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  • Name: Taissa Farmiga ( Taissa Farmiga )
  • Date of birth: 17 August 1994.
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Whitehouse station, NJ, USA
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Taissa Farmiga: biography

    Taissa Farmiga is an American actress of Ukrainian origin. Over the past few years, she managed to make a name for themselves through participation in such films as «the Last girls», «American horror story» and «Six years.»

    Taissa was born and spent his childhood in new Jersey, which is her native gorodochek Whitehouse station. Her father Mykhailo Farmiga worked as a system administrator, and mother Love Saved is a teacher at the school. Slavic names should not be surprising: the fact that the grandparents of a future actress on both lines came to the US from Ukraine. My mother was born in America, but the father was born in Chernivtsi region.

    The family of TAISSY – large. She was the seventh, the youngest child. The girl was happy to attend secondary school, but after Junior high my mother decided to pick up my daughter from public schools. And since private school was not enough money, Farmiga was homeschooled.

    In addition to the standard items taught Love Saved the daughter and the mother tongue. In addition, the actress made several trips to the land of his ancestors, where he met with Ukrainian folk culture. As the girl admits, Ukrainian is spoken fluently, although speaks it a little better than understand the spoken and written language.

    Like most kids Farmiga, Taissa would like to choose a profession related to social services. About becoming an actress she was not. But the only star in the family, the famous actress Vera Farmiga, who is nominated for the award «Oscar», insisted the younger sister took part in her debut directorial work. After her first experience, Taissa considered the beginning to be quite successful and decided to pursue a career actress.


    The first film of TAISSY Farmiga was the melodrama «Heaven and earth» in which she played the main character Corinna Walker in adolescence. Then the young actress starred in the mystical series «American horror story». Interestingly, in the first season of this picture she appeared in one role, and later played a very different character.

    A breakthrough in the career of TAISSY happened in 2013. First, she first appeared before the audience as a Central figure in the Thriller «Psychic 2: the labyrinths of the mind», and then together with Emma Watson shared the laurels in the crime drama «Elite society». Then the girl again collaborate on the same set with sister faith in the light Comedy «Middleton».

    Even more interesting pictures involving Farmiga out in 2015. It is worth noting action «Wicked city», black Comedy «the Last girls» and one of the best young Actresses melodrama «Six years» in which she, along with Ben Rosenfeld portrayed a loving couple who faced difficult events.

    The actress has proved that can be quite diverse and do not wish to stick to any one role or genre. And last tape «In a valley of violence» with the brilliant John Travolta in the main role belongs and already quite unfashionable genre of the Western.

    Personal life

    Despite the fact that initially taissa Farmiga not want to become a film actress, she is now entirely absorbed by his profession. Many of her lessons in my free time I also focused on the development of the necessary skills. Taissa a lot of reading to strengthen the memory, and sports to keep the body in good shape. She especially loves snowboarding.

    As for romantic relations, here, Farmiga had not been willing to make serious novels and special affair she had. The girl went out one time with Evan Peters, my colleague on the series «American horror story», but the last couple of years prefer to live independently.


    • 2011 — Heaven and earth
    • 2011-2014 American horror story
    • 2013 — Psychic 2: the labyrinths of the mind
    • 2013 — Luxury society
    • 2013 — Middleton
    • 2014 — James
    • 2015 — Wicked city
    • 2015 — the Last girl
    • 2015 — Six years
    • 2016 — In the valley of violence


    Taissa Farmiga

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