshina participated in shows held in many European countries. As argued by Tanya to walk down the catwalk loved her.

    Tatyana’s life Tereshinoy changed dramatically in late 2002. After the soloist of group Hi-Fi Oksana Oleshko left the team, deciding to end the show-business participation in the selection of the vacancy took Tereshina. And although Tanya did not really believe in victory and doubt in their abilities, but because of the large number of applicants chose her. Thus began her career, Tanya Tereshinoy.

    The first performance of the young singer with the staff of Hi-Fi took place in February 2003. But Tereshina had already started to guess that the Hi-Fi it will not be able to fulfill their potential. Together with Fomin and Pronkina performer until may 2005, I visited almost all cities of Russia. But as soon as Taani Tereshinoy received an offer to try himself in solo career, the singer immediately left the group.

    In June 2005 Hi-Fi becomes the winner of the Award «Muz-TV 2005» (nominated for «Best dance group». This success has allowed Tanya Tereshinoy to further work. Thus, according to Tatiana, after she retained good relations with colleagues in the team.

    Tanya Tereshina: solo career

    Debut video of the singer «Will be hot», was released in 2007. Single noticed the giants MTV and «Russian radio». In the same year, the singer managed to record seven new songs of their first album. In the same period of time Tereshina actively performed at various concerts. The most notable breakthrough of this time was the song «the Wreckage of the senses,» written especially for her popular rapper Noise MC in 2008. A year later, Tanya Tereshina sang a duet of the song «Western» with Zhanna Friske.

    For all live performances and music videos Tanya comes up with outfits. Art education helped the girl to create the wonderful costumes. The filming of the singer deals with the Estonian Director Hindrek Maasik working with a group of «Disco Crash» and Noize MC.

    In 2010 Tereshina recorded video «Radio GA-GA-GA», which is reminiscent of the flamboyant American singer Lady Gaga. The video received a different rating from a devastating criticism for a failed attempt of a parody and imitation of the world star to recognizing a good PR move.

    With the song «Radio GA-GA-GA» singer was nominated for the award RU.TV 2011 «Creative of the year», but lost the competition band Quest Pistols. In the same 2011 the first album came out Tereshinoy «Open my heart», containing 20 tracks in the genre R&B and pop.

    Tanya Tereshina took part in a candid photoshoot of magazines for men (e.g. XXL). In the interview, the singer said that her body has not undergone plastic surgery and it is a hundred percent his.

    Tanya Tereshina: personal life

    In those years, when Tanya Tereshina singing group Hi-Fi, she had warm relations with Mitya Fomin. He told Tatiana that he is not against a serious relationship with her and proposed to her to marry him. But then Tanya met a millionaire Arseniy Ball, so the proposal Fomin did not answer. They remained good friends.

    To meet the current civil husband

  • Glory Nikitin Tanya Tereshinoy had Affairs with very wealthy men. The singer claimed that she is only interested in men with big purse. An aspiring 25-year-old TV presenter Vyacheslav Nikitin to such is not exactly treated. But the pair met in February 2011, and together tonight. The age difference between Tatiana and Glory 7 years. In December 2013 the couple had a daughter ARIS, which Tanya devotes all his spare time. Career of the singer briefly stepped into the background. In 2014, the couple baptised a daughter in the Church of the Trinity in the estate of Boris Godunov. The godfather ARIS was Fomin.

    Tanya Tereshina: discography

    • It will be hot
    • Fragments of feelings
    • The i
    • Western
    • Radio ha-Ha-ha
    • Understand
    • This morning
    • Life in one night
    • Meeting
    • I’m sorry!

    Tanya Tereshina: photo

    Tanya Tereshina

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