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  • Name: Svetlana Zhurova ( Svetlana Zhurova )
  • Date of birth: 7 January 1972
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Pavlovo-on-Neva
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian speed skater, honored master of sports, the politician
  • Marital status: divorced

    Svetlana Zhurova : biography

    Svetlana Sergeevna Zhurova was born in the village of Pavlovo-on-Neva, Leningrad region. The family soon moved to the city of Kirovsk, where he spent his school years Svetlana. From a young age Zhurova took a great interest in sports, so the parents took the girl to the gymnastics section. But for sprains Svetlana was forced to leave the sport. But completely quit playing sports the girl wanted. So she soon enrolled in a section of skaters. Zhurova loved figure skating, but, unfortunately, in the Kirov sports school it was not.

    Accustomed to give in all their undertakings in full, Svetlana soon reached success. The first coach athlete Yuriy Novikov has noted the considerable achievements of young speed skaters and after two years of studying became convinced that before him a very promising athlete who will be able to reach the top in sport.

    It just happened. His first top Svetlana Zhurova has already won at the age of 12. She managed to win the championship among peers in the competition in Leningrad. It was immediately accepted at the school of Olympic reserve.

    After graduation, Svetlana Zhurova becomes a student of the Russian State Academy of physical culture, graduating with honors in 1999. The athlete got to work instructor in the state Committee of the USSR. And in the next year targeted Zhurova had a second degree, graduating from the Academy of state service under the President of the Russian Federation (specialty – state regulation of market economy).


    Successful sports biography Svetlana Zhurova began in 1988. This year, the athlete was admitted to the national team of Russia and the Soviet Union. For the next 18 years Zhurova is the undisputed leader of the speed skating. For many years she was one of the three best skaters of the world in the sprint all-around.

    Perseverance and willpower Svetlana become almost a legend. It is known that in 2003, a year after the birth of her son, she was able to return to its former shape and continued a brilliant ascent to sports stardom. It is known that some sports critics believe the speech Zhurova unique. For example, in 1996, Svetlana managed to win the world Cup with six barely-healed scars on his leg.

    In 2006, the athlete became the absolute champion in the sprint all-around at the world Championships in Holland. And less than a month’s Svetlana Zhurova won the Olympics in Turin.

    Since 1995 Zhurova worked as a Junior inspector of Department of a mode and protection of N4 in the detention center of the Federal service of execution of punishments of the Leningrad region. At the competition she performed for the internal service of the Federal penitentiary service of the Russian Federation. In 2001, Zhurova was promoted to the rank of Colonel of internal service.


    Active attitude of the athletes has led her to public service. In March 2007, Svetlana Zhurova, at that time, completed a career, was elected to the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg from the «United Russia». Zhurova, the Deputy headed the constant Commission on questions of culture, sports, physical culture and youth policy.

    In December 2007, Svetlana Sergeevna Zhurova – Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the 5th convocation. She was entrusted the position of Deputy Chairman of the state Duma.

    In the state Duma 6-th convocation in 2012 Svetlana Zhurova was replaced by Deputy Abdulatipov. Summer 2013, she received the post of first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on international Affairs. In the «United Russia», which ran Zhurova, she was elected a member of the Supreme Council of the party.

    Despite the serious «male» positions and responsibilities Svetlana Zhurova is one of the most open and pleasant to talk to officials. She rarely refuses to journalists who want to interview her and often appears in TV. Gurovo can be seen in the programs «While all houses», «success Stories», «Good jokes» and many others.

    The name Svetlana Sergeyevna Zhurova was on the list of sanctions for its position on the accession of the Crimean Peninsula to the Russian Federation. In December 2014, the ex-athlete and state Duma Deputy cannot visit Canada.

    In the spring of 2012 Svetlana Zhurova is broadcast on «Echo of Moscow», acting as a sports columnist.

    Personal life

    Personal life Svetlana Zhurova has cracked before the official divorce with the tennis player Artem Chernenko. During the divorce process in 2013, Svetlana, who was the initiator of the divorce, told the court that the relations with Chernenko was completed in 2012. Since then, the couple have not lived together. As no property claims were not available, the judge threw the former spouses in one session.

    Married Zhurova and Chernenko were born two sons, Yaroslav and Ivan. The boys left to live with her mother.


    Svetlana Zhurova

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