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  • Name: Svetlana Ustinova ( Svetlana Ustinova )
  • Date of birth: 1 may 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk oblast, Russia
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: theater and film actress, model
  • Marital status: divorced

    Svetlana Ustinova: biography

    Actress Svetlana Ustinova was born in early may 1982 in the town of Severodvinsk, which is located on the shore of the White sea. The Ustinov family never had any relation to the movie or the theater. Since the mid 90-ies of her father Vladimir is quite successfully engaged in business, and his mother Tatiana had worked all his life in the factory «North star».

    Svetlana Ustinova
    Svetlana Ustinova | Kinder

    From childhood she was an active, cheerful child. After the seventh class of the ordinary school she transferred to humanitarian gymnasium with profound study of foreign languages. Since that time, she had a lot of time to devote to study. The new school kids took it well, Svetlana immediately became friends. But the friendship did not prevent the children to fully learn, as all have been configured for admission to prestigious universities in the country.

    Svetlana Ustinova
    Svetlana Ustinova | Film Critic

    At this time, the future actress much engaged in Studio of ballroom dancing, where she achieved good results. In addition, Light participated in the local competition of KVN teams, and also played in performances of youth theatre group. But, nevertheless, she was planning to go to the financial INSTITUTION and serious about preparing. After finishing grade 11, she goes to the capital to enroll at the Academy of Finance.

    Years of training

    Already in the first years of the students the girl realized that serious science is not her. The soul of the requested work. Several years of training, she was dedicated to the modeling business. At its height of 170 centimeters and expressive appearance she managed it easily enough. She successfully appeared in several fashion projects. And music lovers can remember at work in the clips of such music groups as «Dynamite» and «Legitimate business.»

    Svetlana Ustinova
    Model Svetlana Ustinova | Intermoda

    But in the last year of the financial Institution for Svetlana there was a significant event: meet the Director Peter Buslov, who at that time held a casting call for the film «Bumer-2». Svetlana was a huge competition, which was attended by Actresses from several countries: Russia, Ukraine, Poland and even the Czech Republic.

    Svetlana Ustinova in the film
    Svetlana Ustinov in the film «Bumer. The second film» | Movie-Theater

    On the set friendly atmosphere. Real professionals like Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Andrey Merzlikin, Aleksandr Golubev, gave Svetlana an example of the relationship to the shooting process. The girl, full of enthusiasm, and were ready to play all day, and felt neither cold, nor heat. The role of seventeen-year-old Dasha became a real star debut, after which she finally decided to devote himself to acting.

    Svetlana Ustinova in the film
    Svetlana Ustinov in the movie «Odessa-Mama» | Movie-Theater

    In 2005, after graduating from the financial Institute, she enrolled in VGIK on the course of Vladimir Grammatikov. Along with his studies, the young actress managed to make time for filming. First job after admission to VGIK Svetlana was a cameo role in the TV series «law of the mousetrap». And one of the memorable works of this period the biography of Svetlana Ustinova is possible to consider its role Pavlinka in multiserial film «SMERSH».

    Svetlana Ustinova in the film
    Svetlana Ustinov in the film «Pushkin» | VTV

    In 2009, the actress was invited to work in series about hapless detective, where her colleagues on the set were such stars as Andrei Panin, Yelena Safonova Svetlana Ivanova, Olesya Sudzilovskaya. Within a few years of working in film Svetlana Ustinova has played more than 40 roles. Among the films in which participated the actress has detectives, romance, drama, war years and Comedy.

    Theatre and movies

    After graduating from the film Institute in 2008, Svetlana Ustinova has participated in theatrical performances of the center of drama and directing. One of his most memorable work was her role in the play directed by Olga Subbotina «Conspiracy of feelings». The Moscow theatre of the CBD famous for the fact that it only works with modern drama. He has trained a galaxy of original Directors, among which stand out Kirill Serebrennikov, Olga Subbotina, Vladimir Ageev and Mikhail Ugarov.

    Svetlana Ustinova
    Svetlana Ustinova in the image of Brigitte Bardot | Intermoda

    Repeatedly Svetlana Ustinov compared with many stars of the movie. This Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Schiffer, and Oksana Akinshina. But, she said, she feels like a star. Credo actress is continuous learning, work and identity. In order to become a true creative person, is to find its niche and continue to develop in this direction. The actress tries to act only worthy of attention, and that position is justified. Today Svetlana Ustinova is considered one of the most promising Actresses of her photos are regularly used in many national glossy magazines.

    Personal life

    Personal life the actress was ambiguous. At the age of 27 years she was married to film Director from Ukraine Mark Gorobets. They met on a joint Russian-Ukrainian film «probable cause for murder.» For the sake of his beloved mark changed his place of residence and moved to Russia. So, in 2011, on channel STS released a mystical series directed by Sparrow «Closed school». But after a while to family life couples, something went wrong and they soon parted.

    Svetlana Ustinova and Ilya Stewart
    Svetlana Ustinova and Ilya Stewart | Gossip

    In 2013, Svetlana began to notice repeatedly at social events in the company of Elijah Stewart, owner of Studio advertising. Young people long to advertise their relationship, but in 2015, the couple officially announced their engagement. Svetlana and Ilya is fascinated not only with each other, but a common cause. According to the actress, Ilya constantly inspires her creative experiments. So, in 2015, created the film «Cold front» in which Svetlana has not only starred, but also co-wrote the script and producer.


    • Boomer. The second film (2005)
    • SMERSH (2007)
    • Law mousetrap (2007)
    • Unsatisfactory for love (2009)
    • Zhurov (2009)
    • Probable cause for murder (2009)
    • Snipers: Love under the gun (2012)
    • Escape 2 (2012)
    • Odessa-Mama (2012)
    • Rare blood type (2013)
    • Scout (2013)
    • The man without a past (2014)
    • The son of the father (2014)
    • Cold front (2015)
    • Hardcore (2016)


    Svetlana Ustinova

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