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  • Name: Tandy Newton ( Thandi Newton )
  • Date of birth: 6 November 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: London
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: English actress
  • Marital status: married

    Tandy Newton biography

    Black beauty Tandy Newton, known for the box office hits «Flirt», «Jefferson in Paris,» «Beloved» and «Beleaguered», was born in November 1972.

    Tandiwe Nashita Newton – is the full name of the actress – was born in Zambia where she worked with her parents, the father is a British technician and a mother employee health Zimbabwe. But when Tandy decided that it’s time to be born, parents were in England, where they spent their vacation.

    Childhood and early teenage years Tandiwe Nality were in hot Africa. After moving to Newton in London, Tandy went to boarding school, where he took up ballet. Fragile girl dreamed of «Swan lake» and the career of the prima ballerina. But the hand of fate has placed everything as it should be: a young dancer waving a «magic wand» in the hands of Australian Director John Digene turned into actress. What seems to be never regretted.


    Daigen was just looking for a suitable girl for the role of the heroine in the drama «Dalliance». Dark leather Tandy Newton was very handy, because she had to play the daughter of an African teacher, fell in love with the bully. One of the key roles in the film, the Director has invited Nicole Kidman. «Flirt» was released in 1991 and instantly turned both Actresses in rising stars.

    About a career ballerina Tandy Newton forgot. The cinema world has captured her and took it. After high school she went to Cambridge and continued to act in films. In the first half of the 1990s, she starred in the film «Young Americans», «Interview with the vampire» and «Overwhelmed». All projects received a high rating from critics and popularity among viewers.

    Fame came to Tandy Newton in 1995. 22-year-old actress played the main character of the drama James ivory’s «Jefferson in Paris». Black girls has entrusted the image of the maid, Sally, mistress of Thomas Jefferson. This work brought Newton real success. She was nominated for the main prize of the Cannes film festival.

    After 3 years new gift: another starring role in the dramatic film «Beloved», where Newton was found on set with Oprah Winfrey. In the same successful 1998, the master of Italian cinema Bernardo Bertolucci Tandy was invited to play the main character in his film «Besieged».

    After these projects, the Zambian star is firmly entrenched in the Hollywood hills. Now it is offered exclusively to key roles where necessary temperament and character. But sometimes the tail good luck to slip out of hands. For example, the blockbuster «Mission nevypolnima-2», in which Newton played a key character has brought the actress a nomination for «Razzie». To rehabilitate the star managed only 4 years later, when the screens out drama «Collision». This work brought Tandy Newton prizes, the BAFTA, the British Academy and screen actors Guild USA.

    Again to bring the star status of the artist was able, after the release of more than successful box office hits «the Chronicles of Riddick», «the pursuit of happyness» and «norbit».

    Of the most striking new work by Newton, it should be noted biographical film «Bush», which Tandy played Condoleezza rice. Another political project – «2012».

    Personal life

    No less successful was the personal life of Tandy Newton. The actress is happily married to British writer and successful producer Olomu Parker. The couple has two girls – Ripley and Nico. The eldest daughter Tandy gave the impression from heroine Sigourney weaver in Alien. And the name Niko is a cult singer of the rock group «The Velvet Underground», who loves the family of the actress.

    In the life of a Hollywood star occupies a major place charity. Newton is a frequent guest in the African Mali. And yet it is responsive to different trends in society. For example, Tandy changed a prestige car BMW X5 for a more environmentally friendly Toyota Prius.


    • «Flirt»
    • «Young Americans»
    • «Overloaded»
    • «Jefferson in Paris»
    • «Favorite»
    • «Besieged»
    • «Mission impossible 2»
    • «Collision»
    • «Chronicles Of Riddick»
    • «The pursuit of happyness»


    Tandy Newton

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