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  • Name: Svetlana Zeynalov ( Svetlana Zeinalova )
  • Date of birth: 8 may 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: TV presenter, journalist, actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Svetlana Zeynalova: the biography

    Svetlana Zeynalov Avtandilovna – known Russian journalist and actress. Today it managed to try myself in different spheres of activities: actress of theater and cinema, television and radio journalist, organizer of holidays. Her older sister Irada Zeynalova also the least famous person in the Russian television journalism.

    The youngest of the sisters Zeynalov was born in the eve of the anniversary of Victory Day, may 8, 1977 in Moscow, in the family of high Ministerial officials. As the eldest daughter, the father raised her in the rigor inherent in his nature and nationality. This may have affected the hardness of sisters Zeynalova grew up, went each to his goal.

    Like many girls, Light soon began to dream of becoming an actress. Numerous Amateur clubs and theatre Studio was the first steps in the realization of dreams, and school performances are a early debut. The next step after leaving school was the Theatre school named after Schepkin, where younger Zeynalov successfully received. After graduation, the Hollywood actress got her first job in the theater «Nikitsky gate.» Small but regular role quite suited her. That didn’t suit – so it’s the constant lack of Finance.

    Boring the lack of money made the girl first, to find a second job, and then a third. In such a frenetic pace for a Light day had to change three images: a day – work of the organizer of the celebrations and events in the evening – acting career, and at night simple, but it is a lucrative service as a waitress.

    This pace of life stand not every man, but what about the weak girl. That is why at one point, Svetlana came to the realization that it is necessary to change something in the established way of life. In the role of «good fairies» were made by an older sister, Irada, by then already a fairly well-known journalist. It gave impetus to the television career of Svetlana, familiarizing her with several well-known television producers. But its nursing care is over, and the further road in the harsh world of journalism Svetlana laid on their own.

    Svetlana Zeynalova: radio

    To the first display position Zeynalov crossed leading radio «Maximum». The start of career came in 2004, and quickly the voice of Svetlana has become quite recognizable. «The morning show Bachinsky and Stillavin» in which she read the news reports, and her witty dialogue with a leading journalist brought the first popularity.

    After some time, Svetlana from participants of the show became his producer, and later moved to another station «Business FM», which is also involved in reading news feeds in the category «Secular news». Real rageously happened to our heroine in September 2010 when she was invited to lead my own talk show during the morning broadcast on «Our Radio». The success of this project and says that over him, Svetlana still works both as leading and as a producer.

    Svetlana Zeynalova: TV

    When it comes to morning esters, Svetlana Zeynalov admits she is very hard to lead them, since their biorhythm she is a typical owl. However, her TV career also began with a morning show. The leading debut on television was held on TVC channel within the program «Mood». Judging by further events, namely shortly after one and half year offer from the «First channel», Svetlana debut was quite a success. This proposal, which was to show «

  • Good morning», brought the journalist to a new level and brought her true fame. The Svetlana has not ceased to work as a party planner. Now she has her own Agency, which organizes different events from time to time it holds personally. By the way, in recent years doing the journalist can be seen in the joint work with the residents of Comedy Club», especially with Paul Will.

    Not thrown Light and acting. It can be seen in small roles of Russian movies. Zeynalov has participated in such films as «Moscow Saga» and «Heavy sand», she starred in the Comedy romance, called «Love and other nonsense», and also appeared in the mini-series «the Boatswain Seagull», where her colleagues on the set were the luminaries of Russian kieszeni: Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Dmitry Kharatyan and Ada Rogovtseva.

    Svetlana Zeynalova: personal life

    On the radio «Maximum» Svetlana met with the Director of the radio station Alexei Plastovym. This knowledge was crucial, and after you have spent together three years, they have legalized their relationship. The wedding took place in the best American tradition: green lawn, a professional actor, pastor and elegant guests. It happened in 2008, and in 2009 the couple blessed the birth of daughter Alexandra.

    In 2012, the press released information about a breakup Zeynalova and Glazatova, which was soon confirmed.

    Now all my free time, the presenter devotes daughter and friends. Alexander – a copy of the mother in both appearance and character. Both are mischievous, cheerful, and bright, and these are precisely the qualities that allow a person to feel truly happy.

    Svetlana Zeynalov: project

    • Morning show Bachinsky and Stillavin
    • Secular news
    • Our morning
    • Mood
    • Good morning
    • Violent games

    Svetlana Zeynalova: photo

    Svetlana Zeynalov

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