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  • Name: Taisiya Podgorny ( Taisiya Podgornaya )
  • Date of birth: July 12, 2008
  • Age: 8 years
  • Place of birth: kuschevskaya, Krasnodar Krai
  • Activity: singer, participant of the project «Voice. Children»
  • Marital status:

    Taisiya Podgorny: biography

    Taisiya Podgorny – the little singer from the Krasnodar region, got to the final of the popular TV show «the Voice. Children.» She was born in the village of Kushchevskaya and, as they say in her family, sing and talk began almost simultaneously at the age of fifteen years. As all the relatives of the Thai – people sing, she was just following older lyrics. The girl’s father Vyacheslav Yurievich works as a photographer, and mother Galina is a teacher of initial classes. But both parents and all grandparents are very fond of music and was even the winners of the district contest for the best singing family «Your turn».

    With 5 years Taisiya Podgorny became involved in the regional center of children’s vocal group of the ensemble «Firefly». By the way, there is in the time spent their leisure time, and older sister Elizabeth, who is now a student and studying in Rostov-on-don.

    In less than two years Ty has been in many competitions and festivals – from regional to international. She repeatedly became the winner and laureate, including the famous festival «Star rain». Just the little singer about a dozen memorial Cup, awarded to the winner.

    The Piedmont repertoire is quite diverse. She performs children’s songs, Patriotic and hits of 70-80-ies. Even learned a few Spanish texts. She really likes folk songs and modern but stylized folklore. And not only Slavic peoples, for example, recently she was fascinated by yodeling. Despite the tender age, the girl is very responsible approach to work with the song. It is important not only the nuances of the vocals and the content of the text, but even the story of creation, as well as when and who performed it before.

    TV show

    The project «the Voice» Taisa Podgorny started watching since the first season and all the time asked my mom to count how many years and you can try to get into this show. In the blind auditions of «the Voice. Children» in 2016, the girl performed a melodious song «Red sun» from the repertoire of Ludmila Zykina, but in modern arrangement.

    Ty sang in a very disciplined way, clearly following the advice of a teacher that said all members of the jury. But the main advantage of the manner of performance Podgorny is that she’s not trying to play adult. So, she took challenging Patriotic song, but sang it as a seven year old girl. The young singer made the team Pelagia that before the draft he called his favorite singer.

    In the next stage Taisiya Podgorny sang in a trio with Nona Yeganyan and Dmitry Kondakov. They got an interesting song «it’s Oh So Quiet» from the repertoire of the Icelandic singer björk. And the guys gave the audience a real musical: they’re not just standing on the stage, and played an interesting scene in the Broadway style. Dima Bilan after this speech called their room one of the highlights for all seasons children’s «Voices».

    Pelageya was difficult to make a choice, but she decided to leave the show that is Taisia, which confirmed the correctness of this decision in the next stage, where they were able to bypass one of the favorites of the project Madina Saidazimova, and with Azer Nasirovym joined the final part of Daniel Pluzhnikova and Yaroslav Degtyareva.

    Personal life

    Like any little girl she loves toys Podgorny and does not part with his stuffed kitten named Basik. And yet, like most children, is afraid of doctors and especially the injections, as well as fears of bees and wasps.

    Ty is still very small, but her curiosity has long been apparent in all its glory. With 4 years old girl reads books, especially the likes of encyclopedia of natural Sciences. She also studies foreign languages, drawing, making sculpture.

    But the main fascination Taisia remains music. She not only sings but also plays the maracas, mastering the piano and is able to pick up on hearing melodies on his synthesizer.


    Taisiya Podgorny

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