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  • Name: Svetlana Tarabarova ( Svetlana Tarabarova )
  • Date of birth: 26 June 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Kherson
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Svetlana Tarabarova: biography

    «The sun» of the Ukrainian variety art, the young singer Svetlana Tarabarova was born in 1990 in Kherson ordinary family. The father of the future stars worked in a factory, mom was a kindergarten teacher. The girl grew up in a large family with three sisters.

    In childhood she dreamed of becoming a driver, but still the music drew her in more. It is noteworthy that the girl from 13 years started working, she was a member of the dance group «Oasis», so toured the country. As the singer recalls in an interview, it was not easy: a seven-hour workout performances to three hours a night, but she survived. Moreover, with such a Light schedule, more time to attend classes, to do well in school. An artist since childhood he was an active girl visited the various clubs, went to music school.

    After graduating from secondary school Tarabarova went to Kyiv to enroll in circus school. The future star with 14 years of dreaming about it, although her mother insisted on the Kiev Institute of culture and arts, which it also took. But the singer stayed true to her original choice.

    Svetlana Tarabarova: music

    Tarabarova musical career began in 2008 when she was cast on the Ukrainian «Factory of stars 2». Svetlana was one of the brightest and most charismatic participants. The girl loved music producer Natalia Mogilev. The second «Factory» Tarabarova took 2nd place, but it is not upset. Shortly after the end of the star project Svetlana became a member of the new Ukrainian group, which was created by the production center at the talent Group under the leadership of Natalia Mogilev. It is noteworthy that in the group the young singer has performed as Alice Tarabarova. The alias was invented on the project «Factory of stars», but after going solo, the girl again became Svetlana.

    In a group singer and sang for three years. During this time the band recorded 20 songs, released 8 music videos and one album called «Dress». Girls from REAL O have traveled to many cities and countries. It was a great experience for Tarabarova. But after 3 years of working as a group, the artist realized that ready for a solo career. The singer left the band in February 2012 and no regrets about it. Svetlana remained on the pop scene and has not disappeared as many other performers. Tarabarova is not only a performer, but also an author and composer of songs.

    The first clip of the singer «the Faith» was released on 5 April 2012. After a year of active work Svetlana released her first solo album entitled «We believe in love». For the song of the same name gets Tarabarova music award «song of the year 2014».

    During his solo career, the singer released not one bright hit, including «Not applicable», «blows to the heart», «Give me a sign» and «come Back alive». But the star is not going to stop there, she has a lot of creative plans. In August 2015 Tarabarova presented the song «Changes», which is a key in the new album of the same name.

    Today Svetlana is not the same 18-year-old girl who performed on stage of the Ukrainian «star Factory 2». The singer is grateful for the experience that gave her life, she is ready to further work on myself to grow creatively and to please fans with new hits.

    Svetlana Tarabarova: personal life

    According to Svetlana Tarabarova, she fell in love a few times in my life. So, every time she thought it was a lot of love, but not evolved. The singer was in a serious relationship twice, with her last husband even lived together. Configuring «castles in the air», and created the ideal of the singer is very disappointed when she realized that her choice is not as perfect as might be desired.

    Now the girl has no boyfriend, she is not in a serious relationship, but definitely believe that the love of her life there. Svetlana is from whom to follow an example, because her parents had the first class together.

    Svetlana Tarabarova: discography

    • We believe in love
    • Come back alive
    • Cena
    • Rainbow
    • Not concerned
    • Blows to the heart
    • Give me a sign
    • Changes

    Svetlana Tarabarova: photo

    Svetlana Tarabarova

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