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  • Name: Svetlana Zakharova ( Svetlana Zakharova )
  • Date of birth: 10 June 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Lutsk, Ukraine
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: ballet dancer, people’s artist of Russia, political activist
  • Marital status: married

    Svetlana Zakharova biography

    Svetlana Zakharova is a Russian ballet dancer, prima ballerina of the Mariinsky theatre, Bolshoi theatre of Moscow, the Milan theater «La Scala». In 2008, she received the honorary title of people’s artist of Russia. Around the same time began to engage in political activity, joining the party «United Russia».

    She was born in Lutsk, in the family of a soldier Osipov and pedagogue Galina Danilovna. Mom, choreographer, children’s dance Studio, instilled the girl love of art. Under her leadership, Light has mastered the first steps and achieved at the initial stage of good results.

    At the age of 10 years she manages to do in a fairly prestigious Kiev school of choreography, where she graduated six classes, the famous teacher of Valeria Sulegina. In 16 years together with many classmates Svetlana Zakharova takes part in the competition «Vaganova-Prix», which was organized in Saint-Petersburg Academy of Russian ballet named A. Y. Vaganova. She managed to take second place, behind only the graduate of this Academy.

    Of course, such a promising girl could not fail to notice. Svetlana immediately offered to move to St. Petersburg and study at the Academy of ballet, and enlisted a young dancer from the last year. By the way, this was the only case of such «extern» in the history of the institution.

    Zakharova, who graduated from the St Petersburg Academy of Russian ballet in the class of Elena evteyeva, after graduation was accepted into the troupe of the Mariinsky theatre.


    The Mariinsky’s artistic Director, Svetlana Zakharova was Olga Moiseyeva, which during the season brought aspiring artist, the soloist of the theatre. Debut ballerina is the performance «the Bakhchsarai fountain» in which she danced the part of Maria, but the main success early in his career Zakharova all experts call the ballet «Giselle», where Svetlana played a major role. For the modern Russian stage it was a sensation – so young dancers have not performed this difficult party, especially at this level.

    18 years old Svetlana Zakharova is already prima of the Mariinsky theatre, involved in the most demanding roles in the classical ballets «the Sleeping beauty», «Swan lake», «Bayadere», «don Quixote» and many others. The rise of the career starts after work on a play «Then and now», where she collaborates with choreographer John Neumeier. This Director managed to take a new look at Russian ballerina and showed that it is available not only classic, but also an ultramodern vision of the dance.

    Then Svetlana began to tour around the world. In France Zakharova becomes the first ballerina from the former Soviet Union, dancing on the stage of Paris Opera after the collapse of the Union. Also submit to new York, London, Buenos Aires, Munich, Naples…

    In 2003 the ballerina decides to go on permanent service in the troupe of the Moscow Bolshoi theatre. Work in a Large began with the premiere of the ballet «Pharaoh’s Daughter» staged by the famous choreographer Pierre Lacotte. By the way, the name is associated Zakharova scandal of 2013, when she, not wanting to dance in the second part, refused to participate in ballet premiere of John Cranko’s «Onegin». This incident is the reason for the dismissal of the Director of theatre Anatoly Iksanova.

    In 2008, the singer signed a contract with the legendary Milanese theatre «La Scala», where she was granted the status of stars, that is, the higher the status of ballet dancers. In the history of this scene this happened for the first time – previously none of the Russian dancers are not so honored.

    In recent years, the ballerina returned to the Moscow Bolshoi theatre and comes in the largest productions of «a Hero of our time», «the Lady with camellias», «the Legend about love», for which she repeatedly called «ballet Oscar» — the international prize «Benois de La Danse».

    Social activities

    In 2006 Svetlana Zakharova began to help the leadership of the countries entering into the Council for culture and arts under the President of Russia. Next year it becomes the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian political party «United Russia» and sits in the state Duma until 2012.

    As a public figure Svetlana Zakharova has established a special scholarship some of the best students of the Saratov College of art, as he considers very important to financially support gifted children. The main problem of contemporary Russian art star believes the lack of distinctive competent choreographers, why there is an almost complete borrowing ideas from the West.

    As one of the brightest representatives of Russian culture in 2014, Zakharova was awarded the right to participate in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic games in Sochi. In the play «First ball of Natasha Rostova» Svetlana, she sang and was very satisfied with the experience, believing that such a chance comes once in a lifetime.

    Personal life

    On one of the Christmas concerts Svetlana Zakharova met a talented violinist Vadim Repin. In fact, at first she approached him for an autograph, and only after a year of their life paths crossed again. Young people started Dating and soon got married. In 2011 they had a daughter Anna, which the parents love and try all the free time to devote to the child.

    After 3 months after birth Svetlana is back on the scene, but now her thoughts are focused not only on ballet, but also on the education of girls, which Zakharova often carries with him on tour. As she says ballerina, motherhood has allowed her a new sense of what is happening in the performances and opened up new depths of understanding of art.


    Svetlana Zakharova

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