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  • Name: Taisiya Povaliy ( Taisiya Povaliy )
  • Date of birth: 10 December 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: page Shamraivka, Kyiv oblast, Ukraine
  • Growth: 166
  • Activity: singer, actress, politician
  • Marital status: married

    Taisiya Povaliy: biography

    Taisiya Povaliy (maiden name Granitec) was born on 10 December 1964 in a small village Shamraevka provincial district of Kyiv in a simple family where parents loved and knew how to sing. After 8 classes in a secondary school in Belaya Tserkov, the future singer went to Kiev and enrolled in music school. Glier at the conductor-choral Department. In addition, it was actively engaged in the academic vocal, which allowed for them perfectly to learn to perform classical works, Opera and ballads.

    Taisiya Povaliy
    Taisiya Povaliy | Viva

    The teacher predicted the girl a brilliant career as an Opera singer, but fate decreed otherwise. In the biography Taisia Povaliy will be a place of work, and social, and even political activities.

    The feeling of loneliness in the capital of Ukraine Taisia, while still a student in 1982, she married Vladimir Povaly, which inherited the now «brand» name.


    The first tour of Taisia Povaliy were still in early childhood. Then 6-year-old Ty local music teacher part of the children’s ensemble took on a catering gig, where she performed brilliantly and received a impressive fee. In recognition of the singer first earned singing money she spent on gifts for my mom.

    Povaliy in childhood
    Povaliy in childhood and adolescence

    Professional singing career started in Kiev music hall, where she settled after graduating from College. First, the singer performed on stage as part of a vocal group, and then moved on to solo concerts. Here, a future «Golden voice of Ukraine» acquired the first huge concert experience, it all forces gave to their work, practicing every day for a few concerts.

    In 1990, thanks to his talent and skill, the singer received the first prize in the famous competition of the USSR Gosteleradio «New names». But fame and popularity brought victory at the International festival «Slavic Bazaar», where in 1993 Povaliy received the «Grand Prix» at the competition of young vocalists.

    Povaliy in his youth
    Taisia Povaliy youth | Explorer

    After the victory at «Slavianski Bazaar» the artistic career of the future legends of the Ukrainian show-business began to gather momentum. The year 1994 brought Taisia the title of «Best singer of Ukraine» and «Best musician of the year», which she won at the festival «New stars of the old year.»

    The mid 90-ies for Povaliy became a very fruitful period. Despite an active concert activity, the debut album of singer was released in 1995. In the same year it removes and the first video for the song «Just Ty», which at that time enjoyed immense popularity. After a few months came the second video for the song «Thistle».

    Taisiya Povaliy and Nikolay Baskov
    Taisiya Povaliy and Nikolay Baskov | Smotretzdes

    In March 1996, Taisiya gets the title of Honored artist of Ukraine, and in the fall of next year, President Leonid Kuchma signed a decree appoints for them the title of people’s artist.

    5 years later, in 2001, Povaliy tries himself in a new genre — the actress takes part in the recording of the Christmas musical «Evenings on a farm near Dikanka». This beautiful and smiling woman went to the matchmaker. In the musical Taisiya performed the song Konstantin Meladze «Three winters» and «Cinderella.» Around the same time she starts cooperation with Russian artists – Joseph Kobzon, Nikolai Baskov, Stas Mikhailov.

    Taisiya Povaliy and Iosif Kobzon
    Taisiya Povaliy and Joseph Kobzon | Mp3bom

    With Kobzon Povaliy recorded in the Ukrainian language recorded 21 songs. In 2004 she formed a creative tandem Thais and Russian singer Nikolai Baskov, which resulted in a joint album. Together they toured with concerts dozens of cities in the CIS, visited the United States, Canada, Israel and Germany.

    Stas Mikhailov Povaliy in 2009 recorded the hit «Let go», which won the «Golden gramophone» and became the leader of the contest «song of the year». This same song made the video clip. The repertoire of the singer the song «Go», author of music and text which is Mikhailov.

    Taisiya Povaliy Stas Mihailov
    Taisiya Povaliy Stas Mihailov | Muzyka

    In 2012, Taisiya Povaliy was finally established on the Russian stage. A certain role was played by Philip, who introduced to the Ukrainian singer with the right people on the «Russian radio».

    Meanwhile, the list of awards Povaliy has added a number of significant awards: the order of Friendship, St. Anne, St. Nicholas and St. Stanislaus, and the title of people’s artist of Ingushetia, received by it in 2012.

