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  • Name: Svetlana Svetlichnaya ( Svetlana Svetlichnaya )
  • Date of birth: 15 may 1940
  • Age: 76 years
  • Place of birth: Gyumri, Armenia
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress, Honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Svetlana Svetlichnaya: biography

    Svetlana Svetlichnaya was born may 15, 1940 in the city of Leninakan (now it is called Gyumri) in Armenia. Despite the fact that my father was a career military man, the family often changed their place of residence. To financial problems the couple was not there, and mother always found money for the drama club and drama studios for the child.

    For the first time the drama of the world visited in the kindergarten at home. When I went to the first class, the family was already in the Sumy region, and there’s a girl left of his Hobbies. And finished school future celebrity in the Baltics, which also continued to pay attention to their hobby. A great influence on the choice of profession was influenced by mother Svetlana. The girl felt insecure, but mother sent her to Moscow to enroll in VGIK. Despite the huge competition and stress, Light had successfully passed all exams and was enrolled in a course by Mikhail Romm.

    Her classmates were Vladimir Nosik, Andron Konchalovsky and Galina Polish. In addition to acting very soon the girl appeared exceptional choreographic data, and by the middle of the first year, she not only became the most popular freshman, but also a major favorite mentor. At the same time Light met his first love.


    The first appearance on the screens of Svetlana Svetlichnaya was a cameo role in telefoniste Michael Kalika «lullaby». Also, as a student, played in the movie «Resurrection» (the role of Katyusha Maslova), «Salem process» (Elizabeth Proctor) and «Cossacks» (Mariana).

    The first main actress role was in the film Tatiana Lioznova «he submits to the sky.» During this period, Svetlana Svetlichnaya performs some pretty interesting roles. A bright example — Peacock in the Comedy of Edmond Keosayan «cook». After that, the actress plays the way Katie the mermaid-movie-ballad «Chistye Prudy», and then played the stewardess Victoria in the melodrama «Jurisdiction» and the mother in the Comedy «Not the best day.» All these roles have contributed to the formation of the image of Svetlana Svetlichnaya as the most beautiful and sexy Soviet actress of the time.

    The most recognizable work of the talented artist was «the diamond arm». And while there, the actress appeared only a few episodes, it was enough to be remembered as the first girl who performed a «Striptease» on the Soviet screen.

    In the seventies in the actress’s career lull. During this period it has only two remembered by the viewers for her role. One she played in the television series «Seventeen moments of spring», and the second — in the film «the meeting Place cannot be changed». In addition to these works in the seventies were still a few, but they are either not released (for example, «Hold on to the clouds»), or left the actress a bad impression (of the picture «When the earth shakes» and the «Root of life»).

    The eighties were marked in the career of Svetlana Afanasievna, as another less popular period, and in the nineties, the career of the actress and stopped altogether. A big blow was the collapse of the «Theatre-Studio of film actor,» when 230 artists was released on 180.

    After a hard days associated with the death of her husband and lack of money in the early 2000s, the actress returns to screens. New works by Svetlana became the film of Renata Litvinova «Goddess. I fell in love», TV series «Garages» and a picture of «Curator». Then she very carefully chose pictures, afraid to repeat the mistake we made by accepting the role in «Diamond hand» , Svetlichny has become a hostage of his character. After all, a famous image artist was actually closed the road in such films as «War and peace» or «Anna Karenina».

    Personal life

    Her greatest love Svetlana met at College. Even as a freshman, she drew the attention of Vladimir Ivashov, who studied the course older. After starring Alexei Skvortsov in «Ballad of a soldier» Svetlichnaya seriously fell in love. A key point in their rapprochement was the episode with a kiss dress rehearsal for «the Cossacks» by Tolstoy. After this was immediately followed by a Declaration of love, and soon married.

    The young couple looked like the real Romeo and Juliet. Firstborn, the couple had a boy named Alyosha after the famous role Ivashov. That’s just in the future family life of Vladimir and Svetlana began arguing, recriminations in the creative failures, jealousy and betrayal.

    Especially brightly on this background was allocated Svetlichnaya novel with Andrei Mironov, which began on the set of «Brilliant hands». After filming Svetlana came to «surrender» to her husband, who forgave her and never went to his mistress. In the name of family preservation Svetlana gave birth to her second son Oleg.

    The couple matured, and together with the creative crisis both in the family finally came to peace and quiet. In the seventies, the family enjoyed a quiet family happiness, which, alas, did not last long. Feeling the constant lack of money, Vladimir was forced to get a job in construction. Heavy physical work has undermined the health of the actor, and he died at the age of 55.

    After his father’s death the sons Svetlana, before fine without parents, showed genuine concern about my mother. Thanks to them, Svetlana afanasevna has transferred this difficult period.

    A striking episode in the life of the actress was the appearance of the bard Sergey Sokolov, literally charmed Svetlichnaya. But the novel, and then short-term marriage ended badly, because Sergei is not interested in anything but art, and the actress was for him only a means to an end.

    Today Svetlana afanasevna lead an interesting and eventful life. Even in her old age she forgets that she is a woman. The actress is engaged in gymnastics and very carefully watching them. Loneliness Svetlichnaya not a burden, she is in close contact with the family’s eldest son, who lives life to the fullest.


    • Lullaby
    • He submits to the sky
    • Chistye Prudy
    • The diamond arm
    • Seventeen moments of spring
    • The meeting place cannot be changed
    • The goddess: how I fell in love with
    • Curator
    • The girl and death


    Svetlana Svetlichnaya

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