Swami Dashi

photo Swami Dashi

  • Name: Swami Dashi ( Peter Smirnov )
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: master of the Eastern practices, a yogi, a magician, a member of the show «Battle of psychics»
  • Marital status:

    Swami Dasha: biography

    Swami Dasha — Russian master of Oriental practices, which became one of the favorites of season 17 reality TV show «Battle of psychics» on channel TNT.

    This man is one of the most mysterious part of this program. Of his biography little is known. Writes Swami Dasha on his official website, he deliberately does not disclose information about yourself.

    According to the Official forum of the fan club «battle of the psychics», the real name of Swami Dasha – Peter Smirnov. He was born August 22, in St. Petersburg, but a considerable part of his life (about 20 years) spent in India, in Pune, at the Osho Ashram.

    Swami Dasha young
    Swami Dasha young | Gurdjieff sacred Movements

    Some time a young man in sports — pole vaulting, but visible progress is not achieved. Having gone to India, Swami has studied spiritual practices and local culture of working with the body, reaching knowledge in Neo-Sufism, and was ordained to the order of the Naqshbandi.

    After returning home Swami Dasha continued to develop, began to delve into the spiritual and philosophical doctrines of the Western world, has completely changed the Outlook, and eventually managed to create their own personal practices, which brings together the approaches of Eastern and Western culture – yoga, the bodily pulsation Osho and total body massage. Now the man conducts trainings and seminars in different cities of Russia.

    TV show

    Although Swami Dasha does not consider himself a psychic in the truest sense of the word, he is convinced that the experience accumulated over more than 20 years of operation, is applicable in the framework of the TV show «Battle of psychics.» So the man went to the casting for this project in the Studio of the TV channel TNT, successfully passed all the qualifying test and is now considered one of the favorites television programs.

    Swami Dashi in a TV show
    Swami Dashi in the TV show «Battle of psychics» | the Official forum of the fan club «battle of the psychics»

    The main technique Swami Dasha – read information from the human body, as it, unlike human thoughts to cheat not capable.

    Personal life

    About the family Swami Dasha is also little known. Pyotr Smirnov is married and has children, but the man himself did not confirm this information and once again emphasizes that deliberately keeps the public in private life.

    According to media reports, the wife of the Swami is a 36-year-old master of sports on rhythmic gymnastics Irina Nogina-Chernyshov. The couple has two sons and a daughter.

    Swami Dashi with his wife and children | the Social network

    Swami Dasha a large number of tattoos on his body and arms, and I must say that the pictures quite impressive. And the main theme of the images – the animals. Breast Dashi flaunt wolves, and can be considered a snake and wings of a bird.

    Tattoo Swami Dashi
    Tattoo Swami Dasha | VK


    Swami Dashi

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