    Taisiya Povaliy
    Taisiya Povaliy | VK

    Taisiya Povaliy repeatedly became the winner of the «Golden gramophone», which brought her a favorite with all the duet hits with Nikolai Baskov and Stas Mikhailov, and in 2012 the award she received for the solo song «Believe you».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Ukrainian singer was not all plain sailing. First husband Taisii Povaliy became the composer and arranger Vladimir Povaly. In the summer of 1983 they had a son Denis. Vladimir and Taisia lived for eleven years, after which their family has fallen apart.

    Taisiya Povaliy and Igor lihuta
    Taisiya Povaliy and Igor lihuta | VK

    Miss the girl did not last long. On the way to a successful and beautiful woman was found Igor Likhuta, who at that time was one of the best drummers in the Ukraine and had strong connections in show business. This fateful meeting changed the life of the artist – Igor believed in the then-young singer more. Thanks to his efforts and belief in her talent Taisia started to truly win on the professional stage. They married in 1993.

    Taisiya Povaliy and Igor lihuta
    Taisiya Povaliy and Igor lihuta | tvnz

    In family life the star is calm and fully listens to and supports her husband, Igor, is currently her producer. Povaliy value holiday in a warm family circle, loves to cook culinary masterpieces, then share them with their relatives. But because of the loaded graphics «homemaker» as her mother, which supports the comfort in the house and always greets delicious meals with the star touring tandem. Taisa that she dedicated one of his most popular songs, «Mama-Mama».

    Taisiya Povaliy
    Taisiya Povaliy | VK

    Taisiya Povaliy and Igor lihuta really wanted to have children together, however, these plans never come to fruition. Despite the fact that the second marriage, the singer entered at a young age, health problems did not allow her to have a second child. To enlist the help of a surrogate mother, she refused. The artist said that she is very jealous and can’t stand the thought of that they with Igor child can carry and give birth to a strange woman.

    Son of singer Denis Povaliy
    Son of singer Denis Povaliy | Gloss

    The son of the singer from the first marriage Denis Povaliy (in 2017 he will be 34 years old) graduated the Lyceum of Oriental languages, Kyiv Institute of international relations of National University Taras Shevchenko. By profession Denis did not want to work and was fascinated by the creation of musical arrangements.

    In 2010 Denis in secret from his mother, took part in the Ukrainian show «X-factor». In an interview, he admitted that, of their intentions to speak, he said to mother before the beginning of the filming, standing on the set. This Taisia replied, «Oh, all right. Want this shame — go, I mean — want to disgrace my name – come on.» All night before the speech, Denis learned the words, but to practice movement did not. However, he himself admits that the vocal practices, it is not enough. As a result, the young man asked.

    Scandals and politics

    Despite the fact that the legend of the stage was very far from politics, in 2012, Taisiya Povaliy decided to run for the parliamentary elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which became part of the Party of Regions, the second number (first in the electoral list was Mykola Azarov).

    She was adviser to ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and about six months was engaged in the «active» in political activities, which created a single parliamentary inquiry. In it Taisiya pointed to the need for repair of the roadway, located in the village of Petropavlovskaya Borschagovka, where, as it turned out, she lives by herself.

    Povaliy in the Verkhovna Rada
    Povaliy in Parliament | UNIAN

    On the background of his short political activities Taisiya Povaliy was the Central figure of high-profile political scandal related to Serhiy Vlasenko and his combination of political and entrepreneurial activities. Then the singer-the Deputy got into a «blacklist» of opposition of the Ukrainian authorities, though it has applied for liquidation of business activities.

    Taisiya Povaliy
    Taisiya Povaliy | VK

    In the period of revolutionary upheaval in the Ukraine to life in the for them suffered tough times. During the Maidan, when Kiev was terrible bloodshed, the singer performed at a concert in the Kremlin, and after congratulated the Crimean people for the celebration of the independence Day of Russia in Yalta. These actions Povaliy has caused a storm of indignation among Ukrainian fans and politicians after losing their love and respect.

    In «favor» of the Ukrainian people and the deputies in addition to Taisia Povaliy got many legendary entertainers, among them Ani Lorak, Mikhail Zadornov, Ivan Okhlobystin and Joseph Kobzon, Valeria.

    Taisiya Povaliy today

    With Russia, where memories were very popular, tied all her hopes. In 2016, she participated in the recording of «the Christmas light». About this singer said, posting your profile and «Histgram» photo from the shoot. Shortly before that, she posted a photo with his longtime friend Stas Mikhailov, with whom he participated in «the Song of 2016».

    Taisiya Povaliy
    Taisiya Povaliy | tvnz

    Time goes on, but the singer to surrender not going to. Last year, Taisia Povaliy, surprised fans with a change in appearance. She got a boob job. Many who saw the pictures, noted that the experiment was unsuccessful. The smile which in his youth, Ukrainian dazzled hundreds of people, now looks not so natural.



    Taisiya Povaliy

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