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  • Name: Tamara Miansarova ( Tamara Remnev )
  • Date of birth: 5 March 1931
  • Age: 85 years
  • Place of birth: kropyvnyts’ke, Ukraine
  • Activity: singer, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Tamara Miansarova: biography

    The song «Black cat» singing often very different people. But a measure of popularity of the performer! Tamara Miansarova once sang, and the song «went to the people», and remained here. And the singer has got a long interesting life.

    Tamara G. Remnev (first name of the singer) was born 5 Mar 1931 in the Ukrainian city of Zinoviev (now onward), the family appreciated the song. For the first time Tamara came on the scene in 4 years. Father was a theater, my mother worked at the factory, but won the singing competition and moved with her daughter in Minsk, becoming an Opera singer.

    Tamara Miansarova
    Tamara Miansarova | Official website

    Tamara’s childhood was held in Minsk, where he found her war. He studied at the music school at the Minsk Conservatory. In 1951 Tamara moved to Moscow, entered the Department of piano at the Conservatory. But she sang so well that after a year took her and the vocal Department. After graduating from the Conservatory in 1957, he worked as a concertmaster, but cheerful girl, clearly bothered the classical performance. She wanted more.

    The career of a pop singer

    In 1958, at the III all-Union competition entertainers Miansarova was awarded third prize. Next, she gives concerts. Soloist at radio city Music Hall in the play «When lit the stars.»

    The head of the jazz Quartet Igor Granov in 1958 looking for a soloist. Beautiful Tamara, with a unique voice, Conservatoire education (in fact two) and a desire to sing, could not remain unnoticed. She began performing with the Quartet.

    And here since 1958, begins a new stage in the life of the singer. Now some interesting facts wins lined up one after the other. Will be a triumphal procession of the Soviet Union and several countries (especially love her in Poland). Miansarovoj songs will sound from each open window, the song «Eyes in the sand» will make you shed a tear, not a single admirer of her talent.

    In 1962, a team in the delegation of Soviet artists going at the VIII world festival of youth and students in Helsinki. And song L. Lyadova, and. Bryansk «ay-Lyuli» performed by Tamara Miansarova so touched the hearts of audience and jury that the singer won first prize and a gold medal.

    A year later, in 1963, Miansarova sent to the Sopot international song festival, long before there won the audience Alla Pugacheva. And here was the winner. She sang «sunshine» so that the audience felt all that it was possible to Express this song: and the fear of a little girl who turned out to be the horror of the occupied Minsk, and people’s desire for peace, and a desire for the happiness of each person, regardless of faith, nationality and citizenship. From the minute Miansarova became the idol of the Polish audience, starred in the musical film, gave concerts, wrote CD but the song became his calling card.

    1964 Tamara Miansarova – popular singer in the Soviet Union. For her collected group «Three plus two» Leonid Garin. It enthusiastically greeted, snapping photos instantly. She sings at Christmas programs of «Blue light».

    And again Polish the glory of Sopot Miansarova warmed with its rays – the song «ginger» (a cover version of the song Polish woman Helena Maydanets «Rudy rydz») was super popular in our country. A year later appeared «the Black cat» (Authors – Yu. Saulsky and M. Tanic).

    Sunset career

    In 1966, among 6 of the European socialist countries held a song festival. USSR, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland hosted the singers, in every country on the tour with the song of this country. Tamara Miansarova won 4 rounds out of 6 and was the winner of this musical marathon. This continues until 1970. And then it just stopped inviting live concerts, held an unofficial ban on Miansarova, as sometimes happened with the artists.

    Tamara Miansarova
    Tamara Miansarova | Official website

    1970-the first year brought a complete disappointment. According to Miansarovoj, a career she broke one senior official, constantly and unsuccessfully pursued her. Became concerts, songs disappeared from radio and TV. Miansarova was forced to resign from the Moscow concert and to leave Moscow. Next was the Donetsk Philharmonic society. 12 years of travel to concerts in Ukraine. Tamara Miansarova sang in many mining towns, and in 1972 received the title of Honored artist of the Ukrainian SSR.

    Tamara Miansarova
    Tamara Miansarova | Official website

    Back in the 1980s, the singer, which he wore on his hands and wept from the sound of her living voice, the artistic execution of each song, has failed to rise to former heights, but I love her and enjoy listening to in our country. By this time Kiev has made a film about the singer in his youth, and in Poland by the magazine «Panorama» announced the 4 most popular singers in 25 years. They were Aznavour, Piaf, Gott and Miansarova.

    Tamara Miansarova
    Tamara Miansarova | Official website

    However, the home of the former brilliance and popularity have failed. There were concerts, but much less than before. Miansarova taught vocal students in the University invited members of the jury, participated in programs dedicated to retro music, received the title of people’s artist of Russia in 1996, wrote the book. In 2016 celebrated its 85th anniversary.

    Personal life of Tamara Miansarova

    Brilliant singer, a cheerful brunette, Tamara Miansarova has always enjoyed success in men, was four times married, had children. She lived a very tumultuous life, about which he wrote in his book.

    Edward Miansarov and Leonid Garin
    Edward Miansarov and Leonid Garin

    First husband – Edward Miansarov was a childhood friend of the singer and the father of her son Andrew, after whose birth the young family broke up. Next, a short marriage with Leonid Garin, who died six months after the wedding. Igor Khlebnikov, your administrator, Tamara Miansarova lived longer, had a daughter Catherine. The past 30 years, her husband mark Feldman. Grandchildren: Andrew, Tamara and Anna. Unfortunately, the talent of the mother and grandmother they are not passed on.

    Tamara Miansarova
    Tamara Miansarova | Official website

    In later years the family Miansarovoj was involved in scandals with apartments and relationships with children. Probably should not go into all the details, let Miansarova will remain with us and her songs are clean, bright and very sincere.


    Tamara Miansarova

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