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  • Name: Tamara Titenkova ( Tamara Titchenkova )
  • Date of birth: 13 February 1993.
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Nikolaev
  • Height: 204
  • Activities: actress comic genre, the player of KVN
  • Marital status: not married

    Tamara Mitchenkova: biography

    Tamara Titenkova was born in February 1993 in the Ukrainian Nikolaev. When she was 10 years old, the parents noticed that the growth of the daughter began to abnormally increase. Doctors diagnosed a rare diagnosis: Marfan syndrome. It is a genetic disease, whereby the body develops at an accelerated pace. The same diagnosis was made and the youngest daughter Mitchenkova Lyudmila.

    Tamara Mitchenkova really stands out from the crowd. After graduation in 2006, the girl reached growth of 2 feet 4 inches. Just 2 cm below her sister Lyudmila.

    School Tamara has done quite successfully and entered the Kharkiv national University of construction and architecture, selecting architecture faculty.


    A tall girl with an amazing Swan neck (about 40 inches) is always the center of attention. According to Tamara, she is absolutely not complex because of its growth and feels like an ordinary man. Humor refers to those who hears the taunts. When you are on a busy street in any city, no matter where I go girl, she sees facing her views. Many passers-by asked to take pictures with the unusual beauty. Some compare with the alien, asking «what planet and long to us?».

    Tamara and Ludmila Mitchenkova already accustomed to the fact that they are often invited to various show programs on television.

    And Tamara with her sister visited in Japan. On a local fashion show, the girls acted as models, causing a storm of emotions among the Japanese. Tall and slender (each sister weighs a little more than 50 kg) girls here is not adored, including their standards of beauty. At home, as recognized by Tamara at them with such adoration not looking.

    Celestial gave Tamara Titchenko and her sister many strong emotions. But soon the girls missed their native Ukraine. Because here they have parents and many friends. Therefore the Nikolaev beauties flatly refused the offer to stay in Japan and make a career in modeling.

    In 2014, Tamara Mitchenkova and her sister got a proposal from the Zapashny brothers to work in their new show at the Great Moscow circus on Vernadsky Prospekt. The program was not the usual clowns, trained tigers and all the things that used to viewers. According to the plan cover the action took place in another galaxy. The show received the appropriate name: «Circus from another planet».

    At the time of the arena was transformed into a spaceship. On Board the starship lived his normal life alien beings. All the action was accompanied by electronic music, light and sound installations. Sisters Tamara and Ludmila Mitchenkova very naturally portrayed the alien.

    The Director of the circus, people’s artist of Russia Edgard Zapashny said that the show was a great success. Spectators, especially children, which was designed show program, spellbound watching the action on stage and the spaceship.

    In the creative biography of Tamara Sokolova Titenkova is the participation in the KVN games. The girl was included in the Team of the Great Moscow state circus, which is a member of the Highest League in 2016. Humor, according to Tamara needed in her life.

    Personal life

    Custom appearance and a rather high growth not become a barrier to communication and understanding with the opposite sex. Personal life of Tamara Titchenko develops quite well. The girl has the guy lower it a few inches. But the main thing is not the difference in the growth and the convergence of interests and a sincere feeling that binds this couple.


    Tamara Mitchenkova

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