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  • Name: Tamara Akulova ( Tamara Akulova )
  • Date of birth: 25 March 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: village of Novaya Usman Voronezh region
  • Growth: 166
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Tamara Akulova : biography

    Star Tamara Akulova has ascended in the 80-ies of the last century. At that time, the actress regularly appeared and delighted the fans with his appearance of several new tapes per year. But in the ‘ 90s, when the domestic film industry experienced its most difficult period, Tamara Akulova suddenly disappeared from the TV screens. The audience of the older and middle generations watched with pleasure the wonderful old tape with her participation and sincerely regretted that the artist is not removed.

    But that all changed in the 2000s. Akulov returned to his fans. Moreover, in 2005 she was awarded the title of Honored artist of Russia. New films, Tamara Akulova, returned a wonderful actress former glory and increased attention to her person.

    Tamara Akulova was born on 15 March 1957. It’s hard to believe its supporters, but the future screen star was born in a small village in Voronezh region. Her ancestors were simple peasants. Father Vasily Akulov died very early. He passed all the Great Patriotic war and died from the frontline ran.

    Mom remarried a man who has managed to become the native girls. Surrounded stepfather adopted daughters with attention and care. He was one of the first noticed as an actress Tamara. In 6-year-old girl has delighted relatives and neighbors improvised plays in their own performance. But the profession of actress did not even think. After school, she enrolled in one of the universities of Voronezh. Chose the food industry.

    But a year later, Tamara Akulova suddenly realized that goes on his way. Future profession no emotions except boredom does not cause. So the girl without the slightest regret left the Institute and went to the capital. The film Institute, she enrolled at the first attempt, even though the competition was huge: almost 400 people in place. The master of domestic cinema Sergey Bondarchuk took the course only 8 of the lucky ones, among whom were and Tamara.

    In 1981, Tamara Akulova has obtained a diploma of higher theatrical education.


    A cinematic biography of Tamara Akulova started in his student years. Debut role as an aspiring actress got in 1979. She starred in the film «faithfully». And not in the episode, and in quite a big role. Akulov immediately noticed.

    But the real success came to her after 2 years. Just graduating from drama school, Tamara Akulova has starred in the title role of the painting «Poor Masha». And then woke up famous. On this rapid rise in the girl’s dreams. It was filled with new proposals. In the same year the young actress appeared in two great films – «the Hat» and «reference specialty». Akulov took to work at a film Studio named after Maxim Gorky.

    In the following decade, Tamara Akulova has starred in 14 wonderful paintings. The best among them critics and viewers think «Who is knocking at the door for me?», «The ballad of the valiant knight Ivanhoe», «the Broken circle» and «the right people».

    But by the late ‘ 80s, the actress suddenly disappeared from the screens. In the 90s, although it was filmed, but very little. And the projects were not ranked.

    That all changed in 2001. , Tamara Akulova has starred in acclaimed TV series «the Successor». This tape was the lucky ticket in the new Millennium. Since the watershed of 2001, the actress appeared in more than 20 projects. The best of them — «Katyusha», «angel road», «MOORE» and «Third world.» Of the last works of the artist can be noted the series «Repentance», a musical retro-melodrama «Born a star», where played Akulova Ekaterina Furtseva, and the crime film «my father’s Son».

    Personal life

    The first marriage of the beautiful Actresses were very early. Tamara fell in love with the Director and choreographer Yuri Share in the first year of University. They got married and lived together for 6 years. To this marriage was born their daughter Anna. The divorce of her parents the little girl is not affected: Yuri turned out to be a good father and devoted daughter a lot of attention and care. Former spouses managed to maintain friendly relations and continue to communicate.

    The second spouse, who personal life of Tamara Akulova is connected and still, the actress fell in love «in absentia». That is, first she saw his wonderful painting «Tenderness» and «Lovers», and then, at the Tashkent festival of Asian, Africa and Latin America in 1986, and met the Creator himself favorite movies Elyor ishmuhamedova. Tamara Akulova has not been and 30, and Elyor turned 43. Broke novel left them no choice but to get married and create strong family. After 3 years there is their common son, Dmitri.

    Daughter Tamara Akulova Anna went in her footsteps. She graduated from RATI-GITIS, where she studied on the course Victor Rakova. But the son Dmitry got two degrees not related to the theatre, cinema. He has diplomas of a lawyer and a psychologist.

    A great gift Tamara Akulova gave daughter. The actress is a grandmother of two adorable grandchildren – Sophia and Nidal.


    • «Faith and truth»
    • «Poor Masha»
    • Hat
    • «Reference specialty»
    • «Who is knocking at the door for me?»
    • «The ballad of the valiant knight Ivanhoe»
    • «Broken circle»
    • «Return from orbit»
    • «The right people»
    • «Heiress»
    • «Repentance»


    Tamara Akulova

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