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  • Name: Tamara Semina ( Tamara Semina )
  • Date of birth: 25 October 1938
  • Age: 78 years
  • Place of birth: Lgov, Russia
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Tamara Semin : biography

    People’s artist Tamara Petrovna Semin was born in the Kaluga region, in a town called Lgov. Originally his name sounded different- Bokhonova. Father died in war when she was very young.

    In 1946 mom married a second time. Stepfather Peter V. Semin adopted two children and was able to replace the natural father. In gratitude, Tamara Petrovna took his name.

    Semin finished 8-year school in Kaluga. But she wanted to get a higher education. So the girl to go to College, went to school for working youth. Her literature teacher was the legendary Bulat Okudzhava.

    Tamara Semina was intended for the profession of teacher. She really entered the pedagogical Institute, but soon realized that the only profession that would appeal to him – acting. Semin took the documents and went to the capital. Amazingly, in Moscow, which the girl did not know, the tram brought it to a stop near the University.

    Tamara Semin was able to do on the first try. In 1961 she received a diploma.


    A cinematic biography of Tamara Semina began in his student years. Already in the 1st year aspiring actress starred in the diploma films of young Directors, graduates of VGIK. Her debut on screen came in the Comedy «Man overboard». On 2 and 3 courses Tamara Petrovna appeared in the picture «Two Fedor» and the drama «it All starts with the road». In the last draft, Semin has shown that copes with the role of a dramatic actress, because the teachers only saw her the heroine of the Comedy genre.

    To dispel the myth of the «Comedy» the young actress was able in my last year of University. The famous Director Mikhail Schweitzer entrusted to the student complex and dramatic role Katusha Maslova in the film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel «Resurrection.»

    For this work, Tamara Semin got his first award. The magazine «Soviet screen» as the best artist of the Soviet Union in 1961. And in 1962, the same recognition Semin received at two international film festivals in Locarno, the Swiss and the Argentine Mar del Plata. Appreciated the skill of Russian actress in the drama «Resurrection» Juliet Mazina.

    Such a resounding success that rarely fall to the actress-student, unleashed on Tamara Semin a lot of offers from Russian Directors, wished to see her images of fallen women. Tamara Petrovna immediately rejected these proposals for fear of falling into the trap of the same position.

    After graduating from VGIK Semin took the troupe of the Theatre-Studio of film actor. She soon appeared in a series of remarkable paintings, the most striking of which is the film «Colleagues», «Empty flight», «Day of happiness» and «Time, forward!». The last project took Michael Schweitzer, previously opened Tamara Semin to a wide audience in the drama «Resurrection.» And again! In the film «Time, forward!», released in 1965, the young actress once again surprised everyone, showing new facets of the talent – the subtle humor and eccentric.

    In the late 1960s and the 1970s released a new tape of Tamara Semina, which enriched the Soviet cinema. This «Serf actress», «Man I love», «Conscience», «Chistye Prudy», «Love Serafima Frolova» and many others.

    But the greatest success of the drama «Eternal call», where Tamara Semin played Anfisa. This dramatic role brought her a new wave of popularity and viewers love. In those same years, fans of the actress saw her in three other projects that joined the Golden Fund of Russian cinema. This painting «fatherless», «Tavern on Pyatnitskaya» and «Mat man.» The shooting of the last film was exhausting. Semina had to walk barefoot in the snow and swim in the cold.

    In the 1980s, Tamara Semina is removed is much smaller. But it is often attracted to the dubbing of foreign films. Her beautiful low voice of say heroine Annie Girardot and Edith Piaf. And the artist who played many dramatic roles, dreams of his comedic work. In 1983 Semin appears in the grotesque image of the heroine of the wonderful drama of Samson Samsonov’s «Lonely the hostel». Later, the actress admitted that the role of the teacher the female Dorm Larisa Evgenievna is one of her favorite.

    In the new century Tamara Semenova often starred in popular series.

    Personal life

    Married Tamara Semina came quite early – in the 2nd course of the University. Her husband was a classmate of Vladimir Prokofiev. It is much less than the wife, familiar to the audience, but the jealousy and envy never darkened the life of this couple. The only issue of this marriage was the lack of children. Two pregnancies Tamara Petrovna ended tragically. After the second, the actress has decided I’m to tempt fate will be. The couple lived with each other and their house was always dominated by warmth and comfort. Personal life of Tamara Semina was quite happy.

    After her husband’s death in September 2005, the artist was left alone. More she didn’t marry. Her life brightens friends, including many of those who has no relationship to the world of theatre and cinema and, of course, love the work. In 2015, Semin has appeared in 5 projects.


    • «Man overboard»
    • «Two Fedor»
    • «It all starts with the road»
    • «Resurrection»
    • «Time, forward!»
    • «The serf actress»
    • «Eternal call»
    • «Mother of man»
    • «Lonely the hostel»
    • «Plot»
    • «Vow of silence»


    Tamara Semina

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