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  • Name: Svyatoslav Vakarchuk ( Svjatoslav Vakarchuk )
  • Date of birth: 14 may 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Mukachevo, Ukraine
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: Ukrainian rock musician, songwriter, leader of the band «Okean Elzy»
  • Marital status: married to Lyalya Fonareva

    Svyatoslav Vakarchuk: biography

    Svyatoslav Vakarchuk I. was born in Transcarpathia, in the small border town of Mukachevo on may 14, 1975. At that time, the father of Sviatoslav, was a Professor of theoretical physics, mother – a teacher of mathematics. Soon the family moved to Lviv. Father Ivan Vakarchuk, Ph. D., was soon elected rector of the Lviv University. (After the «orange revolution» some time worked as the Minister of education of Ukraine). Mom Svyatoslav taught physics. In Lviv, she worked in the Academy of veterinary medicine. In addition to Svyatoslav the family grew younger son Oleg (now a Bank employee).

    In school years, the future rock musician took an active part in the school theatre and was fond of basketball. Their musical abilities, the guy developed visiting Lviv music school, where studied to play the violin and the accordion.

    School where Vakarchuk intensively studied English, he graduated with honors. The son, like the parents, had a penchant for the exact Sciences. Therefore Svyatoslav has decided to study physics and Economics at the Lviv University. After graduation he received two diplomas. Soon Vakarchuk enrolled in graduate school, specifying the Department of theoretical physics. The result was a written thesis and a PhD.

    Svyatoslav Vakarchuk: «Okean Elzy»

    In 18 years, then a freshman of the Department of theoretical physics Sviatoslav Vakarchuk met with the musicians of the local band «the Clan of silence.» The band mainly played in Lviv cafes and cultural centers. Soon, a few musicians came out of the «Clan of peace» and led by Vakarchuk formed a new band, which they called

  • «Okean Elzy». The day of Foundation of «Ocean Elzy» can be considered 12 October 1994. First team, where Vakarchuk became the lead singer and main composer and songwriter, playing mainly pop and rock music. In December 1994, the band recorded democase of the four songs. In the same year came the debut video. His first performance of «Okean Elzy» held in his hometown, right on the square in front of the Opera house.

    Since 1996, the group Svyatoslav Vakarchuk began to actively touring. Guys, has traveled almost all major cities of Ukraine, travel to Poland, France and Germany. And in April 1998 Vakarchuk with the group finally moved to Kiev, where in the same year presented his first album «Tam, de NAS NEMA».

    In 2000, a team led by Vakarchuk took part in the rock festival «Invasion». It was their first visit to Russia. Widely known in Russia, the team received after the release of the pictures of Alexei Balabanov, «Brother-2». Two songs performed by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk – «if you mute» and «Kavaci», became soundtracks for the film.

    But the real breakthrough to fame and popularity, the group Vakarchuk did in 2001-m to year. He released the album «Model» fans of «Okean Elzy» think the best of all others. But the number of sales records broken for the fourth album, «Supersymmetry», was released in 2003. He is double platinum.

    The fifth album, named «Gloria» and appeared in 2005, in the first few hours of sales also goes platinum. Released on 100-thousand copies he was completely and instantly sold out.

    In 2007 Vakarchuk and «Okean Elzy» work actively, without slowing the pace. They release another album, which I dedicate to the memory of Sergei Tolstolistnogo who worked in the group sound-producer and committed suicide. The album «Measure» the most fatal of all.

    But the next disc, released in 2008, is a solo project by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. Two lyrical compositions are extremely popular: this is the song «someone like you» and «don’t drop your eyes». This year is the last in a short activities Vakarchuk as the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Svyatoslav resigned early and returned to music. And in early 2010, the band has pleased fans 7th Studio album «Dolce Vita».

    In 2011, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk continued his solo career and soon will present a new project «Brussels». To promote the singer goes on tour and sings two songs – «Airplane» and «Adrenaline».

    The next two years nothing is heard again about «Ocean Elzy», but it is known that Vakarchuk in Brussels is working on a solo album «Earth» with the support of renowned producer Ken Nelson. «Earth» comes at the end of 2013. Admirers of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk emphasize two songs, «Embrace» and «Shoot.»

    The real gift was received by the fans of the band «Okean Elzy» in 2014. The musicians gathered together and held a big anniversary concert «Okean Elzy — 20 years together!». It gathered 75 thousand fans.

    In 2013-2014 Vakarchuk was an active participant of Euromaidan. First appeared on the capital’s Independence square after trying his crackdown in November. But this time, Sviatoslav became a Deputy and was engaged only in music.

    Svyatoslav Vakarchuk: personal life

    In the life of a popular Ukrainian rock musician, was and remains the only female

  • Lyalya Fonareva. In a civil marriage with her Vakarchuk was 15 years old. Lala from the first days of moving groups in Kiev he performed the duties of a stylist and art Director of the «Okean Elzy». Personal life of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk has always been a taboo subject. All the questions he was answered only one: «I Have a family, and I’m happy.» Children together with Fonareva have Vakarchuk no. Only child, 20-year-old Diana, daughter Lyali from his first marriage.

    In 2015 ostalo it is known that 40-year-old Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and 42-year-old stylist Lyalya Fonareva were married legally.

    Svyatoslav Vakarchuk: discography

    • Night
    • Where we do not
    • I’m in the sky was
    • Model
    • Supersymmetry
    • Gloria
    • House of glass
    • Cold
    • Thank you
    • Dolce Vita
    • Brussels
    • Earth

    Svyatoslav Vakarchuk: photo

    Svyatoslav Vakarchuk

